Set Of 4 Four 1973 Canadian One Dollar Currency Bank Notes Koleksi 4-Empat Lembar Uang Kertas 1-Satu Dollar Dari Negara KANADA-CANADA Tahun 1973

See a set of four 1973 Canadian dollar currency bills that we have in the pictures following.  Their serial numbers go in in order sequentially and all of them are crisp and uncirculated.  The lowest numbered one is ECP7321408, the next 3 are the same except they end in higher numbers (9, 10 and 11).  This indicates they were sold as a set special for collectors. On the obverse is Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and the lead of the Commonwealth.  The reverse side has an image of boats on the Ottawa River and in the background the Canadian Parliament building.

The Canadian dollar’s (CAD) history goes back to the year 1871 when currency reforms were initiated.  Prior to that the different provinces had their own monies including British Columbia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia etc.

4 Empat lembar uang kertas 1-satu dollar dari Negara “KANADA – Canada”, Koleksi lengkap seri number berurutan berbeda-beda tetapi tahun-nya sama  th: 1973, Uang kertas jaman dulu uang kuno antik tahun 1973 bergambar wajah RATU Elizabeth II Ratu dari Negara Inggris , Kondisi BARU Sempurna UNC fresh clean crisp PERFECT!. Uang kertas kuno jaman dulu ini bertulisakan , BANK OF CANADA – BANQUE DU CANADA. UN 1 ONE DOLLAR CANADA. THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER – CE BILLET A COURS LEGAL. OTAWA 1973. Ditanda tangani oleh, Sous-Gouverneur .  Deputy-Governor.  Governor-Gouverneur, Kode nomer seri berurutan :  (ECP 7321408) (ECP 7321409) (ECP 7321410) (ECP 7321411), HARGA SUPER SPESIAL SUPER MURAH HANYA RP 2 JUTA RUPIAH UNTUK 4 EMPAT LEMBAR EMPAT KOLEKSI.