Ten Sen US Military Currency Okinawa Japanese Banknote Paper Money Uang Kertas Militer Tentara Amerika Jepang

When the US occupied Okinawa during and after WWII military currency was produced for circulation.  There were actually 2 types made, one for military personnel and the other for civilians of the island.  Eventually both used the B type currency.  Later on (years later) Okinawa went on to use the US dollar as its currency.

Below you can check out photos of a Ten Sen note, on the back is printed “Issued Pursuant to Military Proclamation.”  The front of these bank notes have printed “Military Currency.”  We have 2 of them both are 100 series, serial numbers: A05243327A and A05243325A .   These bills have small stains on the them but have minimal folds and are still crisp.  They also do not have holes in them.  They would likely grade very fine (even better if the stains weren’t there).

Uang kertas bersejarah jaman peperangan antara Amerika dan Jepang uang kertas ini khusus digunakan hanya untuk militer tentara prajurit Amerika yang berada diwilayah Okinawa Island. kami punya 2-dua lembar unag kertas ini dengan kondisi sangat bagus tidak robek, bolong , masih crisp walaupun ada sedikit bercak kotor , Ten Sen US  Military Currency Banknote Paper Money  Zone B “Issued Pursuant to Military Proclamation.”  Untuk harga silahkan kontak e-mail kami di butikmewah@gmail.com Terima kasih.