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1917 Germany 5 Marks Banknote P-56B

Inside of this post we will have a discussion about a German 1917 fünf five mark old currency banknote.  Take a look at the pictures at the bottom of the post.  This paper money’s catalog number would be Germany P-56B (our note in particular has an 8 digit serial number).  The front of this banknote is adorned with a picture of a girl on the right side and the denomination as well as date run from the left into the center.  Also at the top is Darlehnskassenschein or Darlehnskassen bill which were paper monies issued by the National Debt Office in Germany from 1914 until 1922. The print color in mostly light blue and black.   The reverse side has what appears to be a royal crown with a cross at its top surrounded by leaves.  The color of the reverse is green and black in its print.

Our German 1917 fünf five mark baknote appears to have minimal wear and would grade extra fine or perhaps almost uncirculated.  There are no major folds, just minimal folding in the top left corner.

Uang kertas kuno dari negara Jerman 5 Lima Marks tahun 1917.

1909 silver German States Saxony 2 Marks Coin

Here we will discuss one of the more interesting coin purchases I have made recently.  It is a German States (Saxony) silver 2 Marks coin from 1909. It commemorates the 500th anniversary of the University of Leipzig University.  On its obverse is an image of two men: the crown prince Friedrich the Pugnacious and Friedrich August the III.
The backside has Deutsches Reich (German Empire) written on it as well as the denomination Zweig (2) Marks.  Also there is an image of an imperial eagle.  This coin weighs 11.11 grams and is 90% silver (.3215 ounce of the precious metal).  This is not a very common coin with only 125,000 being minted in total.

Below you will see image of our 1909 silver German States Saxony 2 Marks coin. It has seen circulation and appears to grade very fine.

Koin perak kuno dua 2 Marks dari negara Jerman tahun 1909.

Germany 20 Million Marks Banknote Zwanzig Millionen 1923

In this entry we will have a look at a 20 Million (Zwanzig Millionen) Mark banknote from Germany 1923.  This is a 6 digit serial number version (which is in red) and its catalog number is P-97b.  This paper money currency note has print just on its obverse side (this was the case with many type of German banknotes this year probably due to the fact that hyperinflation ravaged Germany in 1923).  This bill’s print is black and lilac green in color.  This Reichsbanknote was issued in Berlin on July 25, 1923 and the treasury seal appears twice at the bottom in black print.

See our 1923 twenty million German Marks banknote in the pictures below.  The condition of it appears to be very fine with minimal small folds, crispness, decent corners but some small staining.

Uang kertas kuno 20 dua puluh juta Marks dari negara Jerman tahun 1923.

50 Million (Funfzig Millionen) German Marks Banknote 1923 Deutsche Reichbahn Issue

In this entry we will examine a 1923 50 Million (Funfzig Millionen in German) Mark banknote from Germany.  This one was actually produced by the Deutsche Reichsbahn (rail) and if you look closely you will see a green image of train in the background.  This was perhaps a sign of the hyperinflationary times there as the rail authority there could print money.  There is print on only one side of this bill as was common during this period (perhaps to save on ink as Marks denominations became obsolete very quickly). This paper money is beige in color and the print is in brown.  This is good banknote for collectors of German money, inflationary issues and or those that collect money with trains on them.

Take a took at our 50 million marks rail banknote from Germany in the photographs below.  Its conditions is extra fine +.  It has no folds though the corners are not perfect.

Uang kertas kuno 50 lima puluh milliar juta Marks dari negara Jerman tahun 1923.

German 500 Million Mark Banknote from 1923 (6th Issue)

Here we’ll look at a 1923 German 500 Million Mark banknote (Fünfhundert Millionen Mark).  Check this old paper money out in the pictures below.  This particular Reichsbanknote was part of the 6th issue of currency notes in Germany during 1923.   There were many series of notes there in that year as hyperinflation ravaged that currency at the time.  This 5000 million Marks bill was printed just on one side most likely because of the short use of Mark denominations in 1923.  The denomination is written out on the top and a fancy 500 is on the right side.  The serial number of 48v.182524 is at the bottom right.  Above the serial number is a seal with Reichsbankdirektorium (governing body of the Empire’s bank).  In the middle of the note is a statement in German with a date of 1 September 1925.  This paper money has a watermark with what appears to be thistle leaves some of which are in lilac.  Its catalog number is Germany P110a.

Our 1923 German 500 Million Mark banknote appears to be in extra fine condition.

Uang Kertas kuno antik dari negara Jerman tahun 1923.

East German 5 Pfennig Coin from 1978

Here we are going to talk about an East German 5 Pfennig coin from 1978.  This was from the cold war era before Germany was reunited and on the front of the coin is the name of that country at the time which was Deutsche Demokratische Republic.  Also on the obverse is the emblem from that former state which is a hammer together with a compass inside of a gold colored wreath.  This sign was later discontinued when East reunited with West Germany in 1990.  The back side of the coin has the value of 5 Pfennig between 2 oak braches leaves and below is the year.  This specific coin that we have is in almost uncirculated condition.

The currency of this former country (Deutsche Demokratische Republic) was the East German Mark.  It went through a few name changes during the period it was in use which was from 1948 until 1990.  Many of the old banknotes and coins of that state were disposed of after the reunification happened and the West German Deutsche Mark was adopted.


