The Top 3 Silver Walking Liberty Coin Key Dates and 3 Common Dates

The silver Walking Liberty half dollar coin is an inspiring design that pays tribute to Lady Liberty in a great way.  It has her on the obverse in stride moving towards a rising sun and it really embraces America’s ever developing freedoms and democracy.  With these silver coins that were struck between the years 1916 and 1947 (with a few breaks) there are some very key dates.  Below we will review what we believe are the top 3 and at the bottom the most common as well.

  1. 1921D (Denver) – there were only 208,000 for these made making it the lowest mintage of any Walking Liberty Half Dollar.  Currently (06/07/2012) you might expect to pay two or three hundred for one in good condition and for an example in uncirculated way into the thousands and easily 5 figures for a gem.
  2. 1921 (Philadelphia no mint mark) – 246,000 of these were produced making it the second most rare key date.  Good currently (as of this writing 6/07/2012) might cost one over $100 and for uncirculated easily into the thousands of dollars.
  3. 1938D – there were only 491,600 of these coins made making it third least common.  For good expect around $100 and for one in a lower uncirculated state around $1000.

Now for the most common silver Walking Liberties which were all struck in Philadelphia during these years:

1943 – 53.19 million made

1942 – 47.818 million struck

1945 – 31.502 million produced

Below is one of the common date coins we have.

Koin perak kuno dari negara Amerika Walking Liberty lima puluh cents.