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Sphene Gemstone Batu Mulia Batu Permata Sphene Stunning Beautiful Very Rare And Very Unique Sphene Stone In Multi-Colored

Sphene is a gemstone known for its impressive fire.   In fact so much so that it rivals that of a diamond as far as its shine is concerned.  It is not a hard stone though so it should be handled with care in order to prevent scratches and other types of damage.  So as such Sphene may be most suitable in use in perhaps earring or pendants to avoid contact with other objects.  Its other name is Titanite.

The color of this stone is important and generally one that has a yellow & green primary coloration that makes it absolutely stunning.  Other colors may be present as well like orange or brown.  In order to get the most brilliance out of Sphene it should be cut in a masterful fashion.  It can be found in various shapes like round, cushion, emerald, oval and others.

Sphene can be found in various sizes commonly .5, 1 and 2 carat.  Larger specimens can be found as well and can also command premium prices especially if accompanied with a good cut and a desirable yellow-green color.

Sphene is discovered in a variety of locations some of which are:  Mynamar, Madagascar, United States, Canada, Austria and more.  Though it really isn’t a common gemstone it is one that collectors treasure and I appreciate a lot.

Untuk Di Jual Batu Permata, Batu Mulia SPHENE, Batu Sphene Warna-nya Yang Sangat Cantik Unik Aneh  Dan Langka Jarang Ada Dipasaran Warna-nya Yang Begitu Bersinar Menyerupai/ Seperti Warna Batu Permata Berlian Yellow/Orange Canary Very Unique And Very Rare  Beautiful Natural Multi Color SPHENE Stone Natural Gemstone, Description Gem Type & Name: Very Rare And Very Unique Super Stunning Natural Sphene in multi-colored Yellow, Green, Red, & Orange, Color: Very Rare in multi-colored,  Shape/Cut: Classic Oval, Clarity: VVS1, Luster: Excellent, Carat: 2.48 Ct. Size: 9. 52 x 6. 95 x 4. 51 mm. Treatment: Natural Unheated, Hardness: 5.5 Moh’s scale, Gemstone Origin From Pakistan, Harga Rp11Juta Rupiah, Apabila ada yang bermiant silahkan anda bisa kontak langsuang via e-mail atau telepon yang telah kami sediakan di contact e-mail dan phone,  Thank you , Terima Kasih,

Sapphire Gemstones Info Tentang Batu Mulia Batu Permata Sapphire Biru Blue Sapphire

Sapphire like rubies is a corundrum which is a type of mineral and is one of the 4 precious gemstones (the other 3 are diamonds, emeralds and rubies).  Often sapphire gemstones are a blue color with backing hues like purple (desirable) and green.  With that said they do come in other colors like yellow, orange, black, clear, green and even pink (which if found in deep pink can be quite valuable).

Sapphire is a hard stone (and only is second in the attribute to the diamond as far as natural goes).  Like other stones it has the presence of inclusions (imperfections in the stone).  Inclusions give us a view of history and how the stone was formed.  There are various grades of clarity grades like VVS (very very slightly included), VS, SI and I (similiar to a diamond).

A very important attribute (if not the most important) in looking for a sapphire is its color and this goes for its pimary and backgroud hues.  Another variable is whether the stone is natural and has been treated in any way.  Of course one that is natural and has not been treated in any way will be more valuable.  A sapphire’s transperancy can be another thing to keep in mind.  This pertains to how well things can be seen through the stones or how well light travels throught it.   Other characteristics to pay attention to with a sapphire gem is how well it has been cut, what its clarity is (precesence of inclusions) as well as its origin.

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Manificent beauty blue sapphire stone ,Batu sapphire warna biru tua yang cantik dan mewah hati , Foto Batu Sapphire yang dibawah ini untuk dijual kalau ada yang berminat silahkan anda bisa hubungi kontak e-mail atau phone yang telah kami sediakan di info contac/e-mail/phone Terima kasih, Batu Permata, Batu Mulia, Natural Gemstone, Description Gem type & name: Super Excellent Natural Blue Sapphire, Shape/Cut: Natural Classic Oval, Color: “Asdepicted Top Royal Blue”,  Carat: 105.00 Ct, Wow Super Huge!. Size: 31 mm . x 20 mm. x 21 mm. Clarity: Natural Opaque, Luster: Natural Brilliant, Treatment: Natural Enhancement, Hardness .8 Moh’s scale. Gemstone Origin From India, Please contact for the price / silahkan hubungi kami untuk harga Thank you,

Info Tentang Batu Mulia Topaz Batu Permata Topaz Topaz Warna Biru Dan Topaz Warna Merah Muda Pink Topaz Blue Topaz Gemstone Topaz Classic And Magnificent Topaz Stones

Most batu topaz stones,  starts without having any color but is subjected to radiation and heat to change its color.   It is possible to find it in a variety of colors like blue (some shades are more valuable than others like London) though in general it is a gemstone that most would consider inexpensive.   Even the size on an irradiated specimen doesn’t usually elevate the value much though don’t be surprised to see one for sale for more money that has been subject to masterful cutting.  Some other common colors include brown, orange, pink, yellow etc.

