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1914 US 10 Dollar Bill Very Fine Grade Currency Note

On this page we have an old US America 10 Dollar bill currency note from 1914.  This was made when paper money from the United States was larger in size and often these are called “horse blankets.”  The banknote has been graded very fine 20 NET by PMG (Paper Money Guaranty).  It does have a little bit of damage in the top left corner.  This currency note was produced by the Federal Reserve in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  On the front of this 10 dollar bill is an image of 7th President of the US, Andrew Jackson.  The reverse has 2 images, the one on the left represents agriculture while the one on the right industry.

Uang kertas kuno sepuluh 10 Dollars dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1914.

10 dollar

1934 US One Dollar Bill Silver Certificate Old Currency Paper Money

This entry will be about a 1934 US American One 1 Dollar bill silver certificate.  This currency note is nicknamed “funny back” because it’s design is substantially different than the dollar bills from the last several decades.  This was the last year the reverse side appeared as such.  It is also the final year that number 1 on the left hand side of the front was blue (in 1935 it was smaller and grey).  This paper money has the signatures of US Treasurer Julian and Secretary of the Treasury Morgenthau.

This 1934 US American One 1 Dollar bill silver certificate can be seen in the pictures below and it looks like it has seen very little in the way of circulation.

Uang kertas kuno 1 satu Dollar dari negar Amerika Serikat tahun 1934.




1914 US 5 Dollar Bill Federal Reserve Note San Francisco

In this entry we will examine a 1914 US American five Dollar bill.  This is a large sized note (opposed to the smaller sized notes in circulation today) referred to often as a horse blanket that was printed in the San Francisco Federal Reserve.  On its front is an image of the 16th President of the United States of America: Abraham Lincoln.  This note is of the large blue treasury seal variety.  The reverse side has two interesting illustrations.  On the left there appears to be Christopher Columbus and his party who brought mainstreams news of the new world to Europe.  On the right side of the reverse is Pilgrims landing in the new world.

Uang kertas kuno dari Negara Amerika Serikat 5 lima Dollar tahun 1914.

1914 US 5 Dollar Bill Federal Reserve Note San Francisco

Uang kertas kuno dari Negara Amerika Serikat 5 lima Dollar tahun 1914


1923 US One 1 Dollar Bill Silver Certificate

This posting will be about a 1923 United States of America One Dollar bill silver certificate.  This old currency bill is of the old size note variety (commonly nick named horse blanket) as it’s size is a bit larger than the small size notes started in 1928 and used today.  On the front of this bill is George Washington, 1st President of the US and commander of the 13 colonies in the American Revolutionary War to gain freedom from being part of England’s Empire.  Other features of this note that are interesting are the large blue treasury seal as well as the big blue 1 Dollar on the front right side.  The back has this paper money’s denomination.

Check out the pictures of out 1923 US one dollar bill in the photos below.

Uang Kertas Kuno 1 satu Dollar dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1923.



1934 US 10 Dollar Bill Light Green Seal

Here we have a 1934 US 10 Dollar Bill from 1934 which was printed in the Chicago Federal Reserve. On the front side of this note is a picture of the first US Secretary of the Treasury: Alexander Hamilton.  Hamilton was also a Forefather and contributed a lot to the formation of United State America including serving under George Washington during the American Revolutionary War.  This Federal Reserve Note has an image of the treasury building on its reverse.  Notice that this ten dollar bill has a light green treasury seal.

Refer to the pictures to judge the grade of this 1934 US 10 Dollar Bill.

Uang kertas kuno sepuluh Dollars dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1934.


1934 US 10 Dollar Bill

1899 US 1 One Dollar Bill Silver Certificate Black Eagle FR236 Like New 53 Graded by PCGS

On this post we will have an examination of a beautiful old US American 1 dollar bill silver certificate from 1899 (Black Eagle).  It has been graded professionally as grade “Like New 53” by PCGS Currency.  On its front side is a outstanding picture of an eagle wings outstretched with its talons clutching an American flag and an image of the Capital Building in the background.  Below this reads “One Silver Dollar.”  Under that it says “Silver Certificate” and has an image of the 16th US President: Abraham Lincoln.  To the right hand side has a portrait of the 18th USA President as well as Civil War Lt General commanding the Union force: Ulysses S Grant.

See this 1899 US 1 One Dollar Bill Silver Certificate Black Eagle FR236 in the pictures below.

Uang kertas kuno one satu Dollar dari negara America Serikat tahun 1899.


1899 US 1 One Dollar Bill Silver Certificate Black Eagle FR236

Uang kertas kuno one satu Dollar dari negara America Serikat tahun 1899


1914 US American 20 Dollar Bill Federal Reserve Note Grover Cleveland

Here in this posting we have a nice old 1914 US 20 Twenty dollar bill.  On its obverse is Grover Cleveland who was the not only the 22 US President but also the 24th.  He was the only President to have spilt terms like this, losing the election in the middle.  This old American paper money is a large sized bill (horse blanket) which eventually was replaced by smaller currency bills in the 1920s.  The reverse side has a picture of an old steam engine train and boat.

Our 1914 US 20 dollar bill appears to be in a lower very fine grade and is a very collectible old currency note.


1914 US 20 dollar bill

old US money

uang kertas kuno Amerika 20 dollars

Uang kertas kuno dua puluh dollar dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1914  bergambar mantan President Amerika bapak Grover Cleveland.

