Diamond Culet, Brilliance And Fancy Colors Berlian Culet Dan Warna-Warni Fancy Indah Warna Fantastis Batu Permata Berlian

A diamond’s culet refers to the tip which is at times faceted (cut smoothly) on the bottom of the stone.  It may be subject to a facet in order to protect the rock from being chipped.  Opt for either a rock with no culet (if the tip is undamaged) or otherwise a very small, small or even medium rating.  Stay away from (for the most part) the larger culet rating that goes from slightly to extremely large as they may have a negative impact on the stone’s appearance.  Antique specimens may be an exception to this and they often had larger culets.

Now a diamond’s brilliance represents how bright the stone is as well as its contrast.  Really its a characteristic of a rock defined by how well it can handle light.  Does light pass through and reflect properly making the stone look amazing (great brilliance) or does it appear to be deficient in this quality?  There are variables I’ve mentioned here that can add to or take away from a diamond’s brilliance.  Like for instance an ideal cut will surely add a stone’s brilliance significantly.

Fancy colored diamonds refer to a stone that could be blue, fancy yellow canary, red, green, pink etc.  and do not fit into the colorless category.  They are often rare, highly sought after and quite valuable.

Berbagai  ragam warna warni cantik warna indah dan fantastis batu permata berlian , Koleksi Dari Aurora Diamond’s Berlian Dan Koleksi Dari Tiffany Diamond , Fabulous lovely unique and very rare Fancy colored diamond’s by Aurora Collection diamond’s and Tiffany diamond collection, Warna pink Pink color, Warna Biru Blue color, Warna hijau Green color, Warna merah Red color, Berlian warna coklat Brown diamond color,  Warna Kuning Yellow color fancy yellow canary diamond, dan lain-lain… Biasanya untuk harga Batu permata berlian yang berwarna warni harga akan lebih mahal dibanding dengan harga batu berlian yang berwarna putih, Tapi itu juga tergantung dari ukuran size quality dan characteristic dari batu tersebut ,bisa juga harga batu berlian yang berwarna putih akan lebih mahal dari yang berwarna fancy,  Please Note foto-foto berlian ini hanya untuk koleksi saja tidak untuk dijual collection only Not For Sale, Thank you , Terima kasih,