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1957 One Dollar Silver Certificate Bill Paper Money USA $

1957 was the first year that the United States of America printed the words “In God We Trust” on the one dollar bill (as well as any other paper American bill).  It can be found on the back the of buck above the large ONE.

In 1957 the one dollar bill was still a silver certificate so it could be traded in for the equivalent amount of silver at the time.   That practice was honored until the mid-sixties when silver got too expensive to continue to back money in as well as produce coins with.

There were 3 version of the one dollar silver certificate bill in 1957.  There are specimens with no series letter designation as well series A and B.  All 3 of them have a blue treasury seal.

Check out a 1957 buck that we have in the pictures below.  This US bank note would grade as very fine. It has folds but doesn’t flop when held (has crispiness).

1963 The United States Of America Banknote $ Five Dollar Paper Money Image Of Abraham Lincoln, Uang Kertas Kuno $5-Lima Dollar US Mata Uang Amerika Serikat Tahun 1963 USA $$$

1963 was the last series year that the US 5 dollar bill (with Abraham Lincoln) had a red treasury seal on it.  Five dollar United States Federal bank notes has green seals on them this year and going forward that’s all that was produced.  1963 was also the first year that featured the words “In God with Trust” was printed on the back of these bills.  Another noticeable difference with the 5 dollar bank notes this year is the absence of the words “Will Pay to the Bearer on Demand.”

Check out the 1963 United States bank note with red seal that we have below.  Its serial number is A35854966A and though it has a fair amount of folds but does possess some crispness still.  This note would likely be rated a very fine grade, maybe 25.

$5-Lima Dollar US mata uang asing dari Amerika Serikat uang kertas kuno jaman dulu produksi dibuat pada tahun series 1963 bergambar foto wajah mantan president Amerika yang bernama bapak Abraham Lincoln, kode nomer seri (A 35854966 A) The United States Of America Banknote $ Five Dollar paper money, kondisi-nya lumayan bagus birpun aga sedikit lusuh tetapi tidak robek atau bolong, silahkan bisa anda check periksa sendiri kondisi-nya difoto yang telah kami pajang ini, Harga silahkan kontak e-mail kami di Thank you, Terima kasih.

1953 Series A Silver Certificate $5 Bill Paper Money Image Of Abraham Lincoln 5-Lima Dollar US Uang Kertas Kuno Tahun 1953 Mata Uang Asing Amerika Serikat Bergambar Wajah Mantan President US Mr Abraham Lincoln Uang Kertas Kuno

In 1953 there are 7 versions of the five dollar bill that exist.  Those would include 3 of the blue seal variety including a 1953 with no series letter as well as an A and B.  There are also red seals specimens and those would be series A,B & C as well as a version without a series designation.  These bills have a picture of Abraham Lincoln of the front and his memorial on the reverse.

The following is a 1953 Series A Silver Certificate fiver dollar bill that appears to be in extremely fine condition.  It is a nice crisp bill with minimal folds and decent corners.  This particular example is one of the blue seal varieties.

1953 Series A Silver Certificate $5 Bill Paper Money Image Of Abraham Lincoln 5-Lima Dollar US Uang Kertas Kuno Tahun 1953 Mata Uang Asing Amerika Serikat Bergambar Wajah Mantan President US Mr Abraham Lincoln Uang Kertas Kuno Silver Certificate 5-lima dollar US  $5 dollar uang kertas kuno pembuatan untuk tahun 1953 seri A nomer dan kode-nya: (E 32720818 A) Q50. Sertifikat warna bilru seal, Bergambar wajah mantan President Amerika Serikat yang ke No 16 yang bernama Mr Abraham Lincoln dan di belakang uang kertas ini bergambar Lincoln Memorial yang berlokasi di Washington, D.C. Umur uang kertas ini sudah lebih dari 50 tahunan lumayan tua, Kondisi sangat bagus tidak robek masih crisp gambar angka dan tulisannya masih terlihat sangat jelas dan bersih clear, Silahkan bisa anda periksa sendiri kondisi dan gambar lebih detailsnya lagi di foto-foto yang telah kami pajang ini , Untuk harga silahkan anda bisa menghubungi e-mail butikmewah langsung di Terima kasih, Thank you,

