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1944 India Half Rupee Silver Coin George VI

Here we are going to talk about a 1944 India Half Rupee Silver Coin. On its front we see a crowned George VI King of the British Empire who also held the title of Emperor of India.  He served in the Royal Navy and saw action during WWI seeing action at the Battle of Jutland (against the German Navy).

1944 India Half Rupee Silver Coin George VI

The reverse side is below and it displays the denomination as well as the year.

koin perak kuno India

This 1944 India Half Rupee is 50 percent silver and appears to be a grade of extra fine.

Koin perak kuno setengah Rupee dari negara Ingriss tahun 1944 di depan bergambar Raja George VI.

1999 Indian 1 Rupee Coin

Here is a 1999 Indian 1 Rupee coin which pictures are present at the bottom of this post.  It is struck in the metal of stainless steel.  The front is adorned with a Asoka lion pedestal which is an ancient statue which comes from Sarnath and has become the Emblem of India.  The back of the coin has the year, denomination and a couple of grains of wheat.  This 1990 one Rupee is made out of stainless steel metal and its weight is 4.9 grams.  The coin that we have appears to be in almost uncirculated grade.

The currency of the country of India is the Rupee which whs a history going back several hundred years.  Its coins were struck in silver for a quite a long time and even in the 1800s when other countries were backed in gold.  At one point during that time the supply of silver increased leading to a price drop which caused a problems for the Rupee in the 1800s.  Indian went on to a decimal system for their currency in 1957.

1924 Indian 1 Anna Coin Koin Kuno Dari Negara India

Here we have a 1924 India 1 Anna coin that was made in the Mumbai mint.  On its obverse is a crowned King George the V who was King of the British Empire and Emperor (which is struck into the top of it) of India.    He was a naval officer that became direct heir to the throne when his older brother Edward passed away from pneumonia.  On the back side of this coin is an ornamental design that has the denomination in the middle below which is the year.  It is made out copper/nickel and there were approximately 17.285 million of them made in 1924.  This example we have has seen its fair share of wear and would perhaps grade very good.

The Anna is a historical unit in India’s currency history.  When it was used 16 of them would equal out to 1 Rupee.  Some Anna coins had silver in their content and others copper.

Koin kuno antik jaman dulu dari negara India satu Anna tahun 1924 bergambar Raja George V.

Indian Rupee Bank Notes From India Ten Rupees Paper Money 2009 “INR” Uang Kertas 10 Sepuluh Rupees Dari Negara India

In India the currency is called the rupee.  The Indian rupee’s code is INR and while this name of money there has been in use for hundreds of years the bank notes of the current era began when the country became independent of England in 1949.  The newest series of paper bills began being printed in the year 1996.

See the following pictures of a 2009 ten rupees bank note and which feature a picture of Mahatma Gandhi on its front.  Notice there use of several different language on this bill as well which is representative of the large number of languages there.  The obverse also has the words Reserve Bank of India.  The back of this currency bill has a picture of a tiger, elephant, rhino.  This example of one that we have is 10 rupee note is uncirculated. Please contact or sms us for the price, Thank you,

Rupee adalah uang kertas dari Negara Negeri India, Uang kertas  sepuluh rupee tahun pengeluaran untuk tahun 2009, Uang kertas ini bergambar foto orang paling dihormati di Negeri India beliau adalah “Mahatma Gandhi” dan dibelakang uang kertas ini bertuliskan tulisan bahasa India dan bergambar binatang Macan, Gajah, dan Badak, bertulisakan Reserve Bank Of India Guaranteed By The Central Government 10 Rupees, kode nomer seri: (8JS 453590) “INR adalah kode uang untuk Negara India“ Kondisi Baru Crips Sempurna UNC.

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