The Ruby Gemstone Batu Mulia Ruby Batu Permata Ruby Merah Delima Fabulous Stunning Red Ruby Gemstone

The ruby is one of the most precious types of gemstones that are available.  They come in a variety of red colors some of which are rare and therefore valuable.  For instance there is one color grade known as pigeon blood red that is exceptionally valuable.  The more intense the red hue of the stone the better the ruby with be considered.  Rubies can also emit other colors like violet or orange though the primary hue will always be red.

So as you many have guessed the coloring of the ruby is the most important variable when determining the price.  The presence of inclusions or the stone’s clarity also matter (especially if found in the center of the rock) as does the size of the ruby (or carat size).   The  cut will be a another important factor in making the stone look magnificent.  One way to tell if the ruby is cut properly is evenness of its brilliance, light should travel through it in the proper fashion otherwise the stone will have the appearance of dark areas.  Generally if a ruby has been treated with heat it will affect the value in negative manner.  Its best to opt for a natural stone that has quality attributes even if you have to give some up on carat size.

Foto Batu Mulia Ruby yang dibawah ini untuk Dijual Batu Permata Mulia Ruby Batu Ruby Merah Delima For Sale 20.15 Carat Red Ruby From Burma Wow Super Huge Absolutely Beautiful.

Batu Permata Ruby Merah Delima Gemstone, Gemstone Color, Gemstone Collection, Description: Gem Type Name & Origin: Absolutely Magnificent Pigeon Blood Red Ruby . This stone is one of the finest rubies, one of the most treasured and wanted stones in the world. Shape:Lovely Classic Emerald, Cut: Wonderful Brilliant, Clarity: VVS1 Very Clean Very Good, Color: Super Stunning Pigeon Blood Red, Luster: Excellent, Carat Weight: 20.15 Ct. Size: 16.75 mm x 13.75 mm x 8.58 mm. Treatment: Natural Unheated, Hardness: 9. Moh’s scale, Gemstone Origin From Burma.

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