Uncirculated Eine Billion German Marks Banknote Reichbahn Direktion Cassel

In this posting we will be discussing a German Eine Billion Mark (which translates into 1 Trillion Marks in English) banknote. This note was produced by the Reichsbahn Direktion Cassel, a German rail authority. It was printed on October 24, 1923 which was when Germany was reaching its peak in the hyperflation era.  Shortly after the mark’s (Papiermark) value was totally wiped out and replaced with the Rentenmark (stabilization currency).    The denomiation of this banknote is certainly not that common and could be considered scarce. This paper money has a silver colored seal on this paper money which is an interesting highlight.  This is a uniface bill with no print on the reverse.

Our Eine Billion Mark note by the Reichsbahn Direktion is in uncirculated condition.

German Eine Billion Mark

1923 1 Trillion Marks paper money

Uang kertas kuno satu triliun Mark dari negara Jerman tahun 1923.