Cushion Shaped Diamonds Batu Permata Berlian Berbentuk Cushion Cut/Potongan Classic Cushion Cut/Shaped Diamonds

Info tentang Batu mulia batu intan permata berlian berbentuk model/styles cushion cut/potongan,  The cushion cut or shaped diamond has a squarish or rectangular form (dependent on length or width ratio) and perhaps resembles a pillow.  It has not really gained popularity until recent years though its design has existed for well over a century.  Modifications to how it is cut have lead to uptickes in popularity.  Some of the freatures that come with this types of diamond are rounded or cut corners and large facets.  Though is doesn’t have the fire of say a very good round or radient cut rock it still has a nice antique or classic feel to it.

With a cushioned shaped diamond go for the best clarity your budget will alllow (try to get a least a VS2) as inclusions can be more visible.  In regards to color go for at least a G if possible though an I, J or even K can still look accceptable dependent on your tastes.  The cut should be at least good and table percentage should be in the 56-71 range.  Stick with depth in the 54 to 73% range. Photo coming soon, Foto segera dipajang ,