The Seated Liberty Silver Dime

The Seated liberty silver Dime is a historical US 10 cents piece that was made in the years 1837 through 1891.  They are 90% silver coins (the other 10 percent is copper).  The obverse includes a take on Lady Liberty which has her seated on a boulder, wearing a dress and holding a pole with a hat on the end.  The hat or really cap is of the Phyrgian variety whose roots go back to ancient Greece.  It symbolizes the ideas of liberty and freedom. The back has a wreath with the value inside of it. These coins were made in 4 different mints including Philadelphia, New Orleans and in later variations in Carson City and San Francisco as well.  There are a few different variations on the Seated Liberty Dime, the first being what one might refer to as the no stars.  These were made in 1837 and part of 1838 and they don’t have stars on the front like the next variety has.  The second edition of Seated Liberty silver Dimes feature 13 stars on the front side and these were produced in the years 1838 until 1853 when the design was again changed. The 3rd phase of these added arrows pointing to the year at the bottom of the obverse.  The last major change or 4th variey removed the stars from the front and substituted them with the country’s name: United States of America.  This was initiated starting in 1860.  Another notable change over the years with these coins was the fact the weight changed.  Initially these weighed 2.67 grams which was dropped to 2.49 grams in 1853.

There are a number of key dates with the Seated Liberty silver dime and most notably 1874CC which is worth a few thousand in just good condition.  A couple of other top key dates are the 1871CC and 1873CC (there are several more that are out there worth researching not mentioned here in this post).
Here is a related useful Youtube video made by a collector:

Koin perak kuno dari negara Amerika serikat Seated Liberty 10 Sepuluh cents.