Mexico Silver Peso Coin from 1932 Koin Perak Kuno dari Negara Meksiko

In this entry we will examine a 1932 Mexico silver one 1 un Peso coin.  It is 0.720 fine as indicated on its front.  The obverse side also has an old image of the Mexican arms as well as the name of the country.  The back is struck with a picture of a liberty cap beaming light down below it.  The denomination of the coin (un 1 peso)  is also present on the reverse as well as the year of 1932.  I wreath is below the year.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this Mexico silver Peso coin from 1932.  It doesn’t appear that this Mexican coin has seen much circulation.

Koin perak kuno satu Peso dari negara Meksiko tahun 1932.