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1912 Russia 10 Kopeks Silver Coin

In this post we will look at a silver 10 Kopeks coin from Russia.  This was produced when the Tsar was still in power (a few years before the revolution happened there that removed Tsar Nichols II).  This coin has on its obverse a 2 headed imperial eagle.  The back of its has a crown on top a a wreath below that is the denomination as well as the year it was struck. This coin weights about 1.7 grams and is composed of 50% silver.

See our Russian ten kopeks in the pictures below.

Koin perak kuno sepuluh Kopeks dari negara Rusia.



5000 Russian Rubles from 1993

Take a look at our 5000 Russian Rubles paper money banknote in the pictures below.  This particular bill that we have appears to be in a lower very fine state with some crispness to it.  On its front side is a take on the Russian Federation flag together with a portion of the Klemlin on what appears to be a scroll.  Notice a few other different patterns going on as well.  The back side of this old 5000 Russian Rubles currency note is a larger scene of the Kremlin.  The serial number is on the top left and again towards the right bottom. This banknote was part of the 6th Ruble era which lasted from 1961 until the end of 1997 before the newest ruble was introduced in Jan. 1998 due to hyperinflation.

5000 Russian Rubles Uang kertas lima ribu 5000 Rubles

Uang kertas lima ribu 5000 Rubles uang lama tahun 1993 dari Negara RUSIA-RUSSIAN. Uang kertas berwarna merah hijau dan sedikit warna coklat ini bergambar bendera Rusia Federation. Dangan kondisi lumayan bagus tidak ada robekan hanya ada sedikit bekas lipatan saja.

1993 Russian 1000 Rubles Currency Banknote

In this entry we have a 1993 1000 Russian Rubles currency banknote.  This paper money was essentially made obsolete later in the 90s with devastating inflation culminating in the crises of 1998.  In any case this banknote it is still of interest to collectors.  On its front is a partial image of the Kremlin in Moscow with its tri colored flag.  Also written of the front are the Russian characters for Bank of Russia (found at the top of the bill) as well as the denomination and the year.  The reverse side has another, more complete view of the Kremlin building and the value of the money including the Russian characters for the word Rubles.  Also notice the serial number at the top left and bottom right of the back of this currency banknote.

In the photos below you’ll see our 1993 Russian 1000 Rubles Currency Banknote.  It appears to be in lower very fine condition.

Russian 1000 RublesUang kertas seribu Rubles dari negara Russia Federasi

Uang kertas seribu Rubles dari negara Russia Federasi.

2007 Russian 1 Ruble Coin Koin dari Rusia Satu Rouble Tahun 2007

A 2007 Russia 1 Rouble coin is the subject of this post.  See it in the photographs right at the bottom of the entry.  On its front side is a picture of a double heading eagle below which is the name of the bank.  The mint mark lays below that and this coin is made out of a combination of copper, nickel as well as zinc.  Its weight is 3.25 grams and its reverse has the value of the coin as well as a flower.  The condition of this one in particular would be almost uncirculated.  Send us an email at if you would like to purchase it or for questions.

The Rouble (or otherwise known as Ruble) is the Russian Federation’s currency.  It is currently is in its 7th edition which started in 1997.  The first time Ruble’s were produced was way back, roughly 5 century’s ago and they were not revalued (for the first time anyways) until 1922.