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Diamond Culet, Brilliance And Fancy Colors Berlian Culet Dan Warna-Warni Fancy Indah Warna Fantastis Batu Permata Berlian

A diamond’s culet refers to the tip which is at times faceted (cut smoothly) on the bottom of the stone.  It may be subject to a facet in order to protect the rock from being chipped.  Opt for either a rock with no culet (if the tip is undamaged) or otherwise a very small, small or even medium rating.  Stay away from (for the most part) the larger culet rating that goes from slightly to extremely large as they may have a negative impact on the stone’s appearance.  Antique specimens may be an exception to this and they often had larger culets.

Now a diamond’s brilliance represents how bright the stone is as well as its contrast.  Really its a characteristic of a rock defined by how well it can handle light.  Does light pass through and reflect properly making the stone look amazing (great brilliance) or does it appear to be deficient in this quality?  There are variables I’ve mentioned here that can add to or take away from a diamond’s brilliance.  Like for instance an ideal cut will surely add a stone’s brilliance significantly.

Fancy colored diamonds refer to a stone that could be blue, fancy yellow canary, red, green, pink etc.  and do not fit into the colorless category.  They are often rare, highly sought after and quite valuable.

Berbagai  ragam warna warni cantik warna indah dan fantastis batu permata berlian , Koleksi Dari Aurora Diamond’s Berlian Dan Koleksi Dari Tiffany Diamond , Fabulous lovely unique and very rare Fancy colored diamond’s by Aurora Collection diamond’s and Tiffany diamond collection, Warna pink Pink color, Warna Biru Blue color, Warna hijau Green color, Warna merah Red color, Berlian warna coklat Brown diamond color,  Warna Kuning Yellow color fancy yellow canary diamond, dan lain-lain… Biasanya untuk harga Batu permata berlian yang berwarna warni harga akan lebih mahal dibanding dengan harga batu berlian yang berwarna putih, Tapi itu juga tergantung dari ukuran size quality dan characteristic dari batu tersebut ,bisa juga harga batu berlian yang berwarna putih akan lebih mahal dari yang berwarna fancy,  Please Note foto-foto berlian ini hanya untuk koleksi saja tidak untuk dijual collection only Not For Sale, Thank you , Terima kasih,

A Diamond’s Girdle And Crown Info Tentang Girldle Dan Crown Batu Permata Berlian

Diamond girdle is another attribute of a stone to pay attention to and it refers to the outside edge of the rock.  The Gemilogical Institute of America (GIA) when grading a diamond will make a comment on girdle thickness assigning a grade between extremely thin to extremely thick.   Generally speaking the best grade as far as girdle goes is thin/medium.   Slightly thick is also quite desirable followed by very thin which is also nice.   The last girdle grade that is decent is very thick, try to avoid if possible extremely thin or extremely thick.

GIA is only concerned with making an assessment on girdle thickness.  Some girdles on a diamond will have facets especially if they have been subject to additional cutting beyond what is normally found.  Having facets on the girdle supposedly have no bearing on the diamond’s cut grade.

A diamond’s crown is the uppermost part of the rock that lies above the girdle and it contains the table facet as well as additional facets found below. Crown height is a measurement of the space between the table and the girdle,

Tips memilih batu permata berlian: Girdle Dan Crown batu permata berlian adalah salah satu katagori terpenting untuk menyeimbangkan batu permata berlian yang anda pilih agar terlihat lebih sempurna kecantikan dan keindahan-nya dari setiap penjuru pandangan mata , berlian akan terlihat lebih bersinar bercahaya seperti pelangi rainbow sparkle like a star, Foto berlian ini hanya untuk contoh saja tidak untuk dijual Not For Sale , Diamond’s Berlian Lovers sekian dulu info tentang batu permata berlian dari kami semoga bermanfaat  Terima kasih , Thank you,

Batu Permata Berlian Paling Terkenal Dari Berbagai Negara Warna Dan Keindahan-nya Well Known Diamonds

The Oppenheimer diamond is one that has never been subject cutting and is of fancy yellow color.  Its carat weight is over 250 carats and is named after a business man that had significant influence in the mining industry.  Its origin is South Africa and has been owned by De Beers and well as Harry Winston the latter of which decided that it would be best suited for display at the Smithsonian.

