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1965 Silver Italian 500 Lire Coin

This posting is about a 1965 Silver Italian 500 Lire Coin.  The front of it has image of Christopher Columbus’ ships sailing to the new world.   Columbus is believed by most people to have been from Genoa Italy.  This 1965 Silver Italian 500 Lire coin also has on its front side Repubblica Italiana (Republic of Italy) and the denomination at the bottom.  The R mint mark for Rome is below.  There were 3.12 million of these made that year and this coin is .8350 fine or in other words 83.5 % silver in composition.  The rim of this coin has symbols and the year.  Now to the reverse which an image of a woman wearing very old garb (perhaps from the Renaissance era) facing to the left.  Surrounding the woman are symbols of each region in Italy.

Below are images of our 1965 Silver Italian 500 Lire Coin and whose grade appears to be a higher very fine.

Uang logam koin kuno perak 500 lima ratus Lire dari negara Italia tahun 1965 tarbuat di bahan delapan pulah lima persen perak.


1965 Silver Italian 500 Lire Coin


Uang logam perak 500 lima ratus Lire dari negara Italia tahun 1965

1979 Italian 100 Lira Coin

We are going to talk about a 1979 Italian 100 Lira coin that is in uncirculated condition.  Take a glance at it in the photos at the bottom.  It is made from stainless steel and has a weight measurement of eight grams.  This is relatively common with 351.5 million of these coins struck in 1979.  The design is nice with an artistic impression of a laureate head on its obverse or front side.  The back of it has a woman dressed in what appears to be Roman garb standing next to an olive tree.  As mentioned previously this 1979 100 Lira coin has not seen any circulation.

Italy’s Lira is not used as its currency any longer as the Euro is now in use.  Its roots go back to the Roman Empire when it was called the Libra.  It began modern use when Napoleon and the French Empire seized control of the Italian States.  Eventually they received independence and united to form what we know as Italy today and used the currency until 2002 after which the Euro took over.

Koin kuno Lira dari Negara Italia uang logam 100-seratus lira tahun 1979 Repubblica Italiana L.100 R, koin ini terbuat dari bahan dasar Stainless Steel-Baja tak berkarat, Berat 8Grams dan berukuran size Diameter: 27.8mm. Kondisi bagus gambar dan tulisan nya masih terlihat jelas dan timbul.

Italy 5 Centesimi Coin from 1928

The coins of the former currency of Italy known as the Lira are interesting.  For those that collect gold coins the 10 and 20 Lire in certain years (early 1900s and  back) were both struck in the precious metal.  There were also silver issues of various denominations including the 5 lire which eventually got phased out in the late 1930s for expense reasons.  This was during the time of the Kingdom of Italy which was from 1861-1946.  Prior to that Italy was a set of Napoleonic states which used gold coins as well including the 40 Lire.  Some of these featured Napoleon and others his 2nd wife Marie Louise.

Below we have a 1928 5 Centesimi coin which featured King Vittorio Emanuele III.  This is a bronze issue and was produced in Rome which made about 16 million of them in 1928.  The back has an image of a grain of wheat plus the denomination and year. It weights is 3.2599 grams and its diameter 19.8 millimeters.  Our particular coin is in very fine+ condition.


1952 Italian 10 Lire coin Uang Logam 10 Sepuluh Lire Tahun 1952

Here we’ll look at a 1952 Italian 10 Lire coin.  Please view it in the images at the bottom.  It is made out of aluminum and is very light at 1.6 grams.  The obverse or front side is a picture of a plow, perhaps in recognition of Italy’s agriculture industry.  This country produces many products and is in particular known for olive coin, fruits, wine etc. The back or reverse has the 10 denomination value as well as an artistic impression of grains of wheat.  There were 105.150 million of these made in the year 1952, all in the Rome mint.  Our particular coin appears to be extra fine in grade.

The Italian Lire is no longer used as currency as it ended use in favor of the Euro approximately 10 years ago.  Some of the old coins are quite collectible especially the old gold editions and those from when Napoleon had control over the Italian states.

