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1965 Yugoslavian 50 Para Coin

In the post we will look at a 1965 50 Para coin from the former country of Yugoslavia.  The obverse or front side of it has the old coat of arms of that country which was used from 1943 until 1993.  It has the presence of torches in the center, grains of wheat on the sides and the date it became socialist (during WWII after occuying German forces were removed).  The back of the coin has its value which divides the year.  Its metal is brass and its weight equals out to 6 grams.  This 50 Para that we have is in very fine condition.

The Para is a subunit of the former Yugoslavia’s currency which was the Dinara.  Para coins go back to the year 1920 to when that country was called the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.  The name Yugoslavia was used on them starting in the year 1921.

2002 Yugoslavia 2 Dinara Coin Koin Dari Negara Yugoslavia Dua Dinara

This post is about a 2002 Yugoslavia 2 Dinara coin which can be looked at in the photos underneath.  It is made from a combo of nickel, copper and zinc.  On the front side is the Federation of Yugoslavia’s (a union of Serbia and Montenegro which ended in 2006) coat of arms.  It is a double headed eagle with a shield in its middle section.  On the shield are two lions plus fireshsteels with crosses.  The back of the coin has a image of a church.  This coin’s weight is 5.2 grams and in the year of 2002 there were 71.053 million of these stuck.  This 2002 Yugoslavia 2 Dinara coin is in extra fine or better condition.

The Yugoslavian Dinara history goes back to the year 1920 and since then it saw 5 revaluations then a change to the Novi Dinara which was around from 1994 until 2003.  This currency no longer exists and the last form of the Yugoslavia has disbanded.

1987 Yugoslav 100 Dinara Coin

The Yugoslavia Dinara was initiated as a currency name in 1918 and lasted until the year 2003.  It served different forms of Yugoslavia including the Kingdom of as well as Socialist and Federal Republics of.  The Dinara coins of this country had different metal compositions including copro-nickel, aluminum-bronze, nickel-brass and some were even silver (certain denominations pre-World War II).

Take a look at a 1987 Yugoslav 100 Dinara coin that we have currently.  This one is made out of a combination of copper, nickel as well as zinc.  On is front side is a state symbol and the back has the coins value in Dinara currency.  There were 94.06 million of these struck in 1987.  This particular one would be considered almost uncirculated grade.

1989 Yugoslav 100000 Dinara Currrency Bank Note DINAR Mata Uang Dari Yugoslavia Uang Kertas Seratus Ribu Dinara Tahun 1989

The 100,000 Yugoslav Dinara was actually the fourth largest denomination of paper money currency in Yugoslavia in the 1989. Inflation was starting to get out of hand there at that time and the biggest denomination printed in 1989 was actually 2,000,000 .

On the obverse of the One hundred thousand Dinara is a picture of a girl (who it is specifically is unknown) and the colors of the bill are red and purple.  The back of this bank note has a pattern of letters and numbers and what looks like an eye in the middle.  This Yugoslavia paper money is in a lower very fine grade.  Its serial number is BA7037247 and on the front and back the number denomination of 100000 is in large print. Take a look  at the photos below, Thank you.

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Mata uang Yugoslavia uang kertas Dinar 100000 seratus ribu dinara uang kertas tahun 1989 bergambar wajah seorang anak kecil gadis cantik perempuan/wanita yang tidak disebutkan nama gadis ini siapa? Bernomer kode seri: (BA 7037247)

1987 Yugoslav Twenty Thousand Dinara Bank Note Dinar Mata Uang Dari Yugoslavia 20000 Dua Puluh Ribu Dinara Uang Kertas Tahun 1987

In 1987 the 20000 Dinara was the second largest denomination printed in Yugoslavia for currency.  This was a couple of years before inflation went rampant there.

Below we have a twenty thousand Yugoslav bank note that would grade very fine.  It has on its obverse a print of a miner as well as the date that this country declared independence from German occupation during World War II.  This paper currency bill is brown, grey white in color with hints of orange and its serial number is BF1727294.  The 20000 Dinara denomination is printed in big numbers in the middle of the front.   This bank note’s back side is adorned with mining equipment as well as the denomination (in big numerals to the bottom right hand side).

Dinar Mata Uang Dari Yugoslavia 20000 Dua Puluh Ribu Dinara Uang Kertas Tahun 1987 kode nomer seri (BF1727294) “SFR” JUGOSLAVIJA. DVAJSET TISOC DINARJEV ABAECET NAJAAN ANHAPN.

1000 Yugoslav Dinara Bank Notes from 1990 and 1991 Uang Kertas Dinar 1000 Seribu Dinara Mata Uang Dari Yugoslavia

When Yugoslavia was still a united country it used the Dinara for trade.   This currency has a history that dates back to the year 1919.