The Portuguese Diamond is another one of Harry Winston’s prized specimens that now makes The Smithsonian museum home.  Its real origin is not confirmed but stories indicate that it could have been from Brazil or South Africa.  It is more than 125 carats and is cut in an octagonal fashion.  This stone’s lack of inclusions makes it quite magnificent.

The Wittelsbach Graff Diamond is an awesome blue specimen that has been part of more than 1 crown jewel collections (of royal families Europe).   This stone’s history goes back hundreds of years into the 1600s.  Its most recent owner is a jeweler from the UK who shockingly cut the rock after purchasing in a few years ago.  Apparently doing this improved the color and clarity.  The diamond’s carat weight comes in at 31.06.

Berlian Berlian Paling Terkenal Dengan Warna Keindahan Kecantikan Dan Keunikan-nya Batu Berlian Dari  Berbagai Negara ,

Berlian Diamond Symmetry And Polish Impormasi Tentang Simetri Dan Semir Polesan Batu Permata Berlian

A diamond’s symmetry is another factor to think about when contemplating a diamond.  It represents how well the cuter of the stone has fashioned it from a proportional stand point including how good the facets have been crafted to complement each other.  GIA does include a rating on this feature in their diamond reports which range from excellent to poor.  A stone’s symmetry is acceptable at good or better but you know this attribute is not that noticeable to the naked eye.  It will more relevant to diamonds that are good clarity wise.  In the end the though not as vital the quality of the cut of the facets, symmetry can be factor on a rocks value.

A diamond’s polish can also be a variable to consider when pondering a stone.  It represents how well a rock’s facets have been subject to polishing.  It is something that also appears on reports from reputable grading companies like AGS and GIA who’s ratings on the attribute can range from ideal, excellent, very good and on down to poor.  Polish has a bearing on how well the diamond can accept light and stones that lack at least good polish will suffer in their brilliance.  Really poor specimens in this regard may give off an unclean appearance.

Tips:untuk memilih batu permata berlian perhatikan juga Symmetry/Simetri dan Polish/Semir Polesannya karna simetri dan semir polesan ini sagatlah penting untuk membantu menyampurnakan berlian yang anda pilih akan lebih terlihat sempurna keindahan dan kecantikannya dari setiap sudut pandangan mata dan akan terlihat lebih bersinar sparkle dibawah cahaya lampu,

Maaf foto berlian ini hanya koleksi cotoh saja tidak untuk dijual NOT for Sale , Terima Kasih, Thank You,

3 Tree Famous Diamonds 3 Tiga Model Batu Permata Berlian Paling Terkenal Di Dunia

One of the most famous diamonds in the world is known as the Dresden diamond.  It is quite a specimen that is naturally green and actually is like that because of radioactivity from the ground.  The rock was discovered in the country of India.  Its size comes in at 41 carats and it supposedly has a clarity of internally flawless.  Its cut is pair and its normal home when not on display in places like The Smithsonian is in a castle in Dresden, Germany.

Another exceptionally impressive diamond is the Cullinan I with a weight of 530 carats and was found in the year 1905.  It is part of the crown jewels of the British royal family and this particular rock was discovered in South Africa.  It is in the pear shape and was cut by the Asscher brothers (who are from Amersterdam, The Netherlands and who also developed the Asscher cut) and has 76 facets in total.

Is there such a thing as a perfect diamond?  Perhaps the answer is yes in the form of the Strawn-Wagner stone which was graded as perfect by not only GIA but also AGS (both of which are the authorities on such things).  They gave this rock an ideal cut mark, D color and clarity of flawless.   Its carat size is 3 and it was found in the USA in the state of Arkansas where it still resides.  It was discovered in the year 1990 in a park where people can pay to look for gems.

Ini contoh batu permata berlian paling terkenal kecantikan keindahan kebersihan-nya di Dunia, Batu berlian paling unik jarang dan langka !.

