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1986 Suriname 100 Honderd Gulden One Hundred Guilders

The Centrale Bank Van Suriname used to print Surinamese Guldens (or Guilders, Dutch in origin) but decided to change the name of its currency in 2004 to dollars (inflation being a big factor in this decision).  The colors on this country’s bills are interesting and sort of fit in to the tropical climate that exists there.

See our 1986 One Hundred or Honderd Gulden bank note from Suriname in the photographs below.   On its front is a portrait of Anton de Kom who was from Suriname, went to The Netherlands and spoke out about racial discrimination.  In fact de Kom wrote a book about these injustices.   He was in The Netherlands during the German occupation in World War II.  Anton de Kom was part of the Dutch Resistance.  He bravely wrote period about the horrors suffered by people (many of which were Jewish) in The Hague. Anton de Kom was later arrested and lost his life in a concentration camp due to an illness.  There is an University that honors his name that is located in his home country: Anton de Kom Universiteit Van Suriname.    On the bottom of the front is a picture of a block of houses and buildings and on the right an impression of a militia.  The back side has a toucan bird and a scene of perhaps a debate. The colors on the back are yellows, orange, reds and purple.  This banknote’s and its condition or in other words grade is uncirculated.  The watermark appears to be a toucan bird.

Uang kertas kuno 100 seratus Gulden dari negara Suriname tahun 1986.


1986 Suriname 100 Honderd Gulden

1998 Suriname 100 Honderd Currency Note

The small South American country known as Suriname was formally part of the Dutch empire and became its own sovereign nation in 1975.  Guilders (or Gulden in the Dutch language) was the name of the currency for quite a number of years and was made by different institutions like the General Netherlands Company, West Indies Bank and then from 1957 on the Central Bank of Suriname.

Check out the 1998 Surinamese 100 Honderd currency bill we have in the photos below.  It obverse possesses an image of the building of the central bank as well as the denomination and the serial number which in this case is AL483507.  The back has a toucan bird on the left hand side and mining equipment in use in the middle.  The country’s arms are on the right.  This paper money is quite colorful with red, green and violets.  This bank note is in uncirculated condition and for questions or the price email us at

1988 Suriname 25 Guilder Currency Bank Note Mata Uang Dari Negara Suriname Uang Kertas 25 Dua Puluh Lima Guilder

The country of Suriname’s currency today is the Suriname dollar (as of 2004 after a strong presence of inflation) but prior to that was the Guilder (or Gulden in Dutch).  The first paper money Guilders were printed in Suriname in 1826.

Take a look at a very colorful 25 Surinamese Guilder bank note that we have in the proceeding images.  On its front is an image of Anton Dekom who was a Dutch resistance fighter during WWII as well as a political author (who wrote against colonialism).  Also on the obverse is a picture of a militia below which one will see the serial number: AG126456.  At the top are the words:  Centrale Bank Van Suriname VIJF En Twintig Gulden (25 Guilders).  On the back side of this bank note a Toucan bird on the left and on the right an orator in front of a crowd.  This paper currency is in uncirculated condition.

Uang Asing Gulden Guilder Mata Uang Dari Negara Suriname Uang Kertas 25 Dua Puluh Lima Guilder Tahun 1988, CENTRALE BANK VAN SURINAME 20 VIJF EN  TWINTIG GULDEN , Kode nomer seri: (AG126456) 9 Januari 1988. Kondisi BARU Sempurnan, UNC clean crisp and fresh, Harga Rp 300 ribu rupiah / 1-satu lembar,