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1942 Denver Mint Mercury Silver Dime US Coin Koin Perak Antik Dari Negara Amerika Serikat 10 Cent Dime Tahun 1942

The 1942 mercury silver dime was produced in all three US mints (Philadelphia, San Francisco and Denver).  Now the most interesting of these coins this year is the 2 over 1 which came out of Philly and Denver.  The US mint had left over coins from 1941 and decided to stamp a 2 on top of the 1 in that year.  Now there isn’t a huge population of these 2 over 1 coins so they are worth a premium.

The following are pictures of a 1942 D minted silver Mercury (or winged head) dime coin (this one is not a 2 over 1).  It has a capped Lady Liberty on its obverse and the fasces (which represents strength through unity) on the back.  This particular example has nice luster and minimal wear, perhaps a low grade extra fine 40.

Koin Perak Mercury Lady Liberty Koin Antik Unik Dan Langka Uang Logam Dari Negara Amerika Serikat USA Duit Perak Kuno 10 Sepuluh Cent One Dime Tahun 1942 koin yang cantik dan unik bergambar lady Liberty beliau lagi mengenakan topi bersayap ini dicetak diproduksi di kota Denver “D” mint mark. Kondisi-nya sangat bagus sekali , untuk harga silahkan kontak, Terima kasih.

1942 Silver Half Dollar Walking Liberty Coin Uang Logam Kuno Koin Perak $1/2 Setengah Dollar Koin Liberty Tahun 1942 Mata Uang Dari Negara Amerika Serikat USA

The Walking Liberty silver half dollar is one of the most renowned designs in American coinage.  It has lady liberty in stride with the sun rising on the obverse and the reverse has a impressive take on the an American Eagle.  This coin was created by Adolf A Weinman and was utilized on the 50 cent piece from 1916 until 1947.  The image on the front of the coin was renewed in recent times with the advent of the 1 ounce Silver Eagle which was started in 1986 and is still made.

In the year 1942 the Philadelphia mint produced 47.8 million Walking Liberties including 21,120 proofs, Denver (D) made 10.9 million and San Francisco struck 12.7 mil.  All in all it is common date year for this coin where even mint state specimens shouldn’t be hard to come by.

See the following pictures of an example of a 1942 silver half dollar walking liberty that is in very fine state.

1942 Silver Half Dollar Walking Liberty1942 Silver Half Dollar Walking Liberty

½ Setengah dollar mata uang dari Negara Amerika Serikat $$$ US Dollar Koin perak uang logam kuno antik gambar depan foto lady Liberty lagi berjalan dan beliau lagi membawa/memegang bunga tahun produksi untuk tahun 1942 dibuat dikota Philadelphia USA, gambar belakang burung Elang-Eagle bird. United States Of America Half dollar silver Walking Liberty coin year 1942. Kondisi-nya sangat bagus sekali gambar dan tulisan-nya sangat timbul jelas.  Koin ini 1942 silver half dollar walking liberty Philadelphia Mint,

Koin Antik Uang Logam Silver Setengah 1/2 Dollars Benjamin Franklin USA, Benjamin Franklin Half Dollars Old Coins

Koleksi Koin antik koin kuno jaman dulu uang lama uang logam silver asli setengah 1/2 Dollars Benjamin Franklin Duit logam silver Amerika USA tahun pembuatan: 1948 dan 1960 Collection Of Benjamin Franklin half dollars Old Coins Made Year Date : 1948 and 1960. Dan ada satu 1 lagi yang baru belum pernah tersentuh sama sekali masih di segel didalam kotak plastik kaca koin USA Benjamin Frangklin Dengan gambar lonceng liberty 1/2 dollar coin 100% seratus percen terbuat dari logam silver asli tahun pembuatan 1963. dengan code 50c CAMEO PF 66 325282-009. HF00017 PR-66 CAM. Kami cantukan code dan tahun pembuatan untuk koin antik koin kuno Benjamin Frankin setengah 1/2 dollars Amerika: 1948. 1949/1949-D/1949-S. 1950/1950-D. 1951/1951-S. 1952/1952-D/1952-S. 1953/1953-D/1953-S. 1954/1954-D/1954-S. 1955. 1956. 1957/1957-D. 1958/1958-D. 1959/1959-D. 1960/1960-D.

Ben Franklin (who was one of the forefathers of the USA, great inventor, diplomat and more) inspired the US mint to create a half dollar coin honoring him.  This coin features Ben on the front and the liberty bell on the reverse and was made from 1948 until 1963.  They are 90% silver and contain .3617 ounce of the precious metal silver.  The other 10% is copper.  Though certainly not the rarest of 50 cent pieces as time goes on Franklin half dollars may become more sought after by collectors.  Putting together a complete set of these in 65+ (gem quality) would not be an easy or cheap task to say the least.  If the price of silver continues upward it will undoubtedly help the price of these coins.

Bagi anda para pengemar pencinta dan pengkolektor uang jaman dulu koin kuno kami menjualnya disini kalau anda berminat untuk menanyakan harga atau condisi uang logam yang kami jual ini silahkan anda bisa contact e-mail kami langsung di butikmewah@gmail.com Thank you, Terima kasih.

Below is an example of a 1963 (the last year the Franklin $.50 was made) graded 66 cameo proof by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). One of the more valuable Franklin half dollars would be the 1950 proof especially if it is cameo and even better a deep cameo.

Koleksi Uang Lama Koin Kuno Koin Antik Uang Logam Silver Amerika Washington Quarters Tahun 1932-1964 Collectors Old Coin

George Washington’s image first appeared on the Quarter in the year 1932 with an American eagle on the back and until 1964 were 90% silver.  Their values have gone up in value quite a bit in recent years especially because of a dramatic increase in the price of the precious metal silver.  As an example any of these Washington Quarters (1932-1964) will have a minimum value of $6.06  if silver is $33.52 per ounce.  This can be calculated by taking .1808 ounce (which how much of the precious metal is in 1 of those quarters) and multiplying it by whatever the market price per ounce of silver is.

Now other than having a material value because of their silver content, certain 1932-1964 Washington Quarters will have collector or numismatic value.  Variables that determine their collector worth could be year, where they were minted, how many were made and of course their grade.  The most sought after examples of Washington silver quarters are the year 1932 variety made in Denver or San Francisco (marked D or S below the eagle on the back of the coin).  They only made just over 400,000 of each.  If someone is lucky to have one of these they could be worth $150 in just good (grade 4) to several thousands of dollars in a higher uncirculated grade (like 65).

Below you’ll find some of examples of 1964 Washington Quarters that are uncirculated.  Notice the toning or coloration?   In fact they were in a roll for decades. Now when you get into the uncirculated grades( 60 and above) it gets very difficult to judge their number grade because the small nuances between for instance 63 and 65.












Now the following (below) are a few more examples of earlier Washington Quarter that are very good or fine grades. We have many of these types of coins if you are interested in any of these examples or are looking for any particular coin let us know. Thank you and Enjoy !










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