1929 US 5 Dollar Bill National Currency Banknote

In this posting we will have a look at a 1929 US National Currency 5 dollar banknote.  This was one of the last years that these were made and this one in particular came from The National City Bank of New York.  Upon examination of the top of the front of the bill one will notice that it was backed by US bonds deposited in the Treasury. Also notice that the seal to the right of President Lincoln is a reddish brown color.  This National Currency Banknote note bears a design similar to the US Notes of the time with Lincoln on the front and his memorial on the bank.  This wasn’t true of earlier versions which featured President Benjamin Harrison.

Have a gander at our 1929 five Dollar National Currency banknote in the photos below.  An examination of its condition reveals a very fine grade.

Uang kertas kuno 5 lima dollar dari negara Amerika serkat tahun 1929.

BLUE Seal Series Of 1914 US Five Dollar Bill Bank Note RARE Collectible Paper Money $5 Dollar US Uang Kertas Antik Kuno Dari Negara Amerika Serikat Tahun 1914 USA UNITED-STATES-OF-AMERICA $$$

Take a look at the beatiful large 1914 five dollar bill blue seal (federal reserve note) that we have in the image below.   It was produced in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  There were two versions made this one we have is a blue seal (P 359b is the catalog number) and the other one has a red seal.  Now this was the first year that President Abraham Lincoln was on the 5 dollar bank note.  The reverse has two scenes: the first one of the left hand side is Christopher Columubus and the one of the right is of the pilgrims reaching the new world.  This is a very nice currency note and would grade very fine.  Collectors including myself have an appreciation for a bill like this.

The history of the $5 paper note goes back to the year 1861 and just in case you’re wondering had an image Alexander Hamilton on it.  After that it had various figures or themes where on it until Abe Lincoln was chosen for the front and he has been on it ever since.  Not only was he President of the USA, Lincoln kept the nation together in one of its darkest hours: The American Civil War.  He grew up in a humble way with not much money or schooling but self educated himself which led to him being an attorney, congressman and and then President.  Much to his credit and persistance plus determination his leadship kept the country together.

American 5 dollar bill 1914Uang Kertas Kuno $5 Dollar US

Uang kertas bersejarah duit kertas kuno antik vintage uang tua jaman dulu dari negara Amerika Serikat uang kertas 5-lima dollar tahun produksi/cetak pada th 1914 bergambar wajah Pahlawan dan mantan President USA yang ke No 16 enam belas yang bernama “Mr Abraham Lincoln”. Ini adalah uang kertas 5-lima dollar pertama yang mengenakan/memakai foto wajah mantan president (Lincoln) uang kertas ini benar-benar antik unik dan langka, Uang kertas kuno bertuliskan. FIVE DOLLARS FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE. 2-B C. UNITED-STATES-OF-AMERICA. WILL PAY TO THE BEARER ON DEMAND, Authorizedd By Federal Reserve ACT Of December 23.1913. Series Of 1914. Bernomer kode seri: (B81941531A) 2-B C591. Blue Seal Five dollar Bill, 5-lima dollar berwarna Biru Seal. Kondisi uang bersejatah ini lumayan masih bagus very fine untuk lebih lengkap-nya silahkan bisa anda priksa sendiri check dan judge sendiri difoto-foto yang telah kami pajang diatas ini. Meskipun uang kertas ini dengan kondisi tidak sempurna lagi tetapi uang kertas ini masih banyak dicari dan sangat diminati oleh para kolektor pencinta uang-uang kuno dari berbagai Negara Penjuru DUNIA karna buat mereka uang kertas yang bersejarah ini sangat patut dan harus dijadikan sebagai penambah KOLEKSI uang antik mereka agar koleksi mereka lebih Lengkap dan Sempurna ……


1934 Silver Certificate Five Dollar Bill Paper Money USA Bank Note Image Of Abraham Lincoln $ Dollar Uang Kertas $5 Lima Dollar US Mata Uang Asing Dari Negara Amerika Serikat Tahun 1935

There were thirteen versions of the 1934 Lincoln five dollar bill made.  That would be including no letter designation as well as A, B, C and D series in both blue and green treasury seal form.  There were also specials bills made for WWII like the Hawaii brown seal with no letter designation as well as A series.  Another type was the North Africa which as a yellow seal.   The five dollar bill could no longer be traded in form gold like in previous years (because the US went off of the gold standard).

$5 Dollar US Old Paper Bill See a bank note we have below, it is a 1934 Abraham Lincoln 5 dollar bill series D with blue seal.  This bill may grade a higher fine grade like 15. Please contact us for the price , Thanks.

 Bank Note $ Dollar Uang Kertas $5 Lima Dollar US mata uang asing dari Negara Amerika Serikat tahun pembuatan/produksi untuk tahun 1935 depan uang bergambar wajah mantan President USA bapak “Abraham Lincoln” dan belakang uang bergambar Lincoln Memorial yang terletak di Washington DC.  Kode nomer dan series-nya seri untuk 1934 D dengan seal berwarna biru Washington DC. (R 94648388 A) H2075.  Bertuliskan,  Silver Certificate This Certifies That There Is On Depositin The Treasury Of The United States Of America Five Dollars In Silver Payable To The Bearer On Demand. 1934 Silver Certificate Five Dollar Bill Paper Money USA Bank Note Image Of Abraham Lincoln $ Dollar Uang Kertas $5 Lima Dollar US Mata Uang Asing Dari Negara Amerika Serikat Tahun 1935  Kondisi-nya silahkan periksa sendiri difoto yang telah kami pajang ini. Harga kontak. Thanks.