Skin79 Skin Care Cosmetic Made In Korea SKIN79 Crystal Peeling Face Scrub And Exfoliator Gel For Deep And Thorough Exfoliation Full Size100ml Brand New

Clear White And Beautiful Healthy Skin Just One Step Away With “Skin79” Skin Care Cosmetic Product Made In Korea SKIN79 Crystal Peeling Face Scrub And Exfoliator Gel For Deep And Thorough Exfoliation Full Size 100ml Brand New. SKIN79 Crystal Peeling Gel Multiple Benefit Product that removes impurities dead cells improve the quality of skin texture prepares for moisture absorption leaves skin feeling clean glow smooth and soft like baby skin suitable for all skin type. Eliminates all impurities & dead skin cells that inhibit the natural process of cell renewal.Promotes better penetration of skin care products.Instantly unveils a radiant, soft and smooth skin.Gently exfoliates even sensitive skin. Good for If you have Oily skin,Skin with lots of black heads, skin with dark spot,Trouble and Sensitive skin Heavy makeup skin Skin needing dead-skin care, this peeling cell for all skin problem, DETAIL INFORMATIONAL: Hypoallergenic! Enzyme Peeling!The protein disjointing enzyme KERATOLINE-C’s main concept is to clear up dead skin to become soft,smooth clear skin. Skin Flexibility & Skin Supplement The natural cellulose will turn dead skin soft and prevent skin roughening, and with the hyaluronic acid, the skin will be moist after peeling. Clean the Troubling Culprit – Bodily Waste! Completely clean the dirt and blackheads from the pores and eliminate all causes of skin troubles to maintain a clean skin. DIRECTION: After washing and drying face completely (no water),apply all over face, avoid eye and lip area. (For sensitive skin, please use in the presence of water)Use proper force and gently massage in a circulation motion. After massaging, rinse with plenty of warm water so there is no residue left behind.Finish with applying foundation. (Depending on skin type, use 1~2 times a week or more) TIPS:lease don’t forget that if you use masks or moisturizing cream right after peeling, then absorption is quicker and there are better results.You can see the dead skin and cellulose as you use the peel. Apply once or twice a week after cleansing to all over the face avoiding eye rims and lip. Remove impurities with warm water after massaging with fingertips. 100% Guaranteed Authentic by Skin79 Cosmetic Product Made In KOREA and 100% Brand New in the box.  HARGA RP 750 RIBU RUPIAH BELUM TERMASUK ONGKOS SHIPPING.