Diamond Table Ratio And Depth % Informasi Penting Tentang Berlian Table Ratio Dan Depth %-Persen

A diamond’s table ratio% is a very important part of how a stone is cut because if it is too small or large the rock will loose character and billiance (or fire).  What is considered idea, very good, good etc. table percentage will vary by shape of diamond.  From a technical stand point it is how the proportion of the top flat facet (smooth cut surface) is in relation to the whole stone.  This ratio is formulated differently between round stones and other available shapes.

Now a diamond’s depth percentage is a different measure that the compares depth of the stone (from top to bottom) to its diameter.  Its also a vital measurement that should be examined when comparing stones because having the right depth will add to the appearance and value of the rock.  Generally there are 5 categories in grading depth including ideal, excellent, good, fair, and poor.  Now this will vary by stone shape as far as what is ideal, excellent etc.  As an example an ideal round as far as depth goes would be in the 58-62% range.

A diamond’s table and depth are important considerations in searching for a rock to buy.

Tips: Informasi penting tentang membeli dan memilih batu permata berlian, Mungkin bagi sebagian orang mereka hanya tau tentang berlian dari segi 4-empat factors characteristic-nya saja yaa itu , Carat-berat, Clarity-kejernihan, Color-warna, dan Cut-potongan, Tetapi ada yang lebih penting lagi selain 4-empat factors characteristic tersebut, Dibalik 4-empat factors characteristic tersebut ada 3-tiga lagi factors characteristic penting yang harus kita pahami dan pelajari , 3-tiga factors tersebut nama-nya yaa itu, Table, Ratio dan Depth , Kalau kita memilih berlian yang table, ratio, dan depth %persen-nya seimbang sesuai dan benar perfect karna 3-tiga factors characteristic ini juga bisa membuat dan membantu kilau keindahan batu permata berlian lebih bersinar dan akan mengeluarkan memancarkan cahaya yang lebih terang bersinar dan berlian akan terlihat lebih cantik perfect cemerlang separti pelangi dan berkerlap-kerlip seperti bintang dan berlian akan terlihat lebih sempurna dari setiap penjuru pandangan mata dan cahaya lampu,

Jadi apabila anda ingin membeli dan memilih batu permata berlian perhatikan juga yang 3-tiga factor characteristic tersebut, Agar berlian yang anda meliki benar-benar Perfect Sempurna kilau Keindahan dan Kecantikan-nya 🙂 Sekian dulu info berlian dari kami semoga bermanfaat , Thank you, Terima kasih,

Oval Cut Diamonds Batu Permata Berlian Berbentuk Potongan Cut Oval Classic And Lovely Oval Cut Shaped Diamond

The oval shaped or cut diamond dates back to the 60s when Lazare Kaplan developed it.  Perhaps its a close alternative to the round cut and can emit as impressive sparkle as well.  Its length to width ratio will be important and you may want to compare a few different ones to see which best suites your taste.  For instance look at 1.25 compared to 1.5 vs. 1.75.

With an oval dimaond its pertinent to have at least a good cut.  The clarity is sufficient with SI2 but go with better if possible.  As far as depth goes its important to be in the 54-70 range (but 58-66% if you can).  With the table choose in the range of 53 to 68%.  As far as color is concerned I or better is sufficient.  Oval cut diamonds are also subject to the bow tie effect (what looks like there is a dark area inside of the stone that has the form of a bow tie).  This shape of rock can be a nice alternative to a round stone.  Classic cantik indah anggun dan elegant dengan batu permata berlian berbentuk Oval Cut ,

Heart Shaped Diamonds For Valentine’s Day Batu Permata Berlian Berbentuk Hati Tanda Kasih Sayang Lambang Cinta Sejati Dan Abadi Be My Valentine,

The heart shaped diamond can make a nice gift as the stone is cut in the form of a heart and can represent something very special (as any beautiful diamond can).  Essentially this shape is a modified pear that has a modified top.  Its very important to choose one with the proper length to width ratio to suite your tastes.  Compare a .75 (fatter) to a 1.0 (the more traditional choice) to a 1.25 which appears longer.

A heart cut or shaped diamond has 59 facets.  Its important to choose one that has a least a good cut because you want the precious rock to omit a nice fire and not be dull.  Stick with a depth in the range of 53 to 70% (though go with 57-63% if possible).  With table 51-68 is acceptable but 53-62 is preferrable.  Its best to chose one of these diamonds with a carat size of at least .50 carat.   So to lessen the appearance of inclusions choose SI1 at a minimum.  Ideally the rock’s color will be colorless (D-F) but near colorless is certainly acceptable (g-j).

Be My Valentine , Love In The Air, Hari kasih sayang Velentine’s day akan segera tiba katakan cinta dari lubuk hati yang paling dalam cinta yang sesunguh-nya cinta yang abadi kepada pasangan terkasih anda hadiahkan si dia dengan berlian berbentuk hati , Berlian berbentuk hati tanda kasih sayang lambang cinta sejati dan cinta yang abadi selama lama-nya… Happy Valentine’s Day !

Pear Shaped Diamonds Berlian Berbentuk Buah Pear-Pier Si Cantik Dan Manis The Fabulous Glamourous A Pear Shaped/Cut Diamond

As its name suggests the pear shaped or cut diamond has the basic form of the fruit with the same name.  Part of the rock is similiar to a round stone and the other part is like a marquise.  Want your fingers to look thinner than they really are?  This diamond may be useful in creating such an effect when worn.  This brilliant cut stone’s length to width ratio is important in its appearance and you may want to compare a 1.5 to a 1.75 and a 2 to see which one suites your tastes.

How the pear shaped diamond is cut is quite imporant as it commonly has 58 facets that can produce a exquisite fire when done properly.  It is subject to the bow tie effect (an appearance of a dark area in the stone like the marquise is) as well as what are called uneven shoulders.  This is where the round part of stone looks off or not even.

Now for the criteria for selecting a pear shaped diamond.  Start with the length to width ratio which most experts would say that 1.5 to 1.7 is best but your preference may differ so compare.  The cut is very pertinent so opt for at the very least good but before anything else go with a better cut if its possibe.  The clarity should at least be SI2 and the color at least J but if you want a really impressive rock go for IF or VVS1 and colorless (D-F).  Ideally table will be at 54-58 % (but avoid anything under 51 or over 70%).  As for depth choose 58-62 if possible but if not just stay away from a pear diamond that is below 53 or over 71.

Batu permata Berlian berbentuk buah pear-pier si cantik manis sweet dan menawan hati  sesuai dengan nama-nya buah pear 🙂  Ini foto contoh untuk berlian berbentuk buah pear , Foto/Gambar telah kami perbesar agar terlihat lebih jelas berlian asli-nya tidak sebesar yang difoto/gambar berlian asli-nya hanya 6carat,  Maaf berlian ini tidak untuk di jual hanya koleksi saja, Not For Sale, Thank you , Terima kasih,

Cushion Shaped Diamonds Batu Permata Berlian Berbentuk Cushion Cut/Potongan Classic Cushion Cut/Shaped Diamonds

Info tentang Batu mulia batu intan permata berlian berbentuk model/styles cushion cut/potongan,  The cushion cut or shaped diamond has a squarish or rectangular form (dependent on length or width ratio) and perhaps resembles a pillow.  It has not really gained popularity until recent years though its design has existed for well over a century.  Modifications to how it is cut have lead to uptickes in popularity.  Some of the freatures that come with this types of diamond are rounded or cut corners and large facets.  Though is doesn’t have the fire of say a very good round or radient cut rock it still has a nice antique or classic feel to it.

With a cushioned shaped diamond go for the best clarity your budget will alllow (try to get a least a VS2) as inclusions can be more visible.  In regards to color go for at least a G if possible though an I, J or even K can still look accceptable dependent on your tastes.  The cut should be at least good and table percentage should be in the 56-71 range.  Stick with depth in the 54 to 73% range. Photo coming soon, Foto segera dipajang ,