Heart Shaped Diamonds For Valentine’s Day Batu Permata Berlian Berbentuk Hati Tanda Kasih Sayang Lambang Cinta Sejati Dan Abadi Be My Valentine,

The heart shaped diamond can make a nice gift as the stone is cut in the form of a heart and can represent something very special (as any beautiful diamond can).  Essentially this shape is a modified pear that has a modified top.  Its very important to choose one with the proper length to width ratio to suite your tastes.  Compare a .75 (fatter) to a 1.0 (the more traditional choice) to a 1.25 which appears longer.

A heart cut or shaped diamond has 59 facets.  Its important to choose one that has a least a good cut because you want the precious rock to omit a nice fire and not be dull.  Stick with a depth in the range of 53 to 70% (though go with 57-63% if possible).  With table 51-68 is acceptable but 53-62 is preferrable.  Its best to chose one of these diamonds with a carat size of at least .50 carat.   So to lessen the appearance of inclusions choose SI1 at a minimum.  Ideally the rock’s color will be colorless (D-F) but near colorless is certainly acceptable (g-j).

Be My Valentine , Love In The Air, Hari kasih sayang Velentine’s day akan segera tiba katakan cinta dari lubuk hati yang paling dalam cinta yang sesunguh-nya cinta yang abadi kepada pasangan terkasih anda hadiahkan si dia dengan berlian berbentuk hati , Berlian berbentuk hati tanda kasih sayang lambang cinta sejati dan cinta yang abadi selama lama-nya… Happy Valentine’s Day !