Italy 5 Centesimi Coin from 1928

The coins of the former currency of Italy known as the Lira are interesting.  For those that collect gold coins the 10 and 20 Lire in certain years (early 1900s and  back) were both struck in the precious metal.  There were also silver issues of various denominations including the 5 lire which eventually got phased out in the late 1930s for expense reasons.  This was during the time of the Kingdom of Italy which was from 1861-1946.  Prior to that Italy was a set of Napoleonic states which used gold coins as well including the 40 Lire.  Some of these featured Napoleon and others his 2nd wife Marie Louise.

Below we have a 1928 5 Centesimi coin which featured King Vittorio Emanuele III.  This is a bronze issue and was produced in Rome which made about 16 million of them in 1928.  The back has an image of a grain of wheat plus the denomination and year. It weights is 3.2599 grams and its diameter 19.8 millimeters.  Our particular coin is in very fine+ condition.