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1926 Mexico 10 Centavos

In this post we’ll be discussing a 1926 Mexico 10 Centavos silver coin.  On the front of it you’ll notice that under where is says Estados Unidos Mexicanos there is the mark designating the silver fineness of 0.720.  Underneath that is the coat of arms of Mexico.  Now when we examine the back it which shows a liberty cap with sun rays beaming from it and under that is the 10 Centavos denomination.  There were 2.81 million of these coins struck in 1926.


Koin perak kuno 10 sepuluh Centavos dari negara Meksiko tahun 1926.

1926 Mexico 10 Centavos


Koin perak kuno 10 sepuluh Centavos dari negara Meksiko tahun 1926


Our 1926 Mexico 10 Centavos coin here looks like it may be a grade of very good.

Mexico Silver Peso Coin from 1932 Koin Perak Kuno dari Negara Meksiko

In this entry we will examine a 1932 Mexico silver one 1 un Peso coin.  It is 0.720 fine as indicated on its front.  The obverse side also has an old image of the Mexican arms as well as the name of the country.  The back is struck with a picture of a liberty cap beaming light down below it.  The denomination of the coin (un 1 peso)  is also present on the reverse as well as the year of 1932.  I wreath is below the year.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this Mexico silver Peso coin from 1932.  It doesn’t appear that this Mexican coin has seen much circulation.

Koin perak kuno satu Peso dari negara Meksiko tahun 1932.


1988 Mexican 1000 Pesos Coin

Here in this posting we are going to talk about a 1988 Mexico 1000 Pesos coin. It is struck in Aluminum as well as Bronze and was produced in the Mexico City mint (MO mint mark).  It has on it’s front side an image of Juana De AsBaje who was a nun and is an important figure that advanced literature and women’s education in early Mexican history (which at the time was part of the Spanish Empire).  The reverse of this coin has a picture of a coat of arms.  There were approximately 229 million of these made in the year 1988.

This 1988 Mexican 1000 Pesos appears to be in very fine condition and can be seen in the pictures underneath.

Koin seribu Pesos dari negara Meksiko tahun 1988.


1988 Mexico 1000 PesosKoin Meksiko



500 Pesos from Mexico 1987

This posting will be about a 1987 Mexican 500 Pesos coin (check out the photos below).  On the coin’s front side is an image of Francisco Indalecio Madero Gonzalez who was a popular President of Mexico during the Mexican revolution period and was killed in a military coup.  The back side of this coin has an image of a coat of arms.  This 500 pesos is made from a combination of copper and nickel and has a weight of 12.6 grams. There were 230 million of them struck in the year 1987 and it was made in the Mexico City mint designated by the Mo mark on the front.

Our 500 Pesos has a rim ding at the top but other looks like extra fine in its grade.

Koin kuno lima ratus Pesos dari negara Meksiko tahun 1987.

1987 Mexican 500 Pesoslima ratus Meksiko

1980 Mexico 5 Peso Coin

Here we are going to take a look at a 1980 5 Peso Coin from the country of Mexico.  See it in the pictures at the bottom.  First examining the front of it one will notice an image of what adorns most Mexican coins which is the coat of arms (photo on the right hand side).  The back of this 5 Peso coin has a native sculpture that to me looks like the head of a dragon.  This coin is made from a combination of nickel as well as copper.  It weight is approximately 10.2 grams and it was a commonly produced issue with roughly 266.9 million made.

This example of a 1980 Mexican 5 Peso that we have appears to be in extra fine condition.

Uang logam koin kuno 5 lima Pesos dari negara Mexico tahun 1980.

1955 Mexican Silver 5 Pesos Coin

Here we have a 1955 Mexican 5 Peso silver coin which can be seen in the pictures below.  It has on its obverse an image of  Miguel Hildalgo y Costilla who was a religous leader (priest) and led an uprising to Spain’s rule over Mexico.  He was vital to the organization of the rebellion and died (was executed) fighting in the Mexican War of Independence.  This coin honoring him is made of 72% silver and has .4178 ounces (or 11.8444308 grams) of the precious metal in it.  The back side has the Mexican coat of arms which has an eagle with snake in its beak. Their were 4.271 million of these made in 1955 and our coin is in almost uncirculated condition.

