Korean Cosmetics Korean Beauty SECRETS “DANAHAN Hyoyong-Su” Night And Day Face Cream Super Powerful Whitening And Anti-Wrinkle Cream Size 15ml Made In KOREA

Korean Cosmetics Korean Beauty SECRETS For Clear Healthy White Glowing Younger And Beautiful Skin Everyday ! “DANAHAN Hyoyong-Su” Night And Day Face Cream Super Powerful Whitening And Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Aging Cream Size: 15ml. DANAHAN Hyoyong-su Cream Whitening & Anti-Wrinkle 15ml Made in KOREA.

Have you ever wondered why your friends look younger than their age? Let’s find out their secret!! Danahan skin care system is based on the theory of yin-yang and the five elements. Especially, Danahan Hyoyongsoo, which is made of the fermented mixture of red ginseng, foxlove, tuckahoe (Indian bread), and honey, removes sagging on your face and brighten your skin tone.

FEATURE: This double -action  oriental herb moisturizing cream applies smoothly as a gel type cream that melts down on your skin and gives your skin rich moisture and a softer surface. Red ginseng concentrate with developing energy of water gives vitality and deep moisture to your skin and the precious ingredients of Hyoyong Jinaek and Samsip-hongbodan give necessary nutrition for the skin.It restores the original color of the skin as well as vitality and wlasticity What is Danahan?:DANAHAN is a traditional oriental cosmetic line based on the principle of positive and negative energy, created with Hyoyong-Jinaek (fermented deer antlers) and 30 Hongbodan or thirty kinds of oriental ingredients listed in Bonchogangmok, Donguibogam and various traditional medical books.

What is HYOYONG JINAEK?:Meaning “fermented young deer antlers”, an ingredient used to promote one’s body’s metabolism and strength.It is matured at low temperatures and bio-fermented to optimal lactobacillus content in order to draw out its effectiveness. It is believed to add resilience and radiance to one’s skin by increasing skin stamina and recovery. What is 30 HONGBODAN?: A formula made from 30 types of Chinese medicinal herbs designed to maintain the balance of energy, water and blood in one’s body. It helps to keep your skin fair and luminous by revitalising imbalanced and problem ridden skin. Consists of Red Ginseng (Hong) as its main ingredient, and other exotic and valuable herbs (Bodan). HOW TO USE: After using Toner Or Serum, apply it gently until it`s absorbed into skin with finger-pressure motion. 100% Guaranteed Authentic Original Product By Somang Cosmetics “Made in KOREA” HARGA SILAHKAN KONTAK TERIMA KASIH! Free Shipping.