1981 $20 Bill American Paper Money $20 Dua Puluh US Dollar Uang Kertas Tahun 1981 Mata Uang Asing Dari Amerikat Serikat

Below we have a $20 bill from the 1981 series in very fine condition.  Twenty dollar bills are like this one from 1977 until 1990 (though the basic design was initiated in 1928 with a few variations over the years).  It has the7 th president of the US , Andrew Jackson on the front of the bill and on the back is the White House.

There is nothing really special about this specimen (at this point anyways) other than it has survived circulation and its value is only at face.  Most 20s usually last for some+thing like 2 years, this is according to the Bureau of engraving and printing.

$20 dollar duit kertas mata uang asing dari Amerika Serikat uang kerta 20 dua puluh dollar USD pembuatan untuk tahun 1981 seri  nomer dan kode : (B 30200468 F) 2-G2. 2-G613 Bergambar wajah mantan President Amerika yang ke No 7  yang bernama Mr “Andrew Jackson”, dan di belakangnya bergambar White House Rumah Putih untuk tempat tinggal para Presidents US. Uang kertas ini belum bisa dikatagorikan dikatakan sebagai uang kuno karna umurnya masih terlalu muda/baru uang ini hanya berumur lebih dari 20 tahun, Tapi kenapa tidak anda bisa mengkoleksinya dari mulai sekarang untuk dijadikan uang antik dikemudian hari, Kondisinya sangat bagus tidak ada robek sedikitapun hanya ada bekas lipatan saja sedikit,  Apa bila anda berminat untuk mengkoleksi uang kertas tahun 1981 silahkan anda bisa kontak e-mail kami di  Untuk kondisinya silahkan bisa anda priksa sendiri di foto-foto yang telah kami pajang ini Terima kasih , Thank you,

1963 Series $2 Bill American Paper Money Image Of Thomas Jefferson 2-Dua Dollar Uang Kertas Kuno Tahun 1963 Mata Uang Asing Bergambar Thomas Jefferson Mantan President Amerika

The 1963 series $2 bill was last produced in the year 1966 and after that the treasury took a break in producing that denomination for 10 years.  The 1963 has a portrait of the great Thomas Jefferson (drafter of the Declaration of Independence and was 3rd President) on the obverse and a picture of his home known as Monticello on the back.  There are 2 versions of 1963 $2 bill, one with no series designation and the other has series A included on it.  These were the last examples to have the red treasury seal printed on them. The 1963 two dollar bill was only changed slightly from the previous series with the words “In God We Trusted” being placed on its back (which can be seen above Monticello).  The other thing that was altered was the subtraction of the words:  “Will Pay To The Bearer On Demand” front the font on the bill. We have below a 1963 series A two dollar bill that I would say is in very fine condition.  Its crispiness is intact and has presence of small stains.

2-Dua Dollar USA 1-satu lembar mata uang asing uang kertas kuno duit antik bersejarah duit $2 dollar USA pembuatan untuk tahun 1963 seri A dengan kode nomer (A 16540891 A) D4 D3 dibawah nomer ada bertuliskan Washington, D.C.  uang kertas ini bergambar wajah mantan President Amerika Serikat yang No 3-tiga yang bernama “Mr Thomas Jefferson” dan dibelakang uang ini bergambarkan foto Rumah Besar yang diberi nama Rumah ‘Monticello’ adalah rumah tempat tinggal-nya Mr Thomas Jefferson yang dibangun oleh dia sendiri dengan idenya sendiri, Wow…Memang benar-benar hebat pintar dan super genius bapak mantan president Amerika Serikat yang satu ini bapak Thomas Jefferson 🙂 Uang kertas antik dan bersejarah ini dengan kondisi sangat bagus tidak ada robek , hanya ada sedikit bekas lipatan dan ada sedikit bercak kotor kecil tidak begitu terlihat kalau dari jarak jauh mungkin kalau dilihat detail dari jarak yang sangat dekat baru bisa terlihat, gambar nomer dan tulisan-tulisannya terlihat sangat bagus dan nampak timbul sekali. Silahkan bisa agan agan dan boss boss periksa sendiri keadaan dan kondisinya di foto yang telah kami pajang ini, Silahkan klik foto-fotonya untuk menperbesar gambar dan supaya detailnya agar terlihat lebih jelas lagi, Terima kasih , Thank you, dan Selamat mengkoleksi uang kunonya lebih banyak lagi 🙂

1995 US Two Dollar Bill American Paper Money $2 Dollar Uang Kertas Dari Amerika Serikat Bergambar Thomas Jefferson 1995

The 1995 series $2 bill is the one proceeding the 1976 and there were more than 153 million produced by the US treasury.  There was no change to the way the 95 bill’s appearance compared to the 76 (Thomas Jefferson is on the obverse and the signing of the Declaration of Independence on the reverse).

An especially interesting note regarding these bills is that they were available to be purchased in uncut sheets.  In this form they are more sought after and considered more valuable in the collectors market.  These sheets are of course uncirculated, come with 12 bills and can be worth hundreds of dollars.

See below for a display of a 1995 series two dollar bills that we would consider almost uncirculated.

Kepada para peggemar dan kolektor uang jaman dulu ini kami punya uang kertas 1-satu lembar $2-dua dollar USA tahun pembuatan untuk th1995 umurnya masih muda tapi boleh dibilang duit ini duit  tua lama tapi tidak bisa dikatakan bahwa uang kertas ini adalah uang kuno belum saatnya , Tapi lumayan kok uang dollar ini sudah berumur lebih dari 14 th, tapi belum bisa dikatakan uang kuno mungkin harus menunggu beberapa tahun kedepan untuk bisa dikatakan bahwa uang ini adalah uang kuno,  well kenapa tidak anda bisa mengkoleksinya dari mulai serakang mungkin lama-kelamaan uang ini bisa dijadikan sebagai koleksi duit kertas antik kuno. Uang ini bergambar wajah mantan President Amerika Serikat yang No 3-tiga yang bernama Mr Thomas Jefferson . Th 1995 . Seri kode number :  (F 04356953 B) F3 6 fw F5 6. Kondisinya sangat bagus seperti baru tidak banyak tersentuh oleh tangan tidak ada kotor super bersih tidak ada robek goresan atau bekas lipatan-lipatan sedikit pun, gambar tulisan dan angkanya terlihat sangat sekali jelas super clear dan cerah terang, Anda berminat untuk mengkoleksi uang kertas ini silahkan kontak kami di

$2 Dollar 1 Satu Lembar Uang Kertas Tahun 1976 Bergambar Wajah Mantan President Amerika Serikat Mr Thomas Jefferson

Hello para pencinta uang kuno pengkoleksi valuta asing dari luar Negeri luar Negara dari Amerika Serikat ini kami punya  beberapa duit kertas dollar untuk dijual 1satu lembar $2 dollar uang kertas kuno jaman dulu untuk di koleksi pembuatan untuk tahun 1976, dengan kondisi super fresh super bagus  sangat “crisp” yang artinya uang kertas ini seperti baru tidak banyak tersentuh oleh tangan, gambar angka dan tulisannya sangat terlihat jelas, Uang kertas 2dua dollar USA bergambar wajah mantan President Amerika yang nomer 3-tiga yang bernama “Mr Thomas Jefferson” Tahun 1976 yang ber arti uang ini sudah berumur 35 th lebih , dengan seri E number kode:  (E 39796557 A)  5 F1 5 F30. Kami punya beberapa uang kertas yang th pembuatan 1976 ada 15 lima belas lembar kondisinya semua hampir sama dengan yang kami pajang ini, Jadi apa bila anda berminat untuk menbeli uang dollar ini silahkan anda bisa kontak kami langsung untuk menanyakan harga ke e-mail yang tertera ini Thank you, Terima kasih , Dan Selamat Mengkoleksi Uang Jaman Dulu Lebih Banyak Lagi ! 🙂