We have a crisp almost uncirculated 1990 Yugslav 1000 Dinara bank note which can be looked at in the following photos.  Its coloring is a mixture of orange, brown, and white and this bill’s serial number is AF7266233.  The obverse has Nikola Tesla (who was one of the most noteworthy inventors of the 20th century) and the years he lived.  He was born in what became Yugoslavia and moved to the United States later.  The reverse side has a high frequency transformer that he invented.

In 1991 the One thousand Dinara also includes Tesla on its front as well as his transformer on the back so the design is the same.  The color on this paper currency changed with it now using blues and purples.  See pictures of one following that would grade a higher very fine serial number AC4848360.

2 dua lembar uang kertas bersejarah dari Yugoslavia uang kertas 1000 seribu dinara “Dinar”  Mata uang dari Negara Yugoslavia tahun 1990 dan 1991, kode nomer seri : (AC4848306) dan (AF7266233) uang kertas ini gambar depan bergambar wajah foto orang hebat super pintar yang bernama “Nikola Tesla” beliau adalah seorang yang merupakan salah satu penemu paling penting di abad ke-20, Nikola Tesla lahir pada tahun 1856 dan wafat meningal dunia pada tahun 1943, Nikola Tesla beliau asli-nya dari Negara Yugoslavia dan pindah ke Amerika Serikat. Kondisi uang kertas ini seperti Baru crips dan bersih tidak robek bolong ataupun bekas lipatan, Harga silahkan kontak, Terima kasih.

SFR Jugoslavija 500 Dinara Yugoslavian Banknotes Paper Money Currency From Year 1990 Mata Uang Dari Negara Yugoslavia 500 Lima Ratus Dinara Tahun 1990

The Yugoslav Five Hundred Dinara paper currency note was printed from the year 1970 until 1992 when inflation got out of control and larger bill denominations had to be utilized.

See the photos of a 1990 Five Hundred Dinara bank note that we have in very fine grade.  On its front is a picture of a young man on the left with the date of November 29, 1943 (date Yugoslavia declared it was a sovereign nation again from German occupation) in the middle.  On the back side of this currency note is a picture of a mountain scene.  This 500 Dinara bill is blue, green and purple and has serial number AT4622346. Dinar SFR Jugoslavija , Please e-mail or sms us for the price , Thank you.

500 lima ratus Dinar uang kertas mata uang dari Negara Yugoslavia uang kertas tahun 1990 depan uang kertas ini bergambar foto wajah anak dewasa pria/cowok dan dibelakang uang ini bergambar pemandangan pegunungan es gunung salju, Kode nomer seri : (AT 4622346) Series 1990. Narodna Banka Jugoslavije 500 Anhapa Dinara – Dinarjev Anhapn, Kondisi Sangat Bagus seperti BARU tidak banyak tersentuh oleh tangan crisp bersih dan tidak cacad sedikitpun. 500 Dinara Yugoslavian Banknotes Paper Money Currency From Year 1990 Mata Uang Dari Negara Yugoslavia 500 Lima Ratus Dinara Tahun 1990.

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50 Dinara Yugoslav Bank Notes Paper Currency 1990 Dinar 50 Lima Puluh Dinara Uang Kertas Dari Negara Yugoslavia Tahun 1990

For many years the Dinara was the currency of the country known as Yugoslavia (which currently no longer exists).  Eventually the Dinara of Yugoslavian was officially ended what was left of the country was went through its final division in 2003 (into Montenegro and Serbia).

See below for a 50 Dinara bank note bill from 1990.  It has a picture of young kid on the front of the bank note and on the back are rose flowers.  This paper currency money Yugoslav fifty Dinara is a higher very fine grade.  It has some staining otherwise in above average condition with minimal folds. Please contact us for the price thanks.

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Dinar adalah mata uang dari Negara Yugoslavia, uang kertas 50 lima puluh dinara tahun 1990, bergambar foto anak kecil anak cowok pria, dan dibelakang uang kertas ini bergambar 2-dua tangkai bunga Rose. Narodna Banka Jugoslavije 50 Anhapa Dinara – Dinarjev Anhapn, SFR Jugoslavija. Uang kertas berkode nomer seri: (AP 0789871) kondisi bagus, gambar tulisan dan angka-nya masih terlihat dengan jelas tidak ada robek, bolong, hanya sedikit bekas lipatan saja. Silahkan foto-nya bisa anda lihat sendiri difoto yng telah kami pajang ini. 50 Dinara Yugoslav Bank Notes Paper Cureency 1990 50 Lima Puluh Dinara Uang Kertas Dari Negara Yugoslavia Tahun 1990.