The French Napoleon Gold Coin Koin Emas Dari Negara Francais Napoleon

When Napoleon Bonaparte was in power (during the early 1800s) there were French gold coins made featuring him.  They actually bear his name or are referred to as The Napoleon.  These are most often found in 2 denominations which are 20 as well as 40 Francs.  Both of these coins have gold making up 90% of their composition.  The front or obverse of these features the former emperor of the French Empire in 2 different portraits (sometimes with and other times without a laural wreath).  The back is adorned with the French words for French Empire or Repulic dependent on the year. There were also verions of these made for the Italian States which Napoleon took over after the defeat of Austria in a battle.  One should expect to pay a fairly sizable premium over the spot price of gold for one of these.  Bear in made there were also gold francs made under Napoleon III which was in the mid 1800s.


Napoleon Gold Coin

Koin emas dari negara Francais Napoleon.