The Barber Silver Half Dollar Koin Perak Kuno Barber Lima Puluh Cents

The US Barber Half Dollar was made in the years 1892 until 1915 and was replaced by the silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar. In the late 1880s the treasury wanted artists to come up with a new design for the half dollar but because of compensation issues chief engraver Charles Barber was chosen instread to create the look of this coin.  So he made his impression of Lady Liberty which adorns the front, she is wearing a cap with an olive branch attached on.  His initial is found on the neck of Liberty.  The back of it has an eagle with an olive branch and arrows like the Great Seal of the USA.   Bear in mind the same design was used in the same years for the American quarter and dime as well.

Barber Half Dollars are 90% silver and have .3617 ounces or 10.2540225 grams of the precious metal in them.  The other 10% consists of the metal copper.

Here is a list of some of the more sought after dates (as well as one error) of the silver Barber Half Dollar series to be aware of:

1892O (very low mintage only 390,000)
1892 with a Micro O (error, rare)
1897O (mintage of 632,000)
1914 (124,230 minted)
1915 (138,000 minted)

Below is a YouTube video of a rare 1892O Barber Half: