Sphene Gemstone Batu Mulia Batu Permata Sphene Stunning Beautiful Very Rare And Very Unique Sphene Stone In Multi-Colored

Sphene is a gemstone known for its impressive fire.   In fact so much so that it rivals that of a diamond as far as its shine is concerned.  It is not a hard stone though so it should be handled with care in order to prevent scratches and other types of damage.  So as such Sphene may be most suitable in use in perhaps earring or pendants to avoid contact with other objects.  Its other name is Titanite.

The color of this stone is important and generally one that has a yellow & green primary coloration that makes it absolutely stunning.  Other colors may be present as well like orange or brown.  In order to get the most brilliance out of Sphene it should be cut in a masterful fashion.  It can be found in various shapes like round, cushion, emerald, oval and others.

Sphene can be found in various sizes commonly .5, 1 and 2 carat.  Larger specimens can be found as well and can also command premium prices especially if accompanied with a good cut and a desirable yellow-green color.

Sphene is discovered in a variety of locations some of which are:  Mynamar, Madagascar, United States, Canada, Austria and more.  Though it really isn’t a common gemstone it is one that collectors treasure and I appreciate a lot.

Untuk Di Jual Batu Permata, Batu Mulia SPHENE, Batu Sphene Warna-nya Yang Sangat Cantik Unik Aneh  Dan Langka Jarang Ada Dipasaran Warna-nya Yang Begitu Bersinar Menyerupai/ Seperti Warna Batu Permata Berlian Yellow/Orange Canary Very Unique And Very Rare  Beautiful Natural Multi Color SPHENE Stone Natural Gemstone, Description Gem Type & Name: Very Rare And Very Unique Super Stunning Natural Sphene in multi-colored Yellow, Green, Red, & Orange, Color: Very Rare in multi-colored,  Shape/Cut: Classic Oval, Clarity: VVS1, Luster: Excellent, Carat: 2.48 Ct. Size: 9. 52 x 6. 95 x 4. 51 mm. Treatment: Natural Unheated, Hardness: 5.5 Moh’s scale, Gemstone Origin From Pakistan, Harga Rp11Juta Rupiah, Apabila ada yang bermiant silahkan anda bisa kontak langsuang via e-mail atau telepon yang telah kami sediakan di contact e-mail dan phone,  Thank you , Terima Kasih,