1908 German 100 Mark Note (P-33a)

In this entry we have a 1908 German 100 Mark Note  (catalog number P-33a).  The front of this paper money has an image of the old German coat of arms in a grey blue color.  There is also the presence of 2 red treasury seals and the serial number Nr3200986E which is in red writing.  This currency bill is quite artistic on its back side which has an image of two women holding what appears to be a mirror with a medallic woman’s face in it. There is also a Roman looking helmet on the bottom left hand side.  Looking over this banknote the condition is quite nice, I see a small fold in one corner but otherwise no problems.  This 1908 German 100 Mark Note would grade at least extra fine.

100-seratus Mark uang kertas antik jarang dan langka dari Negara Jerman-Germany uang kertas kuno tahun 1908 bergambar 2-dua orang perempuan lagi memegang sebuah gembar lukisan foto besar seorang wanita, Uang kertas ini berwarna biru dan grey sangat unik dan kondisinya pun masih sangat bagus tidak terlihat ada robekan bekas lipatan ataupun bolong , gambarnya masih terlihat dengan sangat jelas dan bersih, Berseri kode nomer: (Nr3200986E). Uang kertas langka ini adalah uang kolektor/collectable dan kami jamin 1000% uang kertas ini adalah uang ASLI bukan hasil kopy ataupun reproduksi,   Apabila ada yang berminat untuk membeli silahkan anda bisa bertanya tentang harga dan hubungi kami langsung via e-mail di Terima kasih, Thank you.

1908 german 100 mark noteUang kertas langka ini adalah uang kolektor

1914 German 20 Mark Currency Banknote P-46B Uang Kertas Dari Negara Jerman Dua Puluh Marks Tahun 1914

Here we have a 1914 German 20 Mark banknote (catalog number P-46B).  Photos are below and looking at its front there is the date it was issued which was February 19, 1914.  This was the same year that WWI started (which was in July of that year) but this paper money was printed before its occurrence.  It is an imperial note as is indicated with the word Reichsbanknote at the top.  At the top right of the obverse is an eagle which looks like the former German Coat of Arms.  The serial number which is a 7 digit one of 7620573 is printed vertically on the sides.  On the back of this banknote is the denomination of the bill inside a number of geometric patterns.

This particular Germany 20 mark currency note from 1914 that we have is better than the average old bill at a grade of very fine.  It has the presence of 2 major folds, one vertically and one horizontally.  The corners are decent and no real staining.  I don’t see any pin holes or staple holes either.

1935J Silver German 5 Reichsmark Coin Koin Perak Lima Marks Mata Uang Dari Negara Jerman

In this post we will discuss a 1935J Silver German 5 Reichsmark coin.  On its front side is the face of Paul Von Hindenburg who was the President of Germany for 9 years up until 1934 and was also a key figure in World War I.  His popularity there during WWI was so much that it eventually exceeded Kaiser Wilhelm II and effectively put Von Hindenburg in control of that country.  He retired after WWI and was elected President of the Weimar Republic a few years later.  The obverse side also has the mint mark on it, which in this case is J.  It can be seen on the left underneath the year range 1847-1934 (that indicates which years Von Hindenburg lived). The back of this coin has an image of an eagle (in between the date) and below which is the coin’s denomination.

This 1935J German 5 Reichsmark coin that we have is in very fine condition and there were 2.830 million of these made in the J mint (Hamburg) that year.  This 1935J Silver German 5 Reichsmark Coin has a silver content equaling .4016 ounces or 11.3851685 grams of the precious metal.  Its total weight is 13.88 grams and it is 90 percent silver.  The diameter measures 29 millimeters.  This would add nicely to a world coin collection.

1935J Silver German 5 Reichsmark coinKoin PERAK Marks Mata uang dari Negara Jerman Germany

Koin PERAK Marks Mata uang dari Negara Jerman Germany uang logam 5-lima Reichsmark koin perak kuno tahun 1935 bergambar wajah mantan President Jerman yang bernama “Paul von Hindenburg” , Beliau berkuasa dijerman menjadi president selama 9 tahun, Koin kuno bersejarah Jerman ini terbuat dari bahan Perak asli berkadar 90%. Kondisi sangat BAGUS silahkan dilihat foto-nya dan anda judge sendiri kondisi-nya Terima kasih.

1906 German 10 Marks Banknote (P-9b) Uang Kertas Kuno Dari Negara Jerman Sepuluh 10 Marks Tahun 1906

Here we will look at a 1906 German 10 marks banknote (catalog number P-9b).  This is not that common of a currency paper money bill and its catalog value for even one in just good condition like this one is $80.  The front of it has on its right an image of a woman holding a palm branch in her left hand with 2 serpents wrapped around it.  In her right hand it looks like she is holding a boat’s oar.  To the women’s left hand side is writing including Zehn Mark (which means 10 Marks) below which is the date and Reichschuldenverwaltung (which in English means National Debt Office).  The back of this banknote also has the denomination and a woman on each side.  The serial number on this old currency note is  F-Nr2988785.  As you can see in the photos this paper money bill is not perfect but after inspection and reviewing grading guidelines it would be good grade, perhaps a G6.  There is some splitting on the main fold, some pinholes but no major stains.  Its really a nice note for those that want a less than common paper bill but don’t want to pay the huge premiums associated with better grades.

Uang kertas kuno dari negara Jerman sepuluh 10 Marks Tahun 1906.