Below is a 1952 10 Lire Coin

1954 Italian 5 Lira Coin Koin Almunium 5-Lima Lira Dari Negara Italia

In this post we will look at a 1954 Italian 5 Lira coin.  It is a very light weight coin weighing only 1.0349 grams and it is composed of aluminum.  On its front are the words for the country of the coin’s origin: Repubblica Italiana as well as an image of a boat’s rudder.  The back side has the value, year and an impression of a dolphin.  On top of the year is the letter R which indicates the Rome mint was indeed where it was made.  There were 436.4 million of these made in the year 1954.  This one in particular that we have would perhaps grade extra fine.

The Lira was the former currency of Italy which was replaced by the Euro.  The Lira had a history that spanned more than 150 years starting in 1861 and ending in 2002.

Mata uang Lira dari negara Italia uang logam 5-lima Lira tahun 1954 terbuat dari bahan metal almunium .

1921 Italian 10 Centesimi Old Coin Uang Logam Perunggu Koin Kuno Sepuluh Centesimi Dari Negara Italia

We are going to talk about a 1921 R 10 Centesimi Italian coin here.   Photos of it can be found at the bottom of this post.  The front of this coin has an impression of Vittorio (Victor in English) Emmanuel III who was the King of Italy from the year 1900 until his abdication in 1946.  He was of the House of Savoy which was dissolved as royals of the Kingdom of Italy upon a public vote in 1946.  The back side of this coin has an image of a honey bee on a flower.  It is made out of bronze, weights 5.399 grams and there were 66.510 million of them made in 1921.  The grade is perhaps very fine.


10 Sepuluh Centesimi Uang Logam Koin Antik Kuno Tahun 1921 Dari Negara Italia, Koin logam tua terbuat dari bahan Perunggu-Bronze ini bergambar image Raja Italia yang bernama (Victor) Vittorio Emmanuel III dan dibelakang koin bergambar bunga dan lebah madu, C 10 1921 VITTORIO-EMANUELE  RE D’ITALIA, Kondisi sangat BAGUS gambar-nya masih timbul dengan jelas….Lihat foto-nya dibawah !!!! UNTUK HARGA CALL, SMS, ATAU E-MAIL, THANKS….

1861 Italian Five Centesimi ERROR Coin Koin Tua Berumur Lebih 150 Tahun Uang Logam Kuno Error Dari Negara Italia 5 –Lima Centesimi

The Centesimo is a subunit of the Italian Lira which was the former currency that was discontinued in 2002 as the Euro was adopted.  Centesimi coins have a long history including before the unification of Italy.

Take a look at a 1861 Italian 5 centesimo coin that we have in the following photos.  It has on its front King Vittorio Emanuele II Re D Italia facing left.  He was ruler of Sardinia and is responsible for uniting the states of Italy into one unified country and becoming the first King of Italy.  The reverse of the coin has a wreath above which is a star and the value of 5 centesimi which is below the wreath.  This particular one is in fine condition and appears based on the face of the king to have the presence of a minting ERROR.  Its composition is copper.

Koin antik kuno langka dan ERROR….Uang Logam kuno tahun 19861 uang jaman dulu umur-nya sangat tua sekali lebih dari 150 tahun uang logam koin kuno dari Negara “ITALIA” Bergambar Wajah sang penguasa Raja di Italia yang bernama “Vittorio Emanuele II “Re D Italia, Koin antik kuno 5-lima centesimi esime, ada goresan goresan tanda cetak error diwajah error sewaktu pembikinan/pencetakan , kode koin mark “M” kondisi-nya sangat bagus , Harga murah meriah hanya Rp 500 Lima Ratus Ribu Rupiah Ongkos Kirim GRATIS !!!!…..

1923 Italian 2 Lira Error Coin Koin Kuno Dari Negara Italia 2-Dua Lira Uang Logam Langka Koin Error

The currency known as the Lira was Italy’s for over a hundred years (1861-2002) though this money existed prior to the unification of that country.  The coins of this currency have used various metals including silver and gold.

