Columbian Exposition US Commemorative Silver Half Dollar Coin

In this entry we will take a look at a 1893 Columbian Exposition US silver half dollar.  This coin commemorates the 400th anniversary of Chistopher Columbus landing in the new world.  It has a portrait of Christopher Columbus who was the first European to establish wide spread awareness and contact with the Americas (North and South).  The reverse has an image of the Santa Maria boat which was one of the three ships Columbus used on his first trip to the new world.  The front’s design was done by Charles Barber whereas the reverse was by George Morgan.  The mintage of this half dollar was only 1.55 million.

Take a look at our silver 1893 Columbus half dollar in the photos below.  It has seen a bit of circulation.

Commemorative US silver half dollarkoin perak kuno Amerika 1893

Koin perak kuno dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1893 bergambar waja Chistopher Columbus.