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1923 Polish 20 Groszy Coin

In this entry we will feature a 1923 Poland 20 Groszy coin.  This money is made from the metal nickel and has a weight of 3 grams.  There were other coin issues with the date 1923, one of which is made brass and weighs 4.5199 grams.  The other Polish 20 Groszy coin with the year 1923 on it is one made from zinc and was in fact made in years 1941-1944 during German occupation.  This 1923 Polish 20 Groszy coin in the images below has a diameter of 20 millimeters and has that country’s coat of arms (crowned eagle) on its front side.  The reverse of it has its value inside of a wreath design.  This one in particular appears to not have seen any circulation.

The main currency unit in the country of Poland is the Zloty (translates into English as Golden) and its history goes way back to at least the Renaissance time period.  It divisional unit has been the Groszy for several centuries though it has not always to set to a 100 to 1 Zloty ratio like it is now.


1984 Polish 1 Zloty Coin Koin Dari Negara Polandia Satu Zloty

We have here a 1984 Poland 1 Zloty (this word translates into English as golden) coin.  It is made from the metal aluminum and there were 61.036 million of these made in 1984.  Its diameter is 25 milimeters making it a fair sized coin and its weight is only 2.0699 grams.  The front has a picture of Poland’s coat of arms, the name of the country going around the top and at the bottom is the indication of the year it was struck in.  The back side has a wreath inside of which is the coin’s denomation 1 ZL (Zloty).  The edge has ridge shapes going totally around the rim.  In 1984 Poland was in its 3rd edition of the Zlotry currency which was revalued afterwards in 1995 and which was when the current currency (4th edition) was started.

We have pictures of our 1984 one Zloty coin at the bottom.  After examining this coin it appears to be in extra fine condition.

Koin dari negara Polandia 1 Satu Zloty.

2005 Polish 1 Grosz Coin Koin Dari Negara Polandia Satu Grosz

In this post we will examine a 2005 Polish 1 Grosz coin.  Its metal content is brass and there were 375 million of these made in 2005.  On the front of it is Poland’s coat of arms which is a crowned eagle.  They have been using various forms of eagles on their coinage for many centuries, roughly a thousand years.  Going around the top of the front are the words Rzeczpospolity Polska which means Polish State in English.  Below the eagle is the year.  On the back side we side we see a turning oak leaf which is on top of the denomination or value of 1 Grosz.  This coin weighs 1.6399 grams and its diameter is small at 15.5 millimeters.  Looking at it we see the mint luster is not full but the detail on the eagle’s chest feathers is there so we may say a grade of almost uncirculated.

Koin dari negara Polandia 1 satu grosz tahun 2005.

Poland Uang Kertas Zloty Zlotych Mata Uang Asing Koleksi Uang Kertas Dari Polandia Warszawa Tahun 1982, 1986, 1979, Polish Bills Paper Money Polandia Narodowy Bank Of Polski,

Uang kertas dari Negara Polandia Polish Currency Money Zloty Polandia Narodowy Bank Of Polski, Koleksi Uang Kertas jaman dulu mata uang asing dari Poland Polandia 20-50-100-200-1000-2000 Zloty, Poland Uang Kertas Zloty Zlotych Mata Uang Asing Koleksi Uang Kertas Dari Polandia Warszawa Tahun 1982, 1986, 1979, Polish Bills Paper Money Polandia Narodowy Bank Of Polski, Haii…para kolektor para pencinta uang antik jaman dulu uang kertas kuno atau koin kuno dari berbagai negara disini di butikmewah kami menyediakan kami punya babarapa lembar 6-enam lembar berbagai ragam bentuk dan model uang kertas jaman dulu dari Polandia uang kertas Zloty tahun seri untuk th, 1986. 1982. Dan 1979. Gambar foto informasi seri nomer dan kodenya telah kami cantunkan silahkan agan-agan boss-boss bisa lihat detaisl-nya sendiri dibawah ini,