Mexican peso coinage has been in place since 1863.  At one time (initiated back in the 1800s) the 5 peso was made out of gold and this was the case up until 1920, then there were no produced until being resumed in 1950 (this time in silver form).

1985 Mexican 50 Pesos Coin

On this post we have a Mexican fifty pesos coin from the year 1985.  It was a highly produced issue with 296 million struck that year.  On it front is an image of Benito Juárez who was a major figure in Mexico’s history.  He was president in Mexico several times, had a hand in maintaining democracy there and preventing French occupation. The obverse also has the value and year of the coin whereas the back has a picture of the Mexican coat of arms.  The metal composition is copper and nickel and the weight is approximately 8.6 grams.

See the pictures of our 1985 Mexican 50 Pesos coin underneath.  There doesn’t appear to be much wear on it other than at the bottom left of the obverse side.

Koin kuno dari negara Mexico lima puluh pesos tahun 1985.

1981 Mexico 20 Pesos Coin

We are going to take a look at 20 Mexican Pesos coin from 1981 here.  This is a pretty large coin, bigger than the average in any case with a weight of 15.2 grams and a diameter of 32 millimeters. Its metal composition is a combination of copper and nickel.  Examining the front we’ll notice an artistic impression of a Mayan with headdress and the words Cultura (culture in English) Mayan.  The year and value are also on the obverse.  The back of this coin has the Mexican coat of arms on it.  There were 250.573 million of these made in 1981.

Below are images of our Mexico 20 Pesos coin from 1981.   Some wear is apparent but then again there is some fine detail on it as well, perhaps a low very fine grade.



Uang logam 20 dua puluh pesos dari negara Mexico tahun 1981.

1976 Mexican 1 Peso

Here we are going to take a look at a 1978 Mexican 1 or Un Peso coin.  Jose Morelos is a popular figure in Mexico because of his leadership in the war of independence there from Spain (which was in the early part of the 1800s).  He face is featured on its obverse of this coin facing to the left hand side (other earlier years he faces right and later years show a more portrait like view).  Morelos is actually related to another key figure of the Mexican War of Independence: Miguel Hidalgo (both of which died in that war).  The back side of this one Peso has an image of the coat of arms there as well as the name of it’s country: Estados Unidos Mexicanos.  This metals of this 1 peso are copper and nickel.  It’s weight is 9 grams and it is a relatively common coin with a production of 94.48 million.

Pictures of our 1976 Mexico 1 Peso are below.  Its grade looks to be like very fine.

1994 Mexican 1 Peso Coin Uang Logam Satu Peso dari Mexico

Here we will look at a 1994 Mexican 1 Peso coin (see it in the images below).  This was one of the last years that this design was used (after a long run) and was still being made during the time the bimetallic Nuevo Peso was being put into effect.  This one is struck in just stainless steel.  In any case the front of this 1994 Mexican 1 Peso coin is the coat of arms of Mexico featuring an eagle with a snake in its mouth.  It has on its back side a portrait of Jose Morelos whose occupation was a priest but who later became an important figure in Mexico’s struggle (war) for independence against Spain.  He replaced Hidalgo (after he was executed) and eventually also was captured and killed in 1815.  Morelos was featured on the 1 Peso for 3 decades and has a state and city named after him in Mexico.

Uang logam koin Peso1-satu peso dari Negara Mexico koin tahun 1994 bergambar wajah seorang pahlawan perang orang yang paling dikagumi di Mexico beliau adalah “Jose Morelos” koin ini terbuat dari bahan stainless steel – besi baja tak berkarat, kondisi bagus almost UNC.