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1959 Spanish 10 Centimos Coin Koin Kuno Dari Negara Spanyol Sepuluh Centimos Tahun 1959

Here we are going to talk about a coin from Spain which is a 10 Centimos struck in the year 1959.  We could say that it is very common coin as there were 900 million of them produced that year.  Though it does have an appearance that it could be silver one will know that it isn’t after they hold it as its weight is very light.  In fact it only weighs .6999 grams and its made from aluminum.  Its quite small with a diameter of just 18 millimeter.  On the front of this coin is an image of Francisco Franco who was the dictator leader of Spain from 1936 until 1975.  He came into power as a result of the Spanish Civil War.  The back of this coin has its denomination on it within a wreath design.

See our 1959 Spanish 10 Centimos coin below in the pictures.  This coin was not seen much use and would likely grade uncirculated.

2004 Spain Euro 2 Cents Coin Uang Koin Euro 2-Dua Cents

Here we will talk about a 2004 Euro 2 cents Coin from Spain.  On its front side is Santiago de Compostela Cathedral which is of the Catholic denomination of Christianity.  It supposedly is where St. James (an apostle of Christ) was laid to rest.  This cathedral is in Galicia, Spain.  The back of this 2 cents Euro coin has a world globe and also how much the value of it is.  It weighs 3.060 grams and 206.7 million of them were made in Madrid in 2004.  The grade would perhaps be very fine plus .

Spain’s currency is currently the Euro (started in 1999) as it is part of the Eurozone.  Formerly the currency was the Peseta which had a history that spanned nearly 135 years from 1869 until 2002.

Koin uang logam dari Negara Eropa EURO 2-dua cent tahun 2004 kondisi BAGUS….

1878 Spain 10 Diez Centimos Coin

The Spanish Peseta was the former currency of Spain which had a long run the 1860s before being discontinued in 2002 in favor of the Euro money.  This was sub divided into a smaller denomination known as the centime (100 of which equaled 1 peseta).

In the photographs below there is a 1878 Spanish 10 Centimos coin, which is stuck from Bronze.  On its obverse is Alfonso XII who was king of Spain between the years 1874 and 1885.  He brought the monarchy back in as the form of government after a short lived republic was in power.  Alfonso XII was the son of Queen Isabella II.  The back of this coin has a crowned royal arms image below which is the denomination: Diez (10) Centimos.  This coin would be considered in fine condition.