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Princess Cut Loose Diamond .31 Carat GIA Certified, Batu Permata Berlian Berbentuk Princess Sertifikat GIA

Take a look at this beautiful loose diamond that we have in our gallery which can be viewed in the photographs underneath.  It is a .31 carat princess cut with D color (which is the best color one can get with a colorless diamond).  The clarity rating is also nice at SI1 (slightly included) which is great because the inclusions are not noticeable to the naked eyed (with the exception of a gem professional).  What is also nice with SI1 stones are the prices aren’t nearly as absorbent as higher clarity ratings are like VS, VVS and IF.  This diamond’s depth is 77.2% and its table rating is 78%.  It comes with a certificate, in this case a GIA Dossier Report.

This is a great looking diamond that can be mounted in a ring for engagement or used for any other occasion like anniversary, graduation present etc.  The price for one like this can be affordable, feel free to email us butikmewah@gmail for more information.



Dijual Harga 35 Jt

Batu permata berlian putih berbetuk Princess yang cantik klasik dan menawan hati, berat batu permata ini .31 carat dilengkapi oleh sertifikat GIA tanda bukti keaslian nya, Berlian ini ber Clarity SI1, Dan Warna D, Color D, D adalah warna paling teratas dan paling bagus sangat putih bersinar dan super bersih, Berlian yang belum disetting ini bisa anda setting dengan emas putih emas kuning atau mungkin platina/platinum dan bisa dijadikan sebagai cincin tunangan atau mungkin hanya cincin biasa pasti akan terlihat indah dan manawan! Anda berminat untuk menbeli permata berlian ini silahkan anda bisa kontak kami via e-mail atau telepon, Harga terjangkau dijamin!


Batu Berlian Diamond .53 Carat Marquise

Take a look at this majestic and fine .53 carat natural marquise shape loose diamond batu berlian! This is perfect to have set in a gold or platinum ring and to give as a gift for engagement or any special occasion. Its clarity is quite impressive being a VS2  (very slightly included) and its color is nice as well being a  J (near colorless).  On top of that this diamond is certified by the top name in the industry:  GIA.

Brilliance Loose Diamond Batu Berlian Batu Permata Batu Mulia Berlian Beautiful Stunning Sparkle Shine Shiny And Sparkly 100% Natural Genuine Diamond Stone, Carat Weight 0.53-Carat, Shape/Cut Marquise, Color J, Clarity VS2, Cut Very Good, And Diamond Comes Accompanied With The GIA Certificate . A Diamond Grading Report documents the specific characteristics of a diamond. These reports are issued by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), which is among the most respected organizations in the diamond industry.  Batu berlian marquise diamond are Truly Amazing , Diamond Life-Time Classic, Diamond Are Forever And Always Be In Style, Gift idea for the most precious loved ones in your life, There’s a reason diamonds have remained a girl’s best friend throughout time there’s virtually no accessory that adds instant glam to an outfit the way they do. And these picks are truly the crème de la crème, so if you’re in search of serious sparkle to set you (or a loved one) apart from the rest, you’ve come to the right place. Batu berlian Diamond Details: 1 One Loose Diamond, Carat weight: 0.53 ,Shape/Cut Marquise, Cut: Very Good , Color: J, Clarity: VS2 , Depth %: 66.6% , Table %: 59% , Polish: Good , Symmetry: Good , Girdle: Very Thin to Very Thin, Culet: None , Fluorescence: None , Measurements: 7.11 x 4.30 x 2.86 mm , Length/width ratio: 1.65, Harga Super Special Hanya Rp50Jt !  Ways To Say “I LOVE YOU” Berikan kekasih tercinta someone special pujaan hati anda dengan sesuatu yang tidak akan pernah terlupakan 🙂


batu berlianberlian marquiseberlian putih

Story cerita dibalik batu intan permata berlian berbentuk marquise , Marquise shaped diamonds were supposedly inspired by the mouth of a French royal figure that lived in the 1700s.  It is a long shape with pointed ends that has a similar form to a boat or football.  The marquise has a real opportunity to shine because it has many intricate cuts and facets that if masterfully done can exude a impressive brilliance of light.  Another benefit that shape has going for it is its long length which gives one the impression that the stone is bigger than it may be.

One of the major the major keys in obtaining a decent marquise diamond is its cut, go with a minimum good grade but if you can afford it opt for an excellect or ideal.  Remember this is vital in getting the light to shine beautifully when it passes through the stone.  Another important factor is how good the symmetry is or how well the 2 ends line up.  Again choose at least in the good category or better.  While color is important with any diamond a near colorless grade ( G-J) is fine as long as the cut is good or better.  Clarity is an important characteristic with a Marquise shaped stone as inclusions can be seen easily with lesser clarities.  Stick with at least VS2 or better especially with bigger carat rocks.

.33 Carat Batu Berlian Princess Cut Diamond

Beautiful princess cut diamond for sale!  This is a .33 carat princess cut S1 Clarity (slightly included) F Color (rare very white) diamond with lots of sparkle. This gorgeous diamond comes with a GIA certificate.   Own something special with this beautiful rock.  Terima kasih 🙂  Batu berlian princess cut .33 carat

Warna: F

Kejelasan: S1

Carat: .33

jual berlian sertifikat gia

Dijual Harga 37 Juta 

Untuk pertanyaan please contact/e-mail kami di butikmewah@Gmail.com

Princess diamonds have a squarish shaped top and are very popular (in fact the 2nd most after round).  This lovely type was first used back in the 1960s.  You’ll find Princess cut rocks to be less expensive than other types of stones because there is less waste when they are cut from the rough.  When setting one of these it is vital to protect the corners as they have the highest risk of damage.

When purchasing one choose at least a clarity of SI1 as inclusions can be noticable and a color of at least H (though if budgets are tight I is ok).  Cut wise stick with at least good though go with excellent or ideal if possible.  The table and depth are important too, try to get a princess diamond that has a as table in the range of 56 to 78 and depth of 57 to 79%.  If looking to buy a graded princess cut stone than choose one graded by either GIA or AGS as their grading standards are the strictest.

Batu Intan Permata Berlian Berbentuk Segi Empat Princess Cut simply elegant sangat cantik unik anggun dan menpesona,

Batu Berlian princess!