Washington Silver Quarter Key Dates

The Washington silver Quarter was made from the year 1932 up until 1964 after which the precious metal silver was discontinued in the US 25 cents coin.  Below we will examine the key dates of that series of American coins.  We will also mention some of the semi-key dates as well which are also worth keeping an eye out for.

The 2 most valuable key dates for silver George Washington Quarters are the 1932D and the 1932S.  The 1932 Denver had a very low mintage of 436,800 coins and is valuable in any condition and extremely valuable in gem mint state 65.  We are talking easily 5 figures for one.  The 1932 San Francisco is also a key date as there were only 408,000 made.  A 1932S in mint state 65 can command several thousand dollars but not as much as the 1932D (which is rarer in a high grade).

I would consider all other silver Washington Quarters either semi-key or common dates (we will not talk about any error coins here).  So the semi keydates and their mintages are: 1936D- 5.374 million, 1936S- 3.828 mil, 1937S- 1.652 million, 1938 San Francisco- 2.832 mil, 1939S- 2,628,000 and 1940 Denver with 2.7976 million struck.  Actually a few other borderline semi keys could be 1936S, 1937D and 1938 no mint mark (Philadelphia).