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1958 Swiss Franc Silver Coin

In this post we have a 1958 Swiss Franc silver coin seen in the pictures at the bottom.  On the front we find an image of the female figured representation of Switzerland known as Helvetia.  On the reverse we see the 1 Franc denomination as well as the year the coin was struck.  There is a wide wreath that goes around the year and denomination just under the rim of the coin.  Now this one Franc coin is made from 83.49 percent silver and there were 3.58 million of them made in 1958.

Our 1958 Swiss Franc Silver Coin has seen little in the way of circulation.

Koin perak kuno 1 satu Franc dari negara Swiss tahun 1958.

1958 Swiss FrancKoin perak kuno 1 satu Franc dari negara Swiss tahun 1958.

1915 Cuba 20 Centavos Silver Coin

This post will be about a 1915 Cuba 20 Centavos silver coin (see it in the pictures below).  On its front is a coat of arms with a wreath around it below which is the denomination of the coin : Viente Centavos.  The name of it’s country is on the front side below the top rim.  Now on the back in the center there appears to be an image of a star beaming light.  Around the rim is written 5g (referring to the weight in grams) and the year 1915.  This coin is 90% silver.

Our 1915 Cuba 20 Centavos silver coin has considerable wear and looks like a good grade, most of the details are legible and the rim is mostly there.

Koin perak kuno dua puluh Centavos dari negara Kuba tahun 1915.

1915 Cuba 20 Centavos Silver Coinkoin perk kuno Kuba

1950 Monaco 100 Francs Coin Koin Kuno Dari Negara Monako

In this post the discussion will about a 1950 Monaco 100 Francs coin (see it below).  On its obverse we find the year and an image of Rainier III Prince of Monaco whose rule lasted for more than five decade.  A couple notable things about Rainier III, one is that he helped diversify his country away from just the gambling industry.  He was also married to a famous American actress: Grace Kelly who inspired the Hermes Kelly bag.  The reverse of this coin has a medieval knight riding a horse and holding a sword and has the denomination of 100 Francs.  It also says: Deo Juvante which is Latin for with God’s help.

Our  1950 Monaco 100 Francs coin looks Almost Uncirculated.

Koin Kuno seratus Francs dari negara Monako 1950.

1950 Monaco 100 FrancsDSC04139

1970 Silver Half Dollar 50 Cents Bahama Islands Coin

In this post we’ll discuss a 1970 silver 50 cents half dollar from the Bahama Islands.  The front of this coin has Queen Elizabeth II on it and at the time this coin was struck the Bahama Islands were still under the United Kingdom’s jurisdiction (until independence in 1973).  The Bahamas has a long history including a place for southern blockage runners during the American Civil War.  The reverse side of this coin has an image of an Atlantic Blue Marlin jumping out of the ocean.  This coin is 80 silver and wasn’t high produced with just 25,000 struck.

See our 1970 silver Bahama Islands 50 cents half dollar coin the pictures below.  It grade looks to be extra fine or almost uncirculated.

Koin perak kuno lima puluh cents dari palau Bahama tahun 1970.


1970 Bahama Islands Silver Dollar

The topic of this post will be about a 1970 Bahama Islands silver dollar.  Check it out in the photos underneath.  It the front or obverse there is a picture of Queen Elizabeth II with royal tiara well as the coin’s country of origin to the right hand side.  On the back or reverse we will find there is an image of snail’s sea shell often referred to as a conch above which appears to be a small image of a whale.  Also the year and denomination are on the back.  This coin is composed of 80 percent silver.  There were not many of these made, only approximately 27000.

Please have a look at the pictures below, our 1970 Bahama Islands silver dollar looks to be in extra fine or better condition.

Koin perak kuno satu 1 Dollar dari palau Bahama tahun 1970.




1952 Cuba 20 Centavos Silver Coin

Inside of this posting we’ll examine a 1952 Cuban 20 Centavos silver coin.  This coin weights a total of five grams and is .90 fine or another words it has a 90% silver composition.  On its front side is a flag and 2 dates commemorating 50 years of a former republic there.  Also there is a tower in the background and the denomation is found at the bottom.  The reverse of back side of it has a tree sticking out of old fashioned looking wheel and a star is found at the top.  There were more than 8.6 million of these struck in 1952.

Below we have photos of the 1952 Cuba silver twenty Centvos coin.  Its condition appears to be at least a high very fine.

Koin perak kuno dua puluh Centavos dari negara Kuba tahun 1952.

1935 Venezuela 10 Grams 2 Bolivares Silver Coin

A 1935 Venezuela 2 Bolivares 10 Gram coin is the subject of this entry. This coin is silver and has .2684 ounces (7.60901 grams) of the precious metal in it.  The front side has an old coat of arms from that country. On the reverse side is an image of Simón Bolívar who led a good part of South America to independence from Spain.  He was also the leader of Gran Colombia which was a large country and area consisting of today’s Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Venezuela as well as parts of Peru and Brazil.  The back  of this coin has Libertador (Liberator in English) struck on it honoring Simón Bolívar.

Check out of our silver 1935 10 Gram 2 Bolivares in the photos below.  This coin has seen substantial use and would likely grade good.

Koin perak kuno sepuluh Gram dua Bolivares dari negara Venezuela tahun 1935.

1925 Switzerland 10 Rappen Coin

Here we will take a look at a 1925 10 Rappen coin from Switzerland.  On its front side is an image of a crowned woman’s head representing liberty.  This is apparent in her head band. The words Confoedartio Helvetica are struck near the rim of the coin which is basically Latin for Switzerland.  At the bottom is the year, in this case 1925. The reverse side of this coin is the denomination 10 (Rappen) surrounded by a wreath.  The mint mark of B is at the bottom and designates being made in Bern.  This coin is made from a combination of copper and nickel and weighs 3 grams.  These were first produced in the year 1879 and have remained the same design for more than 130 years and are still being stuck today.

Below you’ll find  images of our 10 Rappen Swiss coin from 1925.  It looks to be in very fine condition.

Koin kuno dari negara Swiss tahun 1925.

2009 Norway Krone Coin

In this post we are going to look at a 2009 Norwegian Krone coin.  There were approximately 50 million of these produced in the year 2009.  Its metal composition is copper as well as nickel.  Its weight is 4.3499 grams and it has a diameter measurement of 21 millimeters.  The font side of this coin is an encircled cross with a holed center as well as the name of the country: Norge (which is Norway when translated into English).  The back side is adorned with a bird as part of a monogram design as well as the year of the coin and unit of currency it represents.

Below are pictures of our particular 2009 Norwegian Krone which appears to be in almost uncirculated condition.

Uang logam satu 1 Krone dari negara Norway tahun 2009.

Finland 1 Markka Coin from 1972

Here we will take a look at a 1 Markka coin from Finland.  This coin is from the year 1972 and on its front is a crowned lion with a sword in its hand.  Below the lion is the year plus Suomen Tasavalta (which translates into English as Republic of Finland).  The back or reverse side has the denomination and images of trees.  This coin is struck from copper and nickel and has a weight of 6.099 grams.  There were approximately 19.8 million of these made in 1972.  At the bottom of this entry are pictures of our 1972 Finland 1 Markka coin.

The Markka was the former currency of Finland which was discontinued in 2002.  It was in existence for more than 140 years and was replaced by the Euro.   At one time the Markka was pegged to the US dollar.

Koin kuno satu Markka dari negara Finland tahun 1972.