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Valuta Asing Uang Kertas Kuno $1 Dollar Bergambar Wajah Mantan President Amerika George Washington Tahun 1917 Collectible One Dollar Old American Paper Money 95 Year Old

We have a beautiful one dollar bill honoring the great first president George Washington from 1917.  It is the last significant year that this particular silver dollar design was made before the bill was changed up to its current design.  As far as what was changed on it from previous years: not much except that the frames around the serial number were actually taken off.

This is one of my favorite bills that I have in my possession; notice the gorgeous artistry on the front and the red treasury seal?  The center has a portrait of George Washington while the top left of the observe has an image Christopher Columbus.  The back of the 1917 has the words United States of America printed in an X pattern.

1917 one dollar bill in fine grade “Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples’ liberty’s teeth.” –George Washington, Very rare collectible ,

Duit kertas berumur 95 tahun uang kertas antik unik dan langka valuta asing  uang  kertas jaman dulu  $1 Dollar USA bergambar wajah mantan President Amerika Serikat yang No 1-satu yang bernama “ Mr George Washington”  koleksi uang kertas kuno yang sudah sangat jarang dan langka ditemui ditoko-toko uang kuno bahkan di Amerika sekali pun susah sekali untuk  bisa mendapakannya uang kertas dengan kondisi seperti ini, pembuatan untuk tahun 1917 series D dengan kode number (K  91355676 A) yang berarti uang ini sudah berumur 95 tahun sangat lah tua sekali, Kondisi nya lumayan bagus tidak ada robekan hanya sedikit lusuh saja dari bekas lipatan-lipatan warna tulisan dan gambarnya masih terlihat jelas , Uang ini untuk di jual dan apa bila anda berminat untuk mengkoleksi uang yang sangat jarang dan langka ini silahkan anda bisa menghubungi e-mail kami langsung di jangan kawatir pasti akan kami kasih harga yang competitive , Thank you , Terima kasih 🙂

Happy Presidents Day ! Selamat Hari President’s Amerika 🙂

1 Satu Dime Koin Logam Silver Kuno Unik Dan Langka Tahun 1912 Bergambar Kepala Patung Liberty Koin Antik Dari USA American Collectible Coin One Dime Silver 1912-D

Barber dimes are becoming harder to come by especially for the tough years and mint marks (1895-O is one notable example of a highly prized dime).  Putting together a whole set of all the years and mints would be costly and a challenge. Below we have an example a very fine grade specimen from the year 1912 (common year) that has the D mark for the Denver mint. Please CLICK ON PHOTO FOR LARGER IMAGE

The Barber Dime has the face of lady liberty wearing a hat with an olive branch as an attachment.  As you may expect the word “Liberty” is engraved in the hat.   After some arguments about what the design should be (from artists as well as the public) the task was ultimately given to the head of engraving for the mint at the time: Charles E Barber.   As far the reverse is concerned, it notates that the coin is “One Dime” and well as has various symbols of agriculture.  This coin type was made from 1892 through 1916.

1 Satu Dime One Dime dollar koin kuno duit tua jaman dulu dari Amerika Serikat Ini adalah uang logam silver koin kuno antik bergambar kepala wajah patung nyonya lady Liberty koin ini dibuat pada tahun 1912 sangat tua sekali umurnya langka dan jarang sangat bagus sekali untuk di koleksi setiap hari harga koin ini selalu naik banyak diburu oleh banyak kolektor pecinta uang kuno ,  Kondisinya sangat bagus sekali seperti baru tidak terlalu banyak tersentuh oleh tangan terbungkus rapih didalam plastik dan kertas tebal kondisinya (Very Fine) kalau si pengkoleksi uang kuno bilang, Gambar dan angka tulisannya masih terlihat sangat jelas sekali, Tahun series dan code: 1912-D , Sangat beruntung sekali apabila anda bisa memiliki koin yang langka dan jarang ini 🙂 Jadi untuk para pecinta uang KUNO Apabila anda berminat untuk mengkoleklsi uang koin kuno ini silahkan anda bisa menghubungi e-mail kami langsung di Terima kasih , Thank you 🙂

6 Enam Lembar Koleksi Uang Kertas Kuno Duit Antik Mata Uang Asing Dari Amerika Serikat Satu $1 Dollar Tahun Series Dan Code 1935 G D F E Collectibles American One Dollar’s Old Paper Money Year 1935

In 1935 the one dollar silver certificate bill has several different series, which is contrast to the 1934 which only had one.  George Washington is still on the front but there were also design modifications including the back of the bill receiving a total overhaul. It was the first year the pyramid appears on the back on the left plus the eagle holding a olive branch in its left talon and arrows on the bills right side.  This design for the most part is what is used on current one dollar bills.  Other changes include the color of the 1 digit on the front becoming grey in color and actually being reduced in its size.  The size of the treasury seal was reduced and instead of the large ONE being printed on the right (like in 1934) a smaller ONE DOLLAR is located above the seal.

