Silver Franklin US 50 Cents Coin from 1954 Philadelphia Mint

In this entry we will highlight a 1954P silver Ben Franklin half dollar coin.  Take a look at in the image underneath, its condition or grade looks to be very fine.  There were 13.188 million of these struck in 1954 and this would include 233,300 proof coins.  A coin like this is nice way to buy a 50 plus year old silver coin with out a large premium over spot.  As time goes on this may change.  Actually completing a whole set of them won’t cost one a very large amount of money because there aren’t any big key dates with the Franklin Half Dollars.

Benjamin Franklin is welll known for his role as a forefather to the USA.  He also came up with inventions and ideas like the lightning rod and free public libary.  A couple of  interesting things most don’t know about are he was father of the American cartoon and he only reached the 2nd grade in his education as a child.  He did however recieve a much desevered advanced honorary degree later.

Koin perak kuno dari negara Amerika serikat lima puluh cents tahun 1954.