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1984 Mexico 100 Pesos Coin Koin Dari Negara Meksiko Seratus Pesos

In this entree we have a 1984 100 Pesos Coin from Mexico. This coin was the highest denomiation that year but there was a one ounce Mexican silver coin produced as well which (as one may have already guessed would be more valuable). In any case this 1984 one hundred pesos is made from a combination of aluminum and bronze. On its back is an image of Venustiano Carranza. He was a major figure of the revoluation that happened in Mexico in the early 1900s. After it was over Venustiano Carranze became President there. He was killed by military generals as he was against the idea of a military leader becoming President after he left office. The front side or obverse of this 100 Pesos shows an image of the coat of arms there. This coin weighs roughly 11.7 grams and there were 227.809 million of them struck in 1984. Our particular one looks to be in very fine condition.

Uang logam koin dari negara Meksiko 100 seratus pesos tahun 1984.

1992 Mexican 5 Pesos Coin Koin Dari Negara Meksiko 5 Lima Nuevo Pesos

Mexico does not have a problem of making ornamental coins and in this post we will take a look at a 5 New Mexican Peso from 1992.  What is particularly ornamental about this example is the rim with its various shapes some of which extend into the center.  This coin is bimetallic and weighs in at 7.07 grams.  It has on its obverse Mexico’s coat of arms above which is the name of the country.  On the bottom its looks like pattern of oak branches and sprigs.  The back side has the denomination, in this case it is N$5 which stands for 5 Nuevo Peso.  There were 70 million of these made in 1992 which was the first year that these were made.

Uang koin dari Negara Meksiko serikat 5 Lima Nuevo Pesos tahun 1992.


1958 Mexican Peso Silver Coin Koin Perak Kuno Dari Negara Meksiko Tahun 1958

This entry is about a 1958 Mexican Peso. This coin does contain silver though only 10 percent of its metal make up has the precious metal in it.  In fact technically it has .0514 ounces or 1.45716549 grams of silver in it.  Its diameter is 34.5 millimeter and the front has the Mexican coat of arms which is an image of an Eagle holding a snake in its beak.  The back of this coin has the face of Jose Maria Morelos who was from Morelia, Michoacán San Cristóbal Ecatepec and took over for Hidalgo (after he was killed) in the struggle for Independence (War) in Mexico against Spain in the early 1800s.  This 1958 Mexican Peso coin is quite nice and can easily be called almost uncirculated in its grade.

Koin perak kuno dari negara Meksiko serikat satu Peso tahun 1958.

1958 Mexican PesoKoin perak kuno dari negara Meksiko serikat satu Peso tahun 1958

1986 Mexico 1 Peso Coin Koin dari Meksiko Satu Peso

This post will be about a 1986 Mexican One Peso coin.  This coin is made from purely stainless steel and weighs in at 5.7 grams.  On the front is José María Morelos who was an important figure in the War of Mexican Independence.  He was the leader that took over the fight for independence after Migual Hidalgo was captured and executed.  Morelos won several battles but was also taken prisoner by Spanish forces and shot.  The back of the coin is adorned with Mexico’s coat of arms.  There were 740 million of these coins made in the year 1986.  The one we have is in almost uncirculated condition.

The first coins that used the word Peso on them date back to the 1860s.  This was when it was the Mexican Empire (the 2nd one) and these coins had an image of Emperor Maximilian on them.  In the 1800s gold was in the content of Peso coins which later were reduced in composition and eventually gold use ended in the 1900s. The last 1 Peso coin to have any silver in it was 1967.

1971 Mexican 50 Centavos Coin

This post will examine a 1971 Mexican 50 Centavos coin which can be viewed in the images at the bottom.  On its front is what appears to be an Aztec wearing an ornamental headdress.  The value is at the top and the date at the bottom.  The back has the country: Estados Unidos Mexicanos at the top and an impression of their national coat of arms in the middle.  This coin is made out of copper/nickel and weighs 6.5 grams.  The total mintage that year of the 50 Centavos was 125.288 million.  The example that we have would probably grade at least extra fine.

Centavos coins have a long history that goes way back to the 1800s.  Back in the mid 1800s generally the smallest denomination was struck in copper and large valued  C coins in silver.  Centavos are a sub division of the peso (100 of them equal 1 Peso).

1993 New Nuevo Mexican Peso Coin

On this post we will be looking at a Mexican New (Nuevo) Peso coin from 1993 (see the proceeding pictures underneath).  It is bi-metallic (and reminds me of the appearance of the Canadian Loonie) weighs 3.95 grams and in the year 1993 3.298 million of them were produced.  The back of it has the Coat of Arms with the eagle grabbing a serpent in its beak.  The front of this coin displays its denomination.  This example displayed that we have would grade at least almost uncirculated.

The New Peso (or NS$) was the replacement the 2nd peso which was necessary due to the rampant rate of inflation going on in Mexico (which may have been caused by factors stemming back into the 1970s).  The new currency went into place in 1993.  This was the first time in history that a revaluation of the Mexican currency was done.

1967 Mexican Twenty Centavos Coin

This post is about a Mexican 20 Centavos coin from the year 1967 that we have.  The design is quite interesting; on its reverse it has a hat of liberty symbol which is in in the middle of the value of 20.  Below that is a picturesque image of the Pyramid of the Sun (designated by the Aztecs) which is in Teotihuacan (the largest structure there) and was established more than 1500 years ago (in 2 parts).  In the background notice the volcanos which are found at Iztaccíhuatl and Popocatepet.  The value of the coin is at the bottom.  Now the front has the symbol of the Mexican coat of arms which is an eagle with a serpent in its beak.  This particular coin that we have in these photos is in uncirculated grade and there were 46.48 million of the 20 Centavo coins struck in 1967.

Mexico has a history of coins that goes back to its independence which was in 1821.  The Real was the first currency which was later replaced by the Peso (which the Centavo is a subunit of).  In 1993 the New (Nuevo) Peso was establish for inflationary reasons.

the back of a Mexican 20 centavos coin

1967 Mexico Centavos

1890 Mexico 1 Un Centavo Coin

The Mexican centavo is a divisional unit of the peso (100 of them will equal a peso).  Its history goes back a couple of centuries into the 1800s and as far as I can tell the first Mexican coin using that centavo in its name is from 1862.  Back in that year there was a copper version, a silver one as well as a silver plated copper centavo.  In recent years stainless steel as well as aluminum bronze has been used in Mexico’s smaller denomination coins.

Take a look at an un centavo coin we have from Mexico that was struck in 1890.  On its obverse is an eagle holding a snake in its beak and the word Repubica Mexicana.  On is back side is wreath inside of which is the denomination un centavo.  This coin is copper and would perhaps grade fine as far as its condition is concerned.

1959 Mexican Un Peso Morelos Silver Coin Uang Logam Koin Perak PESO Dari Negara “MEXICO”

1959 Un Peso Morelos Silver Coins Uang logam PESO adalah Mata uang dari Negara “MEXICO” uang logam koin 1-satu peso un peso koin antik berkadar terbuat dari bahan 10% dari perak, Bergambar pemimpin peperangan di Negara Mexico yang bernama “Morelos” ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS. UN PESO 1959. mint mark “oM” kondisi BARU dan sempurna UNC perfect, Harga Rp500ribu rupiah, Harga belum termasuk ongkos kirim,

Be a proud owner in having this large nice un peso piece which is beautiful and exotic.   This Mexican coins is from 1959 and has the bust of one of the most recognized leaders of the Mexican independence war sir “Morelos”.  This coin is 10 percent silver and has .0514 ounces of the precious metal in it.  The example we have is in uncirculated condition.  There was 23.69 million of these struck in 1959.

Type: Coins. Condition: Brand New UNC. Weight: 16 grams. Dimensions: 34.55 mm. Reverse Coin Photos : Armored Bust right within wreath. Obverse coin photos: National Arms, eagle left within wreath. Ley: .100. Mints: Mo, Mexico City. Mark oM.

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