Silver US 1933 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coin San Francisco Mint

In 1933 the US mint only made silver half dollars in the San Francisco mint.  They made 1.786 million of these Walking Liberty 50 cent pieces in the S mint and this was after a break of 3 years.  The previous year of production for these was 1929.  Silver was continually used comprising 90 percent of this coin or in measurement terms .3617 ounces of the precious metal.  Though the mintage isn’t that high and they were only made in one mint that year, the 1933S doesn’t get much of a premium above more common date Walking Liberty half dollars.  As time goes on we may see more of a premium of course dependent on demand.

Walking Liberty Halves began in the year 1916 and I would say their design is the most memorable of any US 50 cent piece in the 20th century.  Certain silver Walking Liberty Half Dollars are keydates can command large premiums especially those with very low mintages (especially in uncirculated grades).  A complete set with every year and mint would also be quite a prize.

The pictures below are of a 1933S Walking Liberty that we have.  After looking over this coin it would grade a very good.

Koin perak kuno dari negara USA lima puluh cents tahun 1933.