Set of 1953 Chinese Fen Bank Notes Mata Uang Kertas Dari Negara China

In China the currency is called the Renminbiin which there are 3 units.  The biggest of these units is called the Yuan.  There is also the Jiao and 10 of these equal one Yuan.  The smallest unit is referred to as the Fen and 10 of those equal One Jiao.  Yuan bank notes have been around since the year 1948.

Looking below you’ll see three Chinese 1953 Fen bills (which was the 2nd issue) that we currently have.  The first one is 1 Fen bank note (P-860C China) which is a brown color and on its obverse has a truck carrying food and 2 Roman numerals. The back of it has the Arms at center. It is in uncirculated condition.

The next bill is the 2 Fen (P-861b)  and is blue in color.  On its obverse is a propeller aircraft and on the back is also the Arms at center.  Its grade is uncirculated.

The third Fen bill we are in possession of is the 5 Fen (P862b) paper mony.  This particular bank note is green and has a large cargo boat on it.  The back is the same as the previous 2 bills and it is also uncirculated.

Koleksi 3 tiga lembar uang kertas kuno antik dari Negara China tahun 1953 condisi Baru “UNC’ Untuk harga please contact/e-mail kami di Terima kasih,