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Brand NEW Jewelry Stunning Sparkling 18Karat White Gold And Genuine Yellow Canary Sapphire Gemstone Lovely Feminine Bracelets 17.12Carat HUGE!!!!!.

Gorgeous Extravagant Lavishly And Elegant Style Stunning Sparkling 18Karat White Gold And Genuine Gemstone Yellow Canary Sapphire Lovely Feminine Bracelets 17.12Carat HUGE!!!! Elegant for today’s most fashion-forward woman fine jewelry!.

This beautiful prong set bracelet composed with 21 sparkling bling bling canary yellow sapphire round cut/shapes prong set with approximate total weight of 17.21 carat.

Description-Product-Item Details: Bracelet features genuine yellow sapphires gemstone,Jewelry piece is setting/crafted of fine solid 18karat white gold, Finish Shiny High polish, Compesed 21 round-cut-shapes yellow sapphires each measuring 6 mm x 6 mm, Total gemstone weight is 17.21 carats,Item weight total gross gold and gemstone is 28.26 grams, Secures lock with a lobster claw clasp very strong well made, Dimensions Bracelet measures approximate : 7 1/1 inches long x 6.45 mm wide, The item conditon is 100% Brand NEW and will comes with jewelry gift Box.

Perhiasan wanita gelang emas putih 18karat bertahtakan dangan batu permata sapphire dihiasi disekeliling-nya dengan 21-dua-puluh-satu butir/buah batu-batu permata sapphire asli berwarna kuning kanary yang begitu indah dan menpesona berat total: sapphire 17.21 carat Wow benar-benar BESAR…., Untuk berat total keseluruhan shappire dan emas 28.26 grams….Kondisi barang 100% seratus % BARU dan nanti akan dilengkapi dengan surat-surat sertifikat dan berserta box kayu cantik wadah tempat penyimpanan perhiasan…! Untuk harga kami persilahkan untuk anda bertanya menghubungi kami langsung via nomer telepon dan email yang telah kami sediakan, Terima kasih Thank you, and enjoy ladies ! 🙂

Sapphire Gemstones Info Tentang Batu Mulia Batu Permata Sapphire Biru Blue Sapphire

Sapphire like rubies is a corundrum which is a type of mineral and is one of the 4 precious gemstones (the other 3 are diamonds, emeralds and rubies).  Often sapphire gemstones are a blue color with backing hues like purple (desirable) and green.  With that said they do come in other colors like yellow, orange, black, clear, green and even pink (which if found in deep pink can be quite valuable).

Sapphire is a hard stone (and only is second in the attribute to the diamond as far as natural goes).  Like other stones it has the presence of inclusions (imperfections in the stone).  Inclusions give us a view of history and how the stone was formed.  There are various grades of clarity grades like VVS (very very slightly included), VS, SI and I (similiar to a diamond).

A very important attribute (if not the most important) in looking for a sapphire is its color and this goes for its pimary and backgroud hues.  Another variable is whether the stone is natural and has been treated in any way.  Of course one that is natural and has not been treated in any way will be more valuable.  A sapphire’s transperancy can be another thing to keep in mind.  This pertains to how well things can be seen through the stones or how well light travels throught it.   Other characteristics to pay attention to with a sapphire gem is how well it has been cut, what its clarity is (precesence of inclusions) as well as its origin.

Sekian dulu para gemstone lovers info tentang batu sapphire batu mulia sapphire dari kami ini semoga bermanfaat  , Terima kasih, Thank you,

Manificent beauty blue sapphire stone ,Batu sapphire warna biru tua yang cantik dan mewah hati , Foto Batu Sapphire yang dibawah ini untuk dijual kalau ada yang berminat silahkan anda bisa hubungi kontak e-mail atau phone yang telah kami sediakan di info contac/e-mail/phone Terima kasih, Batu Permata, Batu Mulia, Natural Gemstone, Description Gem type & name: Super Excellent Natural Blue Sapphire, Shape/Cut: Natural Classic Oval, Color: “Asdepicted Top Royal Blue”,  Carat: 105.00 Ct, Wow Super Huge!. Size: 31 mm . x 20 mm. x 21 mm. Clarity: Natural Opaque, Luster: Natural Brilliant, Treatment: Natural Enhancement, Hardness .8 Moh’s scale. Gemstone Origin From India, Please contact for the price / silahkan hubungi kami untuk harga Thank you,

Cincin Berlian Dan Blue Sapphire Ring And Amethyst Diamond Ring

Picture 460Picture 461Cincin Berlian Dan Blue Sapphire Cincin Cantik berbetuk hati ini setting dangan 18 karat emas putih bertahtakan dengan 1 stone blue sapphire dan 14 “buah piece”berlian kecil kecil di sekelilingnya, Diamond description , Clarity VVS2, Color F-G, Shape Round Brilliant Cut, Weight total carat .89 cttw. Sapphire description, Clarity VS, Color Stunning Blue, Shape-Cut Heart , Pol–Sym Very Good, Weight total 1.11 carat. Harga 45 Juta Rupiah.

14K White Gold .07 ctw Diamond 3.07 ctw Amethyst Ring Size:7.25


Lovely  and stunning ladies ring purple color amethyst and diamond ring,  Item Condition: Brand New Item Information Item: Ring  Size 7.25 Material: 14K White Gold Weight: 3.40g  0.12oz Center Stone Information Gemstone: Purple Amethyst  Stone  Quantity: 1  CT: 3.07 carat Shape: Round Color: Stunning Purple Gemstone Information Side-Gemstone: Diamond Quantity: 10 pcs  CTW: .07 Diamond Shape:  Round Cut Very good Color:  H-I  Clarity: I1

Harga 25 Juta Rupiah Please ask for more picture , Thank you.