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1913 German Pfennig Coin Koin Tembaga Kuno dari Jerman Satu Pfennig Tahun 1913

A 1913 German Pfennig D mint is the topic of this entry.  This type of coin was produced in the years 1890 until 1916 which would encompass most of the years that Kaiser Wilhelm II was in power.  It has on its front side crowned Imperial Coat Arms of the German Realm (Deutsches Reich years 1871-1918).  On the back of it is the value as well as year it was minted.  The metal this coin is made from is copper and it is two grams in weight.  There were 8.61 million produced of the 1913 German Pfennig in the D mint.  Our example would grade in very fine condition.

The Pfenning was a partial unit of the former German Mark currency.  At one time back in medieval Europe the Pfennig coins were of considerable value being struck in silver up until around 1200 or 1300 AD, after that they lost their luster.  Later on when the Mark was created the Pfennig became a divisional unit of it.

1913 German Pfennig

Koin Kuno Satu Pfennig tahun 1913 terbuat dari bahan metal Copper-Tembaga koin dari negara Jerman.

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1950 German 10 Pfennig Coin

Here we will look at a 10 Pfennig German coin from the year 1950.  On the front and at the top is Bundesrepublik Deutschland or in English: Federal Republic of Germany below which are oak leaves.  The year sits under that.  The back of the coin has the value of it plus a grain of wheat on each side.  Also notice the F mint designation.  There were 584.3 million of these struck in the the F mint (Stuttgart).  It is made out of Brass and steel and the example we have in the picture underneath is in very fine or better condition.

The Pfennig’s history as a coin goes quite a ways back, over a millennia.  Back when it first started being used and for centuries afterward it generally made out of silver.  In modern Germany the Pfennig became a unit that 100 of would equal 1 mark (former currency unit of Germany).  It was discontinued with the adoption of the Euro.

1924 J German 10 Reichspfennig Coin Koin Aluminium Kuno Sepuluh Reichspfennig Dari Negara Jerman-German

In this post we will talking about a 1924 J German 10 Reichspfennig coin that we have.  On its front has a design of a diamond shape (in the middle of which is the denomination) with oak leaves on its sides.  The back has six grains of wheat below which is the date.  This coin is made out of aluminum-bronze  and weighs a total of 4.0499 grams.  There were 3.993 million of these made (with the J designation which can be found on the reverse side at the top).   This coin that we have is in very fine or better condition.

The currency in Germany at one time was the Reichsmark and its smaller unit was the Reichspfennig.  100 Reichspfennig would equal 1 Reichsmark.

Uang logam kuno 10-sepuluh Reichspfennig dari Negara Jerman-German-Deutsches Reich.  koin antik kuno tahun 1924 bergambar tangkai pohon Gandum ini terbuat dari bahan dasar Aluminium berat koin : sekitaran 4grams lebih. Kondisi-nya silahkan bisa anda lihat sendiri digambar yang telah kami pajang ini, Terima kasih, Thank you.


Mata Uang Asing Dari Negara Jerman German Germany Eropa Europe Uang Kertas Tahun 1920 Hundert 100 Seratus mark

Starting on the fourth of August in the year 1914 Germany’s money or currency became known as the Papiermark.  Before that it was known as the Gold Mark because it was actually backed up by the precious metal gold.  This Papiermark was produced during some turbulent times especially in regards to inflation (namely after WW1).  Things got so bad there that it had to be eventually replaced by the Reichsmark in 1924.

We have photographs of a Hundert (100 in English) Mark below.  It appears that it was printed in November of 1920 when about 70 marks would equal a dollar (a few years before the rate of inflation accelerated at an unsustainable pace).   This banknote would probably grade in a high very fine condition as other than the folds on it has not much wear.

Uang kertas kuno uang kartas PapierMark mata uang asing dari Negara Jerman German Germany Eropa Europe uang kertas langka dan unik ini diproduksi pada tahun 1920.  Hundert 100 Seratus mark nomer seri kode R B D D.21923557 Reichs Bank Note. Kondisi-nya lumayan bagus gambar dan tulisan-nya timbul masih telihat jelas hanya ada bekas lipatan2 saja, silahkan bisa anda lihat sendiri difoto yang telah kami pajang ini,

1975 STAATS BANK DER DDR 5 Mark Der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik Image Of Thomas Müntzer Uang kertas Dari Negara Jerman 5-Lima Mark Tahun 1975-1987

Germany Jerman Mark Mata uang dari Negara Jerman Eropa Europe East Germany Jerman Timur. STAATS BANK DER DDR 5 Fünf Mark Der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik, Uang kertas 5 Mark tahun year produksi-pembuatan dari 1975 sampai 1987. Kode nomer seri: (VD 985667) bergambar foto wajah Pembaharu agama di Jerman yang bernama “Thomas Müntzer” dan pangilan beliau di bahasa Latin-nya adalah “Thomas Monetarius” Thomas Müntzer Lahir dikota kecil Stolberg-Saxony-Anhalt Jerman pada tahun C.1489. dan beliau meningal wafat pada tangal: 27 May, tahun 1525. beliau meninggal dunia di usia sangat muda hanya usia 35–36 tahun beliau wafat dikota Mühlhausen, Thuringia Germany. Kondisi uang kertas ini sangat bagus sekali extra fine seperti baru tidak banyak tersentuh oleh tangan terpelihara dan terjaga dengan baik, tidak ada robek, bolong, kotor, bau, atau bekas lipatan-lipatan sangat bersih dan fresh, gambar angka dan tulisan-nya sangat terlihat dengan jelas sekali. 1975 STAATS BANK DER DDR 5 Mark Der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik Image Of Thomas Müntzer Uang kertas Dari Negara Jerman 5-Lima Mark Tahun 1975-1987 . Silahkan fotonya bisa anda check dan periksa sendiri difoto-foto yang telah kami pajang dibawah ini biarlah anda yang akan menilai apakah uang kertas kuno ini kondisinya terlihat bagus atau tidak-nya 🙂

German Money before Euro,  East Germany (DDR) 5 Mark Year 1975 Obverse: Thomas Müntzer; Reverse: Combine grain harvesting. Watermark: Thomas Müntzer.Original Size: 112 x 50 mm,Texts Note: Staatsbank der DDR; Fünf Mark der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik. Wer Banknoten nachmacht oder verfälscht oder nachgemachte oder verfälschte sich verschafft, um Sie in Verkehr zu bringen, wird bestraft. The main color is purple very beautiful full orginal color, Condition Extra Five NO Holes. No Tears, Crips paper, Super clean and very fresh, Like New.