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1000 Francs France Banknote Old Currency P-134A from the Year 1955

Here we will take a look at an old French banknote from the year 1955 in the denomination of 1000 Francs.  Please refer to the bottom of the post to see images of it.  Its catalog number is P-134A.  On it’s obverse as well as reverse side are pictures of Cardinal Richelieu.  Not only was he a religious leader but he also had a profound effect on France (and Europe) politically serving as minister under King Louis XIII.  He also contributed to the French language and has had sites and warships named after him.

This old paper money currency 1955 French 1000 Fancs banknote appears to be in very fine condition.

Uang Kertas kuno Seribu 1000 Francs dari negara Perancis tahun 1955.


1000 Francs 1955 P-134A

uang kertas kuno perancis

1923 French Francaise Republique Indochina 1 Cent Coin

In this post we will discuss a 1923 French Francaise Republique Indo-Chine 1 cent coin.  See pictures of our example in the photographs at the bottom of this posting.  It is holed in the middle and its constructed out of bronze.  Its diameter is 26 millimeters and there were 35.524 million of these struck in 1923.  On the front side is an impression of a statue as well as the value of 1 cent.  The back or reverse has four Chinese symbols and the name of the former country.  This coin appears to be in a fine condition.

Francaise Republique Indo-China was a former colony inside of the French Empire that existed in the years 1887 until 1954.  The currency of this country was the French Indochinese piastre and the cent was its 1/100 sub division.

1998 French Polynesia 10 Francs Coin Koin Kuno Polynesia Sepuluh Francs

Here we will have a look at a 1998 French Polynesia 10 Francs coin (it can be viewed at the bottom of this posting).  On its front is a capped head facing to the left, not sure whose head it represents though most likely Marianne (important symbol of freedom in France).  The year is found at the bottom and the name of the country is found at the tops sides of the obverse as well reverse.  The back of this coin appears to have an image of native artistry as well as the value.  This French Polynesian 10 Francs coin is made out of the metal nickel and its weight is six grams.  There were 1 million of these struck in the year 1998.

The currency used in in French Polynesia is known as the CFP franc which it shares with other counties including New Caledonia and the Wallis & Futuna Islands.  The CFP franc is divided in one hundred centimes (subunit).

Uang logam kuno 10f sepuluh franc tahun 1998 dari Negara French Polynesia Republique Francaise koin nickel bergambar lady Marianne beliau adalah soerang pendekar wanita yang mempejuangkan kemerdekaan diNegara Polynesia, Koin ini terbuat dari bahan logam metal Besi Nickel besar seberat 6 grams, dengan kondisi sangat bagus very fine gambar dan tulisan nya masih terlihat timbul dan jelas, ada goresan sedikit tetapi tidak begitu tertera/terlihat.  Untuk harga silahkan kontak kami via email.  Terima Kasih Thank You.

The French Napoleon Gold Coin Koin Emas Dari Negara Francais Napoleon

When Napoleon Bonaparte was in power (during the early 1800s) there were French gold coins made featuring him.  They actually bear his name or are referred to as The Napoleon.  These are most often found in 2 denominations which are 20 as well as 40 Francs.  Both of these coins have gold making up 90% of their composition.  The front or obverse of these features the former emperor of the French Empire in 2 different portraits (sometimes with and other times without a laural wreath).  The back is adorned with the French words for French Empire or Repulic dependent on the year. There were also verions of these made for the Italian States which Napoleon took over after the defeat of Austria in a battle.  One should expect to pay a fairly sizable premium over the spot price of gold for one of these.  Bear in made there were also gold francs made under Napoleon III which was in the mid 1800s.


Napoleon Gold Coin

Koin emas dari negara Francais Napoleon.


2009 One Cent Euro French Coin Koin dari Negara Prancis Satu Euro Tahun 2009

In this post we will take a look at a 2009 one Euro cent from France.  On the front side is the face of Marriane who is the French symbol of liberty as well as reason. Those things are of great importance and this is displayed in Marrianne in many statues around France.  The design was created by Fabienne Courtiade who is a sculptor. The back of this euro cent is a globe with Europe in the center and was designed by Luc Luycx.  Even though this coin is only 3 years old and is of a small denomination that probably isn’t the most practical it has seen some use or circulation.  The metal composition is of steel with copper plating and its weight is 2.27 grams.

The European Union’s roots go back to 1951 and France was one of the founding members.  They used the Franc as currency up to 2002 after which the coinage of the Euro started to be used.