Below you’ll find 6 examples $1 of bills we have:

 1935 Series G Very Fine Example of G Specimen of a series G (1935-G.  C 52960255  J) (1935-G. C 89562766  J) (1935-G. B 91055811  J)

$1 Dollar Paper Money Series D Very Fine (1935-D. G 45958627  F)

One $1 Dollar series  F ) (1935-F.  A 63085949  J)

Silver Certificate old paper bill year 1935 Series  E (1935-E. J 50981752 I)

There are many variations that can be found with a 1935 1 USD bill, actually 14.  Most of the variations are series letters but there a few notable bills that are different in other ways.  One of those is the Hawaii dollar which has that states name printed on it plus a brown treasury seal.  Another version out there is the1935 one dollar North Africa which has a yellow treasury seal.  Other noteworthy 1935 one dollar bills are specimens have the blue treasury seal with red letter S or R (actually printed on the seal itself).  Those 4 special versions of the 1935 dollar bills I’ve just mentioned are more valuable and sought after by collectors.  Oh there is one more special 1 dollar that year and that is one in which the serial number begins with a star.

6 enam lembar duit kertas kuno collectibles koleksi kolektor mata uang asing dari Amerika Serikat  uang kertas kuno duit antik jaman dulu satu $1 dollaran USA bergambar wajah mantan Presiden permata America Mr George Washington Silver Certificate uang kertas satu dollar pembuatan untuk tahun  code dan series :  (1935-G.  C 52960255  J) (1935-G. C 89562766  J) (1935-G. B 91055811  J) (1935-D. G 45958627  F) (1935-F.  A 63085949  J) (1935-E. J 50981752 I) Dengan kondisi , Sangat bagus, bagus, lumayan bagus dan biasa biasa saja, kondisi kondisi tersebut bisa anda lihat dan perhatikan langsung di foto-foto yang telah kami pajang, Apa bila anda berminat untuk mengkoleksi lebih banyak lagi silahkan anda bisa menghubungi kami langsung di e-mail Terima kasih , Thank you, And Good luck 🙂

Satu $1 Dollar Uang Kertas Kuno Uang Antik Bergembar Presiden Pertama Amerika Serikat Mr George Washington Tahun Pembuatan Series Of 1934 Silver Certificate the One Dollar Old Bills Paper Money Very Rare American Dollar’s

The one dollar’s paper money of George Washington  design was altered in the year 1934 and it was the first year that “One Dollar” is  found below  George Washington’s picture instead of the previous “One Silver Dollar.”   A couple of other changes this particular year included a number 1 which is printed in blue  on the left half of the bill and that the Treasury’s seal was put on top of the ONE found on the right . This year is more attractive to collectors than the 1935 dollar bill (with the exception of a few scarce 1935 versions like Hawaii, N. Africa etc.).  We are lucky  to have an example of one (see picture below) and as I’ve mentioned before I not a grader but I think this bill should be at least a 30 (very fine).  It is intact has crispiness and minimal folds.

Satu $1 dollar uang kertas  kuno  uang antik bergembar  Wajah Presiden  pertama Amerika Serikat yang bernama Mr George Washington tahun pembuatan series of 1934 dengan code D61857693A Silver Certificate $1 Dollar old American paper money, Uang satu dollar ini dengan kualitas masih bagus tidak ada robekan sedikitpun hanya ada sedikit bekas lipatan dan goresan dengan warna sedikit pudar/kotor tapi semua tulisan dan gambar sangat lah terlihat selas dan timbul warna hijaunya masih bagus dan cerah, Silahkan bisa anda perhatiakan sendiri untuk lebih jelasnya di foto-foto yang telah kami pajang, kondisi No 30 adalah kondisi (very fine), kalau kata kolektor bilang,  Uang yang sangat unik dan langka ini dengan kondisi seperti ini sudah sangat jarang bisa ditemukan di tempat penjualan duit uang kuno walaupun disini diUSA, Jadi untuk para pengkolektor uang kuno duit kertas jaman dulu, ini kesempatan untuk anda untuk bisa mengkoleksi uang kertas antik dan langka ini anda bisa mendapatkannya hanya di Butikmewah silahkan apabila anda berminat untuk membeli dan memilikinya anda bisa langsung  menhubungi e-mail kami di Terima kasih , Thank you,

Seated Liberty Silver Dollar Coins Koin Perak Kuno Dari Negara USA Satu Dollar Seated Liberty

Before the Morgan dollar was produced there was the silver Seated Liberty dollar which was made in the years 1840 through 1873.  This coin depicts an artistic impression of Lady Liberty seated on a mound with a shield in the left hand and in the right is the flag.  Also at the top of the obverse are 13 stars representing the thirteen original colonies.  The reverse has a vision of the American eagle with a shield on its chest holding arrows and an olive branch (similar to the Great Seal of the USA).  The Seated Liberty dollars had the “In God We Trust Motto” added to them in the year 1866.

The person who is given credit with the design is Christian Gobrect.  He was one of US Mint’s Chief Engravers and was from Pennsylvania, the son of a German immigrant.   The artist Thomas Sully also played a part in the creation of this coin with his sketches.

What I find interesting is the Seated Liberty silver Liberty Dollar continued production right through the Civil War; this despite the fact that their value was much greater than their paper equivalent.  Inflation was rampant during this period of time so I don’t believe one would see this coin being circulated often as well as the fact that people were hoarding coins with any metal value (even copper ones).  Eventually the Seated Liberty Silver Dollar saw its end with the coinage act of 1873.

Here is a video about a Seated Liberty Dollar 1870 CC

Koin perak kuno dari negara USA Seated Liberty Satu dollar.