Emerald Gemstone Green Emerald Batu Permata Batu Mulia Emerald Warna Hijau Stunning Green Emerald Stone

The gemstone known as Emerald is considered precious (in the same class as sapphires, diamonds and rubies) and is in the mineral family known as Beryl.  They are found in the primary color of green with backing colors that could include blue, red and yellow.  Fine emeralds really have an impressive green glow to them with a dark cast and have a great transparency.

Now they are found in a few countries with Egypt and India having a history of mining activity for them.  The best specimens seem to come from South America specifically Columbia and Brazil.

There are a few important characteristics with Emeralds that include its cut, clarity/transparency, carat size, treatment color.  The most desirable color wise with this stone seem to be a bright medium green with backing blue hues.  How masterful the cut is will make a difference as well and from a shape perspective they commonly have the shape they share their name with.  Now an Emerald’s clarity from an inclusion perspective is not as pertinent (but certainly still is a consideration) as with other stones but its transparency is quite important.  This has to due with how well light passes through rock and hence how well one can see into the emerald.  How the stone has been subjected to treatment is also critical as some processes will take away from value.  It is advisable to obtain certification on them if the purchase price is a large amount of money.

Emeralds are considered to be a hard stone but not like a diamond.  Even so they should be handled with the utmost care.  They are the birth stone for the month of May.

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