Take a look at the 1923 Italian 2 Lira coin we have in the pictures below.  32.26 million of these were minted.  Its composition metal is nickel and its weight is 10.07 grams.  On it obverse is an image of Vittorio Emanuele III (who was king of Italy from 1900 until the year 1946).  The back is a fasces (bundled sticks with a blade) and value.  This 2 Lira coin is in very condition as has the presence of a planchet error.  Look closely at the right hand side of the front and back.

Koin Lira Koin Logam Kuno ERROR mata uang Dari Negara Italia 2-Dua Lira Uang Logam Langka Dan Error sewaktu percetakan-nya. Uang logam antik tahun 1923 berambar wajah Raja Italia yang bernama “VICTORIO EMANUELE III” RE D ITALIA, BVONO DA LIRE 2. Kondisi sangat bagus, hanya ada goresan-goresan tanda Error dipingir-nya. HARGA MURAH HANYA RP 400 RIBU RUPIAH.

1955 Fifty Lire L.50 Italian Coin Repvbblica Italiana L 50 Uang Logam Koin Kuno 50 Lima Puluh Lira Dari Negara Italia Tahun 1955

The Lira was formerly the currency for the country of Italy until it adopted the Euro in the year 1999 (though the former was honored until 2002).  Its use dates back nearly 200 hundred years and at one time certain Lire (plural for Lira) coin denominations had silver and even gold in them.

See the pictures of an Italian fifty Lire coin (Koin Kuno Italia) from 1955.  The front of this example has a picture of Ceres who was the Roman goddess of grain.  The back of this coin has a man with a hammer hitting an anvil, perhaps a blacksmith.  This L.50 Lire is made out of stainless steel and something like seventy million were made.  This one would grade at least extra fine as wear is minimal.

Koin kuno antik jaman dulu L 50 lima puluh lira Koin kuno uang logam dari Negara Italia tahun 1955, Repvbblica Italiana 50 lire Lira, Kondisi sangat bagus seperti baru.

Lira Uang Kertas Antik Uang Kuno Dari Negara Italia 1000 Lire Mille Tahun 1990 Bergambar Wajah M Montessori 1000 Lire Mille Italian Paper Money Year 1990 With Image Of Lady M Montessori

Mata uang asing uang kertas Lira dari Italia sebelum mata uang Euro keluar uang kertas model bentuk ini lah yang orang-orang Italia pakai, Uang kertas dari Negara Italy tahun pembuatan untuk tahun 1990 BANCA D’ITALIA 1000 Lire Mille Bergambar Foto Wajah Nyonya Madame Dr. Maria Montessori “M Montessori” dan dibelakang uang kertas ini bergambar foto seorang ibu guru wanita lagi mengajar muridnya foto 2-dua orang 1-satu wanita/perempuan dia sebagai Guru dan 1-satu anak cowok/laki dia sebagai murid. kondisi uang kertas ini sangat bagus terpelihara dangan baik tidak ada robekan sedikitpun gambar angka dan tulisannya masih terlihat bagus dan bersih warnanya sangat timbul jelas. Denomination: 1000 Lire Mille – 1000 Seribu Lire Mille, Year Tahun Produksi: 1990. Mata Uang Currency: Italian Lira (ITL). Continent: Europe (EU), Country Negara Asal : Italy Italia (IT, ITA). From Capital Dari Kota : City Of Rome Kota Roma. Condition Kondisi: Very Fine Sangat Bagus Sangat Halus. Terbuat Dari Bahan Material: Paper Kertas.  Kode Nomer Serial Code No.: DF 606769 K. 1000 Lire Mille Italian Paper Money Year 1990 with image of M Montessori. Very beautiful colors colorful: 1000 Lire Mille DF.1990. Red-violet and multicolor. image of M. Montessori at front. Seal: Type K. Back: foto image of Teacher and student at left center at back. Watermark: M. Montessori. UV: fibers fluoresce yellow. Harga murah hanya 10 dollar US harga belum termasuk ongkos kirim ongkir Gratis hanya untuk pembeli dari Amerika saja . Price $10 shipping FREE for US buyer only, International please contact us for shipping cost Thank you , Terima kasih.