Gold Tone Hinged Vintage Choker Necklace Kalung Antik Berlapis Emas

Here we will have a glance at a vintage (believed to be from the late seventies or early 1980s) gold tone hinged fashion necklace.  Please examine the pictures of it below.  Perhaps the best way to describe this piece is it has a  minimalist fashion and it catches one’s eye as inviting. There is no designer’s signature on it and it weights in at 88.2 g.

This splendid necklace has a diameter on the inside of 30.48 cm (12 inches) and its width is 2.2 cm (7/8 of an inch).

This piece has a hinge that allows it to be put on easily and as far as its condition is concerned it is superb.



Kalung antik berlapis emas.  Price Harga $149.99 USD