The United States $2 dollar bill is still being printed as far as we know, even though it certainly is not the most common bill.  In fact there was a 10 year period from 1966 until 1976 were there was no production of it. The two dollar bill was then reinstated for the Bi-Centennial in the year 1976.  This was the first year of its current form and it feature 3rd President (and genius) Thomas Jefferson on the front.  The back has an impression of what the signing of the declaration of independence may have looked like (envisioned by the artist John Trumbull) on the reverse. The preceeding and are uncirculated $2 dollar bills we have currently.

Valuta Asing Uang Kertas Kuno $1 Dollar Bergambar Wajah Mantan President Amerika George Washington Tahun 1917 Collectible One Dollar Old American Paper Money 95 Year Old

We have a beautiful one dollar bill honoring the great first president George Washington from 1917.  It is the last significant year that this particular silver dollar design was made before the bill was changed up to its current design.  As far as what was changed on it from previous years: not much except that the frames around the serial number were actually taken off.

This is one of my favorite bills that I have in my possession; notice the gorgeous artistry on the front and the red treasury seal?  The center has a portrait of George Washington while the top left of the observe has an image Christopher Columbus.  The back of the 1917 has the words United States of America printed in an X pattern.

1917 one dollar bill in fine grade “Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples’ liberty’s teeth.” –George Washington, Very rare collectible ,

Duit kertas berumur 95 tahun uang kertas antik unik dan langka valuta asing  uang  kertas jaman dulu  $1 Dollar USA bergambar wajah mantan President Amerika Serikat yang No 1-satu yang bernama “ Mr George Washington”  koleksi uang kertas kuno yang sudah sangat jarang dan langka ditemui ditoko-toko uang kuno bahkan di Amerika sekali pun susah sekali untuk  bisa mendapakannya uang kertas dengan kondisi seperti ini, pembuatan untuk tahun 1917 series D dengan kode number (K  91355676 A) yang berarti uang ini sudah berumur 95 tahun sangat lah tua sekali, Kondisi nya lumayan bagus tidak ada robekan hanya sedikit lusuh saja dari bekas lipatan-lipatan warna tulisan dan gambarnya masih terlihat jelas , Uang ini untuk di jual dan apa bila anda berminat untuk mengkoleksi uang yang sangat jarang dan langka ini silahkan anda bisa menghubungi e-mail kami langsung di jangan kawatir pasti akan kami kasih harga yang competitive , Thank you , Terima kasih 🙂

Happy Presidents Day ! Selamat Hari President’s Amerika 🙂

United State Of America Five $5 Dollar Paper Money Picture Of Mr President Abraham Lincoln Year Series Of 1928-C American Collectible Old Money Paper Bill, Koleksi Uang Kertas Kuno $5-Lima Dollar Amerika Serikat Tahun 1928 Duit Tua Jaman Dulu

1928 was the first year that the $5 United States bill was made in a small version (the same size that is used today).  It features the historically great and 16th President of the USA Abraham Lincoln on the front of the bill.  An image of his monument in Washington D.C. adorns the back.

In this particular year there are 7 versions $5 notes available, including bills with a series letter as well as series letters A-F.   They have a red treasury seal on them.  There also the existence of federal reserve notes in which there are 5 versions out there including series A-D and bills without a letter designation.  These Fed notes have a green seal.

We have a $5 US Note Series C in very fine condition which can be seen in the picture below.

“Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”

United State Of America Five $5 Dollar Paper Money Picture Of Mr President Abraham Lincoln Year Series Of 1928-C American Collectible Old Money Paper Bills

$5 lima dollar uang USA uang kertas kuno duit kertas antik duit tua jaman dulu pembuatan untuk tahun 1928 series C dengan kode nomer (G 40061739 A) bergambar wajah mantan Presiden No-16 enam-belas Presiden Amerika Serikat yang bernama “Mr Abraham Lincoln”. Dengan kondisi sangat bagus tidak ada robekkan yang terlihat sedikit pun hanya sedikit goresan bekas lipatan saja dan warna sedikit kotor tapi tulisan dan gambarnya sangat bagus tulisannya timbul dan terihat jelas sekali, Untuk lebih lanjutnya silahkan anda bisa periksa sendiri detailnya di foto yang telah kami pajang , Well wajar lah kalau uang kertas ini tidak terlihat sempurna yang namanya juga uang kuno tidak mungkin harus 100% sempurna iya kan 🙂 Terima kasih , Thank you for looking and good luck !

6 Enam Lembar Koleksi Uang Kertas Kuno Duit Antik Mata Uang Asing Dari Amerika Serikat Satu $1 Dollar Tahun Series Dan Code 1935 G D F E Collectibles American One Dollar’s Old Paper Money Year 1935

In 1935 the one dollar silver certificate bill has several different series, which is contrast to the 1934 which only had one.  George Washington is still on the front but there were also design modifications including the back of the bill receiving a total overhaul. It was the first year the pyramid appears on the back on the left plus the eagle holding a olive branch in its left talon and arrows on the bills right side.  This design for the most part is what is used on current one dollar bills.  Other changes include the color of the 1 digit on the front becoming grey in color and actually being reduced in its size.  The size of the treasury seal was reduced and instead of the large ONE being printed on the right (like in 1934) a smaller ONE DOLLAR is located above the seal.

Below you’ll find 6 examples $1 of bills we have:

 1935 Series G Very Fine Example of G Specimen of a series G (1935-G.  C 52960255  J) (1935-G. C 89562766  J) (1935-G. B 91055811  J)

$1 Dollar Paper Money Series D Very Fine (1935-D. G 45958627  F)

One $1 Dollar series  F ) (1935-F.  A 63085949  J)

Silver Certificate old paper bill year 1935 Series  E (1935-E. J 50981752 I)

There are many variations that can be found with a 1935 1 USD bill, actually 14.  Most of the variations are series letters but there a few notable bills that are different in other ways.  One of those is the Hawaii dollar which has that states name printed on it plus a brown treasury seal.  Another version out there is the1935 one dollar North Africa which has a yellow treasury seal.  Other noteworthy 1935 one dollar bills are specimens have the blue treasury seal with red letter S or R (actually printed on the seal itself).  Those 4 special versions of the 1935 dollar bills I’ve just mentioned are more valuable and sought after by collectors.  Oh there is one more special 1 dollar that year and that is one in which the serial number begins with a star.

6 enam lembar duit kertas kuno collectibles koleksi kolektor mata uang asing dari Amerika Serikat  uang kertas kuno duit antik jaman dulu satu $1 dollaran USA bergambar wajah mantan Presiden permata America Mr George Washington Silver Certificate uang kertas satu dollar pembuatan untuk tahun  code dan series :  (1935-G.  C 52960255  J) (1935-G. C 89562766  J) (1935-G. B 91055811  J) (1935-D. G 45958627  F) (1935-F.  A 63085949  J) (1935-E. J 50981752 I) Dengan kondisi , Sangat bagus, bagus, lumayan bagus dan biasa biasa saja, kondisi kondisi tersebut bisa anda lihat dan perhatikan langsung di foto-foto yang telah kami pajang, Apa bila anda berminat untuk mengkoleksi lebih banyak lagi silahkan anda bisa menghubungi kami langsung di e-mail Terima kasih , Thank you, And Good luck 🙂