Vintage Victorian Revival Coin Necklace

Here we are featuring an old vintage Roman style coin necklace.  I’m not sure if the coins are real or not though it would be highly likely that they are charms (and not real Roman coins). This is a Victorian Revival piece that is several decades old.  It has distinguishing features like the book chain links and the 11 Roman coin charms.  Actually the links appear to be brass that have some blackening on their reverse side that comes with age and use.  Overall it is in very good shape and a quality piece.  One can be proud to own and wear this necklace.

The length measurement of this Vintage Victorian Revival Coin Necklace is roughly 50 cm or 20 inch.   The coin charms vary in their size the biggest being 2.5 cm or 1 inch round.

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coinneckchainPrice Harga 349.99 USD