1963 French 10 Centimes Coin

This is an entry is about a 1963 French 10 Centimes.  This type of coin which can be viewed below is made from a combination of aluminum & bronze and weights 3 grams.  There were 217.601 million of these struck in 1963.  On the front is an impression of Marianne (facing left) which is like France’s version of Lady Liberty.  On the reverse side is the motto: Liberté, égalité, fraternité which in English means liberty, equality and fraternity and is a saying that has its roots in the French Revolution.  Below that is the denomination and currency unit as well as the date.  Down and to the right is a grain of wheat and to the left is a laurel branch.  This coin is in extra fine + condition.

The French Centime was made as early as 1794 and as late as 2001 (in which the Euro replaced).  It was a divisor of the Franc, 100 of which would equal 1 Franc.

1942 French 1 Franc Coin

The French issued a 1 Franc coin in 1942 which can be examined at the bottom of this entry.  On its obverse side is a doubled edged ax with grains of wheat on each side.  Below the ax are the words Etat Francais which in English means French State.  This is what the Vichy French (who were pro to the Axis powers during WWII) government referred to itself.  They were ousted from power after the Allied invasion in 1944 and General Charles de Gaulle formed a provisional government.

The back of the 1942 one Franc coin has the words: travail, famille, patrie which in English means work, family and fatherland.  This was a Vichy motto.  Also on the reverse are oak leaves in the middle of which is the value and below that is the year.   It is made out of aluminum and there were 152.144 million of these produced in the year 1942.  This coin we have would likely grade almost uncirculated.

1856 French Centimes Coin Koin kuno Antin Langka Dari Negara Perancis Tahun 1856

The history of the French Centime coin goes back a couple of hundred of years to the time of Napoleon (the first).  One hundred centime (or cents in English) equals 1 French franc.

See a 1856 French Centimes coin that we have in the images following.  It has on its obverse a picture of Napoleon III Empereur of France (ruled form 1852 until 1870 and was grandson of Napoleon I).  The back side of this coin has an eagle standing on a perch and the words: Empire Francais Cinq Centimes.  This coin is made of bronze and there were approximately 19.14 million of these made in 1856.  This particular one that we have is in fine condition.

Barang langka dan jarang koin antik kuno berumur lebih dari 150 seratus lima puluh tahun duit logam jaman dulu tahun 1856 koin berasal dari negara Perancis koin Cinq 5 Centimes Empire Francais Napoleon III Empereur 1856, koin ini bener-bener antik sangat langka dan sudah jarang bisa ditemukan lagi, hanya beberapa orang beruntung saja yang bisa memiliki koin langka ini.

1960 One French Franc Coin Uang Logam Koin Kuno Dari Negara Perancis

The French Franc was formely the currency of France prior to it adopting the Euro as the official currency.  The first coin to in fact use the term Franc was created all the way back in the year 1360 and in the last couple of hundred year of existence (until 2002) it was a global reserve currency.

See a one French Franc Coin that we have below.  On its obverse are the words Republique Francaise and an image of The Seed Sower.  It reverse contains a laural branch, the denomination of the coin and the words Liberte, Egalite and Fraternate.  There were 406 million of these minted in the year 1960 and thought its color is silver its content is nickel.  This example of a 1 Franc would grade extra fine.

Mata uang dari Negara Perancis tahun 1960 koin kuno uang logam 1 satu franc bergambar wanita penabur benih bunga. Koin kuno bertuliskan “Republique Francaise”. Kondisi koin ini sangat bagus bersih seperti baru “XF” Harga kontak.

5 Cinq Francs Banknote Banque De L’Indo-Chine (1940 Issue) 5-Lima CINQ FRANCS Uang Kertas Kuno Dari Negara Perancis

France occupied parts of Asia starting in the 1800s.  For those territories the French established a bank known as Banque de l’Indochine that issued currency.  Its purpose changed has over the years and it has gone through mergers and the like.

In the early part of the 20th century the Banque de l’Indo Chine’s purpose was to assist the French government with trading in Asia.  They had offices in various locations throughout the continent.  The following is a 5 Cinq Franc bill issued by them.  It does not appear to have any date on it though most likely it was the early forties based on some research I’ve done.  Though it has not much in the line of crispness it is still in decent condition, I would say perhaps a lower very fine grade.

Uang kertas frank frencs berumur 100++ ratusan tahun uang kertas kuno antik langka dan jarang ada dari Negara Perancis French Money Banqeu De L’indo-Chine 5 Cinq Frencs Noumea Payables En Especes Au Porteur ( U.90 697 ) Notes Pertuliskan : L’article 139 Du Code P’enal Punit Des Travaux Forces Ceux Qui Auront Contrefat Ou Fal-Sifie Les Billets De Banques Auto-Reisees Par La Loi.