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Radiant Shaped Diamond’s The Devine And The Classy Radiant Cut/Shaped Diamond’s Intan Permata Berlian Berbentuk Radiant

The radiant cut diamond tries to combine the shape of a more square stone with the brilliance of a round rock.  It came about back in the year 1976 by a gentleman by the name of Henry Grossbard (born in Austria and who  immigrated to the USA later).    Like an asscher this shape has cropped corners and a squarish appearance.

This particular shape of diamond has 70 facets and it is imperitive to look for a radiant cut stone that has at least a very good cut as anything less won’t fully express the diamond’s fire as it should be. If the cut is very good or better than a lesser clarity is acceptable but choose at the very least SI2.  With color go for near colorless (g through j) as a minimum or better if possible.  * J color is perfectly fine with a radiant diamond that has a very good cut or better.  As with the depth rating stick in the 58-70% range and with table stay in the 53 to 75% range.  A radiant shaped stone can be very impressive when meeting the right criteria.  Remember the cut is the most important factor with this shape of diamond.

Batu Intan permata berlian berbentuk Radiant si cantik classy stunning bersinar berkerlap-kerlip seperti bintang dimalam hari dan terang seperti pelangi rainbow in the sky this magnificent beauty elegant lovely and sparkle bling-bling… , Berlian yang berbentuk radiant ada 2 dua macam 2 dua bentuk/model/styles ada radiant yang square berbentuk segi empat seperti bentuk princess cut diamond, dan ada juga yang berlian radiant rectangular berbentuk segi empat pajang seperti bentuk emerald cut diamond ,  Ini foto contoh untuk berlian yang berbentuk radiant, Foto berlian ini hanya contoh saja tidak untuk dijual NOT for Sale. Thank you , Terima Kasih,

Asscher Shaped Diamonds Berlian Berbentuk Asscher Cut/Potongan A Lovely Asscher Cut/Shape Diamond

The asscher shaped diamond was created by 2 Dutch brothers and as you may have guessed their last name is Asscher (who are well known for cutting the Culinan diamonds)  They created the shape back in the year 1902 and like emerald it has steps.  The best way I can think of to describe the way it looks is a square with stepped sides and cut corners.  Initially asscher shaped diamonds had 58 facets though there is a version today known as royal asscher that has 74 facets.  Though the shape is over 100 years old it had never really gained mainstream popularity until 10 years back.

Stick with a mininum clarity of vs2 with an asscher as inclusions can show easily with this stone.  As far as color is concerned a near colorless (G through J) diamond is good enough unless budgets allow for better.  Stick with table in the 54-68% range and depth 60-72%.  Though the cut is important as there are facets with an asscher cut stone its not the most important detail as it is with round.  Berlian Berbentuk Asscher Si Unik Classy Nan Cantik Jelita Siapapun Yang Memendang Pasti Akan Jatuh Hati Padanya,

Batu Intan Permata Berlian Berbentuk Emerald Potongan Cut Berlian Emerald Shaped Diamonds Classy Emerald Diamonds

The emerald gemstone inspired diamond cutters to cut stones in this fashion or shape.  The fire this shape can exude can be quite impressive (though don’t expect it to look like an ideal cut round).

Now its vital to look for an emerald shaped diamond that has good clarity at the very least go with a VS1 but VVS or better is preferred.  The facets (or smooth cut surfaces on the stone) are stepped with the emerald shape and longer than other rocks.  It is vital that the cut be a least very good to display the beauty of the diamond.  As far as the color is concerned stick with at least G.  Go with depth in the range of 58-70 and table 53 to 75%.  Emerald shaped diamonds are not a bad choice for an engagement and are less expensive than a comparative round.

Want something classic and that not everyone is wearing?  Than perhaps think about an Emerald shaped diamond. Berlian Berbentuk Emerald Cut si cantik classy sederhana unik dan elegant, berlian berbentuk emerald cut salah satu favorite saya ,


Round Shaped Diamonds, Model/Style Batu Permata Berlian Berbentuk Bundar Bulat

Round shaped diamonds are very popular due to their exceptional beauty.  This is especially for a round stone that has be masterfully cut to allow the facets (smooth surfaces which their are generally 58 of) to work their magic when light passes through the diamond.  This way to cut stones was originally furnished in the year 1919 by a gentleman name Tolkowsky.

It can be particularily difficult to cut a diamond in this manner as every cut can have a significant bearing on how the light travels through the rock.  Several factors go into properly making these stones look good including angles, table ratio, how long the girdle is etc.  Their are a few services able to attach a grade to how good a diamond cut is including the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), AGA, and others.

When searching for a round stone consider all 4 Cs to be important (cut, carat, color, clarity) but put a special emphasis in getting at least a good or better cut.  Batu Intan Permata Berlian berbentuk bundar/bulat yang paling banyak digemari disukai ,

Diamond Carat Weight Impormasi Penting Tentang Berat Grams Carat Batu Permata Berlian

One of the 4 most important characteristics of a diamond (4Cs) is its carat weight.  The larger the carat size generally the bigger the stone will be (if comparing the same shape).  Originating thousands of years ago this measure of how much a diamond ways is often abbreviated as ct.

Larger sizes are more rare and its interesting how the price of a stone jumps when the weight multiplies especially true when talking stones that are above the 1 carat mark.  Smaller stones are identified by points starting with .01 which 100 points will actually equal out to 1ct.

When thinking about diamonds to purchase perhaps thinking about the .ct is a good place to start and it can always be reconsidered dependent on the other Cs.  Giving up size is worth at times if a rock has other knock your socks off characterics like color, cut and clarity.  On the other hand if budgets permit getting all 4Cs is ideal and a large ct. stone that has the other qualities with it is going to be truly impressive.

Berat carat batu permata  berlian bagi sebagian orang sangat lah penting siapa yang tidak mau memiliki batu permata berlian besar pasti semua-nya mau kan 🙂 Tapi buat saya pribadi lebih baik memilih yang berat carat batu berlian-nya kecil asalkan berlian tersebut punya characteristic cut/potongan yang sangat bagus, warna yang putih bersinar dan clarty-nya yang jernih bersih cemerlang tampa ada karang bintik hitam sedikitpun dibalam-nya ,  Kalau punya buget/dana yang lebih sih alangkah baik-nya kalau punya batu permata berlian yang ber-characteristic The Four C’s 4C’s, Carat berat-nya yang super besar, Cut potongan-nya yang super excellent, Color warna-nya yang super putih bersinar seperti color D , Dan Clarity kejernihan-nya yang super bersih seperti FL flawless or IF Internally flawless atau Clarity VVS1 ,  Mmmmmmm…That Would Be Fantastic! 

Not For Sale Collection Only , Tidak Untuk Dijual , Terima Kasih Thank You 🙂

The Cut of a Diamond Impormasi Penting Tentang Potongan Cutting Cut Batu Permata Berlian

How good a diamond’s cut is has a very important bearing on its value as well as how gorgeous is looks.  It is really a gauge of how masterfully a professional has proportioned the stone to exude its beauty when light enters it.  A related term is facet which refers to the smooth area of the diamond that has been the subject of cutting.

Now the cut will be more important for certain shapes for instance round.   When a cutter crafts a round diamond there are many cuts and really an opportunity for them to make the stone look fantastic.  In fact a good cut in regards to a round rock can make up for one that isn’t perfect color wise.  Generally the highest grade of of cut is known as ideal followed by premium, very good, good, fair and poor (the last of which is usually not even worth considering).

Potongan cut berlian sangat lah penting karna potongan/cut tersebut yang akan membuat berlian lebih bersinar memancarkan cahaya yang sangat luar biasa seperti pelangi/rainbow terang sparkle dibawah cahaya lampu dan cahaya sinar matahari,

Diamond Clarity Informasi Tentang Kejernihan Kebersihan Clarity Batu Permata Berlian

One of the most important variables with a diamond’s value and beauty is its clarity.  Inside of the majority of diamonds (except for rare specimens) there are inclusions, consider them flaws or the precesence orf scratches or another blemish on the outside.  Its clarity is a measure of how apparent of those are.  The lowest grade is I (I1, I2, I3) which stands for included.  With these type of stones the inclusions are visible to the naked eye.  The next step up is known as SI (SI1 and SI2) which means slightly included.  SI1 is better than SI2 and this class inclusions are generally only detectable by a trained pro using a magnifier.  The next step up is VS which means very slightly included and in this range there are VS1 and VS2 grades.  Above those is VVS or very very slightly included and generally only an experience professional can detech flaws with these.  Believe it or not one can get diamonds with even better clarity.  One that is IF or internally flawless is a stone that is nearly perfect other than maybe some small inperfections on the surface.  So that brings us to the rarest and certainly the most expensive class of clarity for diamonds and that is FL or flawless.

A stone that meets this criteria is perfect as far as inclusions go.  A round diamond can be beautiful even with inclusions if the cut is good.  Clarity is even more important with stones that don’t have many cuts.  For instance if you want to buy an emerald shaped diamond its pertinent to get at least a VS1 or VVS range stone (or even better IF or flawless if in your budget).  Asscher is another shape where the clarity will matter big time in how attractive the rock is as the inclusions are more apparent with it.

The Importance of a Diamond’s Color Warna Warna Indah Batu Permata Berlian

Tentang Warna Batu Berlian, Warna Warna Indah Batu Permata Berlian, One of the most important factors in determining a diamond’s beauty and value is color.  The more white (or colorless) the speciman is (and less yellow) the better and more sought after the diamond will be.  *Bear in mind this is in regards to the normal market as fancy color stones are in a class by themselves.  The absolute best color you can get is D followed by E and F of which all are considered colorless.  The next class of colors is known as near colorless and would be letter G through J.  The ranges after that are K through M which is faint yellow, N to R very light yellow and the last is S-Z which is called light yellow.  GIA or Gemilogical Institute of American which developed the 4cs has made the grading of diamonds well known and popular.  I find that D through J colored rocks look great but would a consider K or M with a round diamond that had a good cut is it make up for a lower color.  Not For Sale Foto batu permata berlian ini hanya contoh tidak untuk dijual, Terima kasih,