Oval Cut Diamonds Batu Permata Berlian Berbentuk Potongan Cut Oval Classic And Lovely Oval Cut Shaped Diamond

The oval shaped or cut diamond dates back to the 60s when Lazare Kaplan developed it.  Perhaps its a close alternative to the round cut and can emit as impressive sparkle as well.  Its length to width ratio will be important and you may want to compare a few different ones to see which best suites your taste.  For instance look at 1.25 compared to 1.5 vs. 1.75.

With an oval dimaond its pertinent to have at least a good cut.  The clarity is sufficient with SI2 but go with better if possible.  As far as depth goes its important to be in the 54-70 range (but 58-66% if you can).  With the table choose in the range of 53 to 68%.  As far as color is concerned I or better is sufficient.  Oval cut diamonds are also subject to the bow tie effect (what looks like there is a dark area inside of the stone that has the form of a bow tie).  This shape of rock can be a nice alternative to a round stone.  Classic cantik indah anggun dan elegant dengan batu permata berlian berbentuk Oval Cut ,