Now finding a natural topaz stone that is naturally blue, pink or a special golden color (referred to as Imperial) is hard to come by and will command a premium.  Rare colors like these are generally only found in a few places like Scotland (natural blue), Russia, Pakistan and Brazil.  If one wants to purchase one of these rare natural colors it should be done from a reliable source.

Topaz is a hard rock that if properly cared for should maintain its beauty easily for many years. It is plentiful (except the natural rare colors mentioned previously) and can be found in most jewelry stores that have gemstones.   Blue Topaz has the honor of being the official gem for the state of Texas and the birthstone for December.

Dijual Batu Permata Topaz Warna Pink Yang Cantik Batu Permata, Batu Mulia, Natural Gemstone, Color Gemstone, Gemstone Collection, Description Gem type & name: Superb Magnificent Lovely Hot Pink Topaz, Shape/Cut: Ultra Master Fancy Classic Oval, Color: Magnificent Sweet Lovely Pink, Clarity: Flawless, Luster: Excellent Superb, Carat weight: 17.50 Ct. Size: 13. 70 x 16. 65 x 8. 90 mm. Treatment: Natural Unheated, Hardness: 8. Moh’s scale. Gemstone Origin From Brazil. Harga Rp 15 Juta Rupiah Harga Masih Bisa Ditawar.

Dijual Batu Mulia Topaz Warna Pink Warna Merah Muda Yang Cantik Dan Anggun Batu Permata, Batu Mulia, Natural Gemstone, Color Gemstone, Gemstone Collection, Description Gem type & name: Beautiful Shining Square Princess Pink Topaz, Shape/Cut: Fancy Classic Square Princess, Color: Stunning Hot Pink, Clarity: Flawless, Luster: Wonderful Shining, Carat weight: 13.96 Ct. Size: 12. 20 x 12. 55 x 7. 65 mm. Treatment: Natural Unheated. Hardness: 8. Moh’s scale. Gemstone Origin From Brazil. Harga Rp 13 Juta Rupiah.

Dijual Batu Permata Mulia Topaz Warna Biru Yang Indah Dan Menawan Blue Topaz Batu Permata, Batu Mulia, Natural Gemstone, Color Gemstone, Gemstone Collection, Description, Gem type & name: Super Stunning Grand Marquise London Blue Topaz, Shape/Cut: Brilliant Classic Marquise, Color: Best Classic Wonderful Blue, Clarity: Flawless, Luster Stunning Grand, Carat weight: 7.80 Ct. Size: 9. 25 x 18 .65 x 6. 15 mm. Treatment: Natural Unheated, Hardness: 8. Moh’s scale. Gemstone Origin From Brazil. Harga Rp 12 Juta Rupiah.

batu topaz

Batu topaz ini untuk Dijual Batu Permata Topaz Blue Topaz Warna Biru Yang Classic Dan Cantik Batu Permata, Batu Mulia, Natural Gemstone, Color Gemstone, Gemstone Collection, Description Gem type & name: Very Rare Absolutely Stunning Mediteranean Teal Rare Blue Topaz, Shape/Cut: Brilliant Classic Natural Cushion, Color: Very Rare Wonderful Blue, Clarity: VVS1 Super Clean, Luster: Natural Sparkling, Carat weight: 3.75 Ct. Size: 8. 95 x 8. 95 x5. 19 mm. Treatment: Natural Coated, Hardness: 8. Moh’s scale. Gemstone Origin From Brazil. Harga Rp 6 Juta Rupiah.

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The Ruby Gemstone Batu Mulia Ruby Batu Permata Ruby Merah Delima Fabulous Stunning Red Ruby Gemstone

The ruby is one of the most precious types of gemstones that are available.  They come in a variety of red colors some of which are rare and therefore valuable.  For instance there is one color grade known as pigeon blood red that is exceptionally valuable.  The more intense the red hue of the stone the better the ruby with be considered.  Rubies can also emit other colors like violet or orange though the primary hue will always be red.

So as you many have guessed the coloring of the ruby is the most important variable when determining the price.  The presence of inclusions or the stone’s clarity also matter (especially if found in the center of the rock) as does the size of the ruby (or carat size).   The  cut will be a another important factor in making the stone look magnificent.  One way to tell if the ruby is cut properly is evenness of its brilliance, light should travel through it in the proper fashion otherwise the stone will have the appearance of dark areas.  Generally if a ruby has been treated with heat it will affect the value in negative manner.  Its best to opt for a natural stone that has quality attributes even if you have to give some up on carat size.

Foto Batu Mulia Ruby yang dibawah ini untuk Dijual Batu Permata Mulia Ruby Batu Ruby Merah Delima For Sale 20.15 Carat Red Ruby From Burma Wow Super Huge Absolutely Beautiful.

Batu Permata Ruby Merah Delima Gemstone, Gemstone Color, Gemstone Collection, Description: Gem Type Name & Origin: Absolutely Magnificent Pigeon Blood Red Ruby . This stone is one of the finest rubies, one of the most treasured and wanted stones in the world. Shape:Lovely Classic Emerald, Cut: Wonderful Brilliant, Clarity: VVS1 Very Clean Very Good, Color: Super Stunning Pigeon Blood Red, Luster: Excellent, Carat Weight: 20.15 Ct. Size: 16.75 mm x 13.75 mm x 8.58 mm. Treatment: Natural Unheated, Hardness: 9. Moh’s scale, Gemstone Origin From Burma.

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