Gambar foto ke (1) 1-satu lembar uang kertas Zloty Warszawa (20 Dwadziescia Zlotych  1 CZERWCA 1982 r. AG 4276142 Bergambar wajah Jendral dan Pahlawan Polandia yang bernama Mr Romuald Traugutt.) 20 dua puluh Zloty Kondisinya sempurna super clean brand new baru perfect condition,

Gambar foto ke (2) 1-satu lembar uang kertas Zloty Warszawa (50 Piecdziesiat Zlotych 1 CZERWCA 1986 r. FH 1177144 Bergambar wajah Jendral Poland yang bernama Karol Swierczewski.) 50 lima puluh Zloty kondisi sangat bagus bagus seperti baru super fine,

Gambar foto ke (3) 1-satu lembar uang kertas Zloty Warszawa (100 Sto Zlotych 1 CZERWCA 1986 r. MH 0743343 Bergambar wajah Ludwik Warynski.) 100 seratus Zloty Polandia kondisi brand new absolutey in perferct condition super fresh…,

Gambar foto ke (4) 1-satu lembar uang kertas Zloty Warszawa (200 Dwiescie Zlotych 1 CZERWCA 1986 r. DH 3497047 Begambar wajah Jendral Polandia yang bernama Jaroslaw Dabrowski.) 200 dua ratus Zloty Polish bill paper money condition brand new crisp super clean and super fresh,

Gambar foto ke (5) 1-satu lembar uang kertas Zloty Warszawa (1000 Tysiac Zlotych 1 CZERWCA 1982 r. DZ 6109689 Bergambar wajah Astronomer Polandia yang bernama Mikolai Kopernik.) 1000 satu ribu Zloty Polish paper bill condition very fine beautiful and unique.

Gambar foto ke (6) 1-satu lembar uang kertas Zloty Warszawa (2000 Dwa Tysiace Zlotych 1 CZERWCA 1979 r. BH 6672004 King Duke of Poland Bergambar wajah Piast Dynasty Prince atau Duke Dan Raja di Polandia yang bernama Mieszko I atau Mieszko 1 dan gambar dibelakangnya bergambar wajah Raja yang bernama Boleslaw Chrobry.) Polska Rzeczpospolita Ludowa 2000 dua ribu Zloty kondisinya very fine great condition, Uang kertas sangat unik dan langka bergambar 2-dua wajah Raja-Prince didepan dan dibelakangnya, With very unique picture Polish currency papar money.

Kondisi Zloty yang 4-empat lembar 20,50,100,200,sangat sempurna perfect crisp super fresh and super clean brand new baru tidak ada cacad sedikitpun terpelihara dan terjaga dengan sangat baik, dan Zloty yang 2-dua lembar-nya lagi 1000,2000 kondisinya bukan baru ada bekas lipatan sedikit tetapi tidak ada robekan sedikitpun in very fine condition kalau kata pergkolektor bilang, Gambar tulisannya terlihat sangat jelas dan timbul sekali, Silahkan bisa anda perhatikan check sendiri kondisi-kondisinya di foto-foto yang telah kami pajang ini, Terima kasih. Dan selamat berkoleksi !

Before the Euro was implemented in Poland the currency used was the Zlotych or also known as the Zloty.  Below you’ll find some examples of the third era of Zloty bills (made in different series from the year 1950 until 1996) which actually are no longer considered money that can be used in Poland or even exchanged at banks.  There are examples of 20, 50, 100, 200, 1000, 2000 Zlotys that we have currently.  Some appear to be in an uncirculated state while others extremely and very fine.

Since they are no longer considered legal tender their monetary value will depend on collector demand.  For bill collectors of worldwide currency it is interesting to see what the money looks like (or looked like is this case) in various countries. Thank you so much for looking on my collections, and have a fantastic day ! Keep on collecting enjoy and have fun ! 🙂