Pear Shaped Diamonds Berlian Berbentuk Buah Pear-Pier Si Cantik Dan Manis The Fabulous Glamourous A Pear Shaped/Cut Diamond

As its name suggests the pear shaped or cut diamond has the basic form of the fruit with the same name.  Part of the rock is similiar to a round stone and the other part is like a marquise.  Want your fingers to look thinner than they really are?  This diamond may be useful in creating such an effect when worn.  This brilliant cut stone’s length to width ratio is important in its appearance and you may want to compare a 1.5 to a 1.75 and a 2 to see which one suites your tastes.

How the pear shaped diamond is cut is quite imporant as it commonly has 58 facets that can produce a exquisite fire when done properly.  It is subject to the bow tie effect (an appearance of a dark area in the stone like the marquise is) as well as what are called uneven shoulders.  This is where the round part of stone looks off or not even.

Now for the criteria for selecting a pear shaped diamond.  Start with the length to width ratio which most experts would say that 1.5 to 1.7 is best but your preference may differ so compare.  The cut is very pertinent so opt for at the very least good but before anything else go with a better cut if its possibe.  The clarity should at least be SI2 and the color at least J but if you want a really impressive rock go for IF or VVS1 and colorless (D-F).  Ideally table will be at 54-58 % (but avoid anything under 51 or over 70%).  As for depth choose 58-62 if possible but if not just stay away from a pear diamond that is below 53 or over 71.

Batu permata Berlian berbentuk buah pear-pier si cantik manis sweet dan menawan hati  sesuai dengan nama-nya buah pear 🙂  Ini foto contoh untuk berlian berbentuk buah pear , Foto/Gambar telah kami perbesar agar terlihat lebih jelas berlian asli-nya tidak sebesar yang difoto/gambar berlian asli-nya hanya 6carat,  Maaf berlian ini tidak untuk di jual hanya koleksi saja, Not For Sale, Thank you , Terima kasih,