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Greece 2 Drachma Coin 1986 Uang logam dari negara Greece dua Drachmes tahun 1986

Here we will discuss a Greece 2 Drachma coin from the year 1986.  At first glance one might think this is a gold coin but in fact it is made from nickel as well as brass.  Its weight measurement is 6 grams and its diameter 24 millimeters.  There were approximately 21 million of these coins made in 1986.  Ours in particular appears to be extra fine in condition.  The front of it has an image of Georgios Karaiskakis who was a noteworthy figure known for his contribution to the Greek War of Independence in the early 1800s.  He was a Klepht (as one may have been able to tell by his hat) which were a military people that were defiant to Ottoman rule over Greece.  Karaiskakis was an effective military commander that died in battle during that war.  The back side of this coin has the country’s name, the value of the coin as well as a picture of 2 crossed rifles.

The Drachma began as Greece’s currency in modern times in 1832 and was used up until the adoption of the Euro in 2002.  The Drachma was also the name of coinage in ancient times that go back hundreds of years BC.

Uang logam dari negara Greece dua Drachmes tahun 1986.


Greek 20 Drachma Coin from 1976

This post will examine a 1976 Greek 20 Drachma coin which can be looked at in the photographs at the end of this entry.  Its condition appears to be that of extra fine.

I rather enjoy the design which has on its front an image of The Parthenon which is an ancient building in Athens, Greece which was built to honor the mythological goddess Athena.  On the bottom of the front is the date and the words: EAAHNIKH AEMOKPATIA which in English means the Greek Democracy.    Also notice the word: APAXMAI which is the name of the currency, in English: Drachma.  The back of this coin has a helmeted Pericles who was a noteworthy politician and general and who was born about 500 years BC.  Pericles contributions to the ancient Athenian Empire were profound, not only from a military standpoint but also from an educational one as he promoted the arts and literature.  This coin is constructed out of a combination of copper and nickel.  Its weight is 11 grams and is diameter measurement: 29 millimeters.

Koin Dari Negara Greece Dua Puluah Drachma Tahun 1976.

2000 Greek 20 Drachmes Coin Mata Uang Dari Negara Greece Dua Pulah Drachmes

In this entry we will talk about a Greece 20 Drachmes coin from the year 2000.  The front has an olive branch over a field and on is the denomination.   On the back side this coin has an image of Dionysios Solomos who was a noteworthy poet in the early 1800s.  His most famous work is called Hymn to Liberty; it became and currently is the national anthem of the country of Greece.  This coin is made from 2 metals which are aluminum and bronze.  It has a weight of 7 grams and a diameter measurement of 24.5 millimeters.   The year 2000 was the last one the Greek 20 Dachmes was produced and this one in particular looks like its in extra fine condition.

Uang logam koin kuno dari Negara Greek-Greece? tahun 2000 koin logam 20 dua puluh drachmes, bergambar wajah seorang penbaca cerita puisi yang bernama Dionysios. Koin ini terbuat dari bahan aluminium dan tembaga/perunggu. Kondisi sangat Bagus silahkan dilihat gambar-nya sendiri, Terima kasih.

1926 Greek 50 Lepta Coin

In this post we are going to look at a 1926 Greek 50 Lepta coin.  The obverse or front side has an image of the Greek Goddess Athena with a war helmet on her head.  She is an important Goddess in Greek Mythology representing war but also justice, wisdom and many other important things.  The back of this coin has value denomination, the words in Greece for Greek Republic as well as the date.  The metal composition of it is copper and nickel.  It weighs 2.9 grams and in 1926 there were approximately 20 million of these struck.  Our particular coin is in a very fine grade.

At the time of this writing the currency in Greece is the Euro.  Formely it was the Drachma which may be adopted again depending on the outcome of the financial crises there. The Lepton was a subunit of the former currency, 100 of which would